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This story is a sequel to Fit For Command

As the newest member of the School of Friendship’s faculty, Fizzlepop is eager to make her mark by instilling a degree of discipline and fitness into the student body. But memories and reputations are often hard to shake, and she finds that not everyone is entirely comfortable with a former military commander at the head of a children’s class.

Fizzlepop once again finds herself on a battlefield. Only this time, instead of enemy combatants and supply lines, she must navigate out faculty lounges, parent-teacher meetings, and seeing to it that the tutoring of a less-than-cooperative hedgehog does not derail her attempts to control her troublesome temper.

Edited once again by the talented SirReal
Excellent cover art by Celestial-Rainstorm

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"Why is it that fighting ponies was always so much easier than having to talk to them?"

Because it is, because most parents are not as prepared to be parents as they like to think, and because dear god why are parents. Or given how she feels in this, maybe it's more 'why are civilians.' To which I answer:

... I don't know... quiet sobbing

Fizzlepop cracked a stiff joint in her neck and growled. "The parents are coming."

Ohhh parent-teacher conference not always the fun part 😅

Well it looks like fizzlepop is taking her position as a gym teacher pretty serious which I'm sure the students are having a little hard time even some of the parents having a little complaint about her methods but fizzlepop want to the cafeteria to take a break from all that talk with the parents and starlight and her having a little conversation about some methods until Trixie came along getting to meet fizzlepop and talk about her new club which that sounds pretty interesting and also showed up is Discord of course he's trying to be annoying as ever saying that he should be joining with the club as well of redemption which is always nice but he needs to calm down still fizzlepop needs to figure out how to talk with these people I'm sure she'll figure it out we'll just have to find out and see next time

Especially when they're those types.

A little of both in her case.

You did a great job with this first chapter! I'm looking forward to another!

Though if this is how Fizzy reacted to a couple stuck-ups, how will she react to the Yaks...

Thank you. It's much appreciated. That would be an interesting idea to explore.

No problem, I read the other stories in this series and they're really great too. I'm looking forward to see how this one goes

Great job with the chapter! Poor Fizzy, I hope she and Grubber can make amends.

"Not quite," Starlight chuckled. "I met her once on a trip through a mirror, but we can talk about that later. So, feelings of inadequacy and troubles with Grubber aside, is there anything else bothering you?"

Oh wow I wonder if Sunset Shimmer is going to get involved

Oh boy things are not going to hot for fizzlepop and it looks like her and Grubber had a little argument with each other and she even blew up a ball and kind of scare the kids which I'm sure she didn't mean to it's really nice to see Starlight taking her job as counseling really helped and I wonder what else are they going to talk about and hopefully fizzlepop and Grubber find a common ground to this situation well I guess we'll find out next time


Ms. Fizzle > Tempest Poppins.

Yay for Tempest making strides! Great job with the chapter!

"Watch." Fizzlepop pushed her mug of tea aside and climbed on top of her chair. She cleared her throat, and every creature in the room fell silent, their attention entirely on the unicorn now. "Excuse me, everyone," she began. "This will only take a moment."

Simultaneously, every new staff and faculty member dropped to the floor. Bags of bits slid across the floor and bumped up against the legs of Fizzlepop's chair. A few of the older faculty that had not shown any concern over Fizzlepop’s arrival slowly edged away from the scene, small grins on their faces as though sharing in a private joke, while a chorus of voices called out from under the tables.

That seems kind of reminds me of Tommy Boy when they thought Tommy was robbing the bank lol

So it looks like fizzlepop is still having some doubts about being at the school even having lunch by herself but then she ran into one of her students and it's not just any students it's the young six they were pretty surprised to see her out here knowing to the fact thought that she was supposed to be at the Teachers Conference but it's very sweet that the kids gave some advice for fizzlepop so she went to the Teachers Lounge the other day trying to communicate with other ponies it did not work but the only one who can actually talk to Trixie but then fizzlepop trying to speak to the other teachers that she is trying to change for the better after what happened back in the past event of the movie it's sort of work that some of the ponies kind of listen but baby step but she ask Trixie if she can get a heartwarming gift for Starlight just to say thank you what she did for her from her last story which that is pretty cool and I wonder what kind of present she's going to get her guess we'll find out next time

Thinking about it, this is a job for Trixie, it's all about presentation (or should that be appearance) ... :trixieshiftright:

Right on the nose. I had to admit to my editor that I had that movie playing in the background while I was typing out that scene. No regrets.

I had always envisioned Miss Fizzle = Miss Frizzle.
Drops out of the sky in a bright yellow airship, throws open the boarding hatch, and yells, "Hop onboard, kids! We're off to conquer—I mean, explore Yakyakistan!"

Nice I love that movie r.i.p. to Chris Farley

Starlight leaned in and rested her front hooves on the desk. "Are you ever going to go home for the holidays? I heard your trip around Equestria and to the Crystal Empire went well. And your little rendezvous with Glitter Drops didn’t go terribly either. I have to believe that your home would be just as understanding. You might be pleasantly surprised." She smiled wistfully. "I know I was when I returned to visit my old town."

Very nice touch using the comic which was a good one

Well it looks like hearts warming eve is here once again and every students and teachers are on there way home for the holiday but it looks like fizzlepop need to talk to Grubber and making amends with each other she apologized for her outbursts and treating him badly but it looks like he accepted her apology which it was nice to see after their conversation she had a gift from the students which is also nice then Starlight showed up and asking her if she wants to join with the other is for a hearths warming eve which it looks like she accepted if she can invite Grubber well this was a very nice story has she been doing these days even though it has their ups and downs not everybody's perfect but this was a pretty good story keep up the good work

Awwwww! That was so sweet and heartwarming! A perfect ending for this story!



Hopefully not the 'ending' ending.

Good stories are like visiting a friend, eventually they come to an end, but there's always a chance for another.

Thank you very much for the kind words. It’s been a real sanity-saver to write for fun, and it’s always the highlight of my day/week/whenever if someone else gets a little enjoyment from them too.

There’s always room for a little more.

That’s really good. I like that. There’s a theme for a nice slice-of-life right there.

No problem! Your stories are great!

Fizzlepop cracked a stiff joint in her neck and growled. "The parents are coming."

This has the same vibe as:

Starlight shook the package again, more furiously than before, and shrugged. "Alright, then. Keep your secrets."

I understood that reference

"Miss Berrytwist," Mrs. Nettle began, "you seem to be under the misguided notion that our Piney is somehow not special."

Look, I get it, every parent wants their kid to be unique and excelling at everything they do...but you also can't force them to be special. In my experience, if they really have that potential to rise above the rest in some manner, the kid's going to figure it out on their own time and in their own way, and it's often going to be different from whatever expectations of the parent, and that's a good thing--that's part of growing up, figuring out what path works best for you, and the only one who's only ever going to know with certainty which one it is will be the kid themselves and no one else.

Be there to be the guiding light and advisor when and where necessary still, of course, and be supportive and encouraging, and all that other positive parenting stuff...but otherwise let the kid work out for themselves how and what they want to be "special" in. :twilightsmile:

"‘Failures?’ " Mrs. Nettle gasped. "Our son does not fail. He simply chooses non-traditional paths, ones that somepony too stiffly invested in practices learned in someplace as brutish as the Storm King's army could never appreciate."

What, did you memorize one of those cheesy self-help parenting books and interpret it literally? :ajbemused:

Also, shouldn't it be "ever appreciate?"

"...and we'll not have you insult our parenting methods, either."

Oh darn, I was figuring them too dense to catch Tempest's craftily phrased statement of "look, if the the kid's got any problems, and I use that term loosely, it's on your end of things, not mine." :trollestia:


Also, shouldn't it be "ever appreciate?"

....I've been at that sentence for a few minutes and now I'm uncertain if it's technically or mechanically correct, but since it's informal dialog from a person with stick up their ass, it does work.
Spoken informal language isn't always correct. Especially when not rehearsed.
How correct or incorrect, can vary based on education of said person that's talking.

Fun fact:
Romance languages (French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, etc.) are all based on Latin.
Which if you remember, was spoken by the Romans.
Based on which you are fluent in (even partially) you can keep a gist of what's being said or written in Latin and other Romance languages, while others not so much.
It's partially because Romance languages are based on spoken informal Latin, rather than formal Latin.
The countries that originated Romance languages, were former territories of Rome.
As you can probably imagine, Italian is the closest (mechanically) to Latin, since Rome was based where Italy is.
Similar type language evolution can be seen with old imperial countries, and their former colonies.
Portugal Portuguese, and Brazilian Portuguese is different enough were shows need separate dubs for both locations, despite speaking the same language.
Same with Spain Spanish, and Latin American Spanish (Mexico).

English: Open up your eyes!
Spanish Latin America: Mira la verdad! = Look at the truth!
Spanish Spain: Mira la realidad!: = Look at the reality!
Similar, but different ways of saying the same thing in the same language in two locations/regions.
Also, pay attention to how some languages sound similar to one another. Gets really fascinating when you have a decent mental map of where countries (especially European) are in comparison to one another.

English is my primary language, and Spanish is my second language (though not as fluent as my parents would want:twilightblush:).


I kinda got a Paul Revere "The British are coming! The British are coming!" type vibe from that line.

"You won’t have to worry about me ruining your oh-so precious plans anymore." He opened the door and trundled out into the mostly empty gym. Nearer the far side, a trio of young unicorns was using their telekinesis to toss a ball back and forth between them, their delighted shrieks and laughs echoing in the cavernous space.

I see what you're doing.:ajsmug:

Fizzlepop twisted around, pivoting on her rear hooves in time to see a dandelion yellow sphere moments from impacting her face. Her pupils shrank, and a tingle ran up the back of her neck. Within a heartbeat, the jagged edges of her horn crackled with arcs of raw magic, and a twisting lash of prismatic energy whipped out and deflected the ball, charring the surface. Its smoldering, deflated remains flopped to the floor. Smoke curled up from the peeled surface and licked at Fizzlepop’s nose.

"Our ball!" three little voices cried out.

Fizzlepop paled at what she saw. The three fillies had ceased playing and stood in disheartened silence, their eyes flitted from Fizzlepop to the charred husk of their ball. In their eyes, the mare saw an all too familiar mix of emotions: Shock. Sadness. Fear.

In her ears, Fizzlepop could hear the faint laughter of three fillies enjoying an afternoon of tossing a yellow ball back and forth. The laughter was quickly drowned out by a fearsome roar. Then, there were no sounds of laughter—only silence.

"I... I'm. Oh," Fizzlepop stumbled. She picked up the remains of the ball in her teeth. "I'm so sorry, children. Let me get you a new one."

"Um, th-that's okay, Miss Fizzlepop," the first filly said, her coat like that of a green opal.

"Yeah," the second, a child with a sky blue coat, added. “We’re, uh, glad we didn’t bean you in the face, I guess...”

The third, her coat a shade of lighter maroon, spoke up as the trio hurriedly departed. "We need… to get to our next class." With no other explanation or words, the students ran for the nearest door.



EDIT: Fixed picture


Romance languages (French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, etc.) are all based on Latin.
Which if you remember, was spoken by the Romans.

...he says to someone who has studied a bit of Latin himself... :rainbowlaugh:

More seriously though, I've done some reading up on the rules surrounding usage of ever and never, so to double-check myself, and I suppose since the sentence is using "could" instead of "could not," the "never" technically is the more correct...but it still sounds wrong to me, with "ever" sounding the more natural option.

That's one of the more...annoying...quirks of English, I suppose. There are absolutely cases where you could have a sentence be completely correct from a grammatical standpoint, and yet still sound wrong to the ears/eyes of the speaker/writer. It probably stems from its mixed breeding, how it borrows words and structures from so many other languages, sticks them all together, and just sort of tries to ignore that they aren't actually always that compatible with it's overall grammatical system as it'd like to make them out to be at times. As such, I've often found in my own studies/writing of the language, that for every rule of grammar in English...there's usually at least one exception, regardless of how rare or unlikely it might be to encounter it in normal, everyday, usage.

That said, I'd like to say this is one of those times...but to be totally honest, more likely it's just a me thing, who probably just wouldn't have written the sentence phrased like that in the first place anyway, and that, I suppose, is more just personal taste than anything. In any case, I suppose it's up to the author to address, if they ever do. If they choose to just leave it as it is anyway, then more power to them. :twilightsmile:


...he says to someone who has studied a bit of Latin himself... :rainbowlaugh:

:rainbowlaugh:Out of everyone on this site!:rainbowlaugh:

Yeah, English is basically the Frankenstien's monster of languages.
Much to the frustration of practically everyone.

(The reason why moose doesn't pluralize like goose, is because it's from a Native American language, and not from the language where goose came from. So moose doesn't follow that rule. The plural of moose is just moose.)

The "grammatically correct but awkward" and "natural sounding but grammatically incorrect" can get frustrating when it comes to writing emails to your boss, important people, and customers at work.
I probably agonize about punctuation and wording more than my coworkers do, because of having to pay so much attention to that in grad school, since everything needs to be perfect grammar, lest you lose points on your assignment.
I don't work in an academic setting, but college kinda makes you think that if your grammar isn't in top form, then you'll be turned down for promotion, lower annual review score, and maybe fired.:pinkiecrazy::twilightoops:
At least I have something in my pocket to contribute if the team gets together to create a new standardized form email, or form.:twilightsheepish:

EDIT: Added quote and comment

Liked it, but kinda disappointed that we didn't see a conflict between Tempest and Silverstream's parents.
Out of the various races on campus, it would be the hippogriffs that would have the biggest bone to pick with Tempest, regarding her past.
Would have been interesting to see the parents of the Young 6 talking to and reacting to Tempest.

Might be better for Tempest and Grubber, if Tempest just enrolls Grubber to the school.
Then again, we don't know what the grade equivalent of the school is, so Grubber would probably sink pretty hard when it comes to doing high school math when he's at like 1st grade level math.

Glad that you had additional miscellaneous teachers also teaching at the school, rather than it just be the Mane 6 teaching everything.

I got my bachelor's in English, so I know what you mean. For example, I find myself often using bigger and more complicated words in the text messages I type on my phone much more than any sane phone user would use for some of the same reasons. :rainbowlaugh:

But I'm also the sort of person that tries not to be too much of a stickler about grammar and spelling, at least in settings such as this, so long as the intended statement is still clear to the reader. Nobody likes a grammar nazi, after all. The only reason I brought up the "ever/never" deal here was because I was already quoting the line anyway and it was sticking out to me, so I figured I might as well mention it while I was at it. :twilightsheepish:


I got my bachelor's in English, so I know what you mean.

OOOFFFF!!:twilightoops: You definitely know what I'm talking about!:twilightoops:

For the stories themselves, a friendly grammar Nazi would be welcome at times.
Comments section little be less so (unless the comment is especially bad).
There's some non-shit post fics on this site that need the whole grammar SS.:applejackconfused:
Spelling mistakes are often what stick out for me in comments. I've replied to comments in YouTube and DeviantArt to correct spelling.:twilightblush:
Spelling probably sticks out to me since I was good at it growing up from grade school on wards. None of my schools did Spelling Bee, so I never got to flex it in that way.


I had always envisioned Miss Fizzle = Miss Frizzle.

Oh good, I'm not the only one, then. :rainbowlaugh:

"Brussels Sprouts..."

+1 for Major Payne reference...!!!!

Love that movie.
“Filly, I am two seconds from being on you like white on rice in a glass of milk on a paper plate in a snowstorm.”

"He in there?" Fizzy asked firmly. The foal nodded, still frightened.

With a smooth, practiced motion repeated hundreds of times, Fizzlepop drew the Colt Government .45 she wore alongside her barrel, brought it up as her eye picked up the sights, and pressed the trigger...

The noise was thunderous in the little dorm room, as Fizzy fired several shots through the door. The foal had clapped hooves over her ears at the sound, as well as Starlight, wincing.

A wisp of smoke trailed upward from the muzzle of the .45, before Fizzy slid it back into its holster and snapped the cover flap back down.

She pivoted neatly as she tuned to the pair. "If he's still in there...he ain't happy," Fizzy declared with finality, the foal with a huge smile...and Starlight in abject shock, staring back.

"Ms. Glimmer!! Commander Berrytwist just terminated that bad stallion with extreme prejudice!!!" the foal happily declared, beaming like a searchlight. Fizzy adjusted the holster and belt for a moment, face passive, but projecting satisfaction in her eyes. She had been wanting a moment to blow off some steam.

And this certainly fit the bill.

To not rehash what has already been noted, this Discord has very pronounced Q qualities, and it's grand. I bestow the Graciously Ordained Oration for Discord writing award.

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