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"The point is not who will let me. The point is, who will stop me?" - Ayn Rand (Howard Roark, "The Fountainhead")


Celestia has never been one to complain about her duties as a Princess, but every now and then, she does enjoy a bit of pampering. Although Canterlot is renowned for its upscale amenities, the spa run by Aloe and Lotus in Ponyville is her favorite spot for a clandestine, indulgent retreat. When she arrives to find that her reservation has been accidentally booked at a new spa annex, she agrees to try it out. Even if it isn’t one that usually caters to ponies. What harm could come from trying something new?

A BIG thanks to my editor, EverfreePony, for all the hard work that went into making this readable.

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Comments ( 8 )

Delightfully quirky.

Celestia you troll XD

This is exactly the kind of content I live for. Mild Trollestia is best Lestia

That was actually pretty fun , good writing in addition to that . Kudos for that.

Now I am going to try and help all you non-French-speaking people here by translating all the French words in the story (if I missed one , please tell me) :

"La Patte Dorée"

Well , this one is said in the story but in case you missed it : The Golden Paw.

“Oh mon Dieu!”

means "Oh my god !".

""...Did Your Majesty say that she would be the, uh, bénéficiaire for today?”

in this context , "bénéficiaire" means "the one who will benefit".*

“Nos plus sincères excuses,”

means "Our most sincere apologies.".

"...your arrival was very much a surprise délicieuse to us.”

: that sentence is kinda strange and no one would actually say it IRL but nonetheless , this context , translated by meaning would result in "a great surprise" and translated literally would mean "a delicious surprise".

“These, Your Majesty, are des friandise prepared in-house for our guests.”

I don't know if it would universally mean the same thing but in this sentence , "Des FriandiseS" (it is missing an S for plural in the fic) means "Treats".

“Avec mes compliments, Princess.”

means "With my compliments, Princess".

“Au contraire, Princess,”

this is pretty well known but this one means "The opposite, Princess," .

"...Crème Fraîche.”

Now , even for MLP that's a pretty bad name and if I ever see someone called freaking "Milk Cream" (roughly that when translated) I would probably think that his parents didn't like him/her very much.

"... S’il vous plaît.”

means "Please" or "If you like it" when translated literally.

"... hors d‘oeuvres,..."

means "Snacks" or more generally , something small that you eat before eating your main course.

And finally


means "great"/"beautiful" and all those kind of words , there is a fault in the story btw , it is supposed to be "Merveilleux" because has written in the story , the word only works with a name that is feminine (hard to put it in English , where that grammatical rule doesn't exist) which it isn't in that case .

*= Same has the last one "Bénéficiaire" only works with feminine names , if you want to use it with masculine ones , use "Bénéficier".

Anyway , hope I helped a little and thanks for reading that kind-of-a-wall of text ! And yes , French is a VERY hard tongue to learn (if I wasn't French to begin with , who knows if I would ever have learnt it ?) but honestly , once you get the hang of it , it's pretty easy has most people won't mind some of the more annoying things to remember if you forget them . And if you learn it , you can brag to your friends that you know the sexiest language on Earth and that you know how to insult them with 10 words that all means that they are sons of b*tches (We love insulting people here , honestly , we would probably give Australians a run for their money) !

That was a fun little fic! Thanks for writing it.


Thank you! This was a fun one to imagine as if it were an episode.

I wonder what Luna and Twilight will think when Celestia walks back to the palace with a new doggie collar, little bows all up in her mane, and a small sack for kibble treats for being on her best behaviour for the groomer?

Sounds like a sequel to me.

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