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Graduation Day. The day which every student at the School of Friendship looks forward to reaching. After the speeches are given, the diplomas are received, and the caps tossed high into the air, the reception begins in earnest. Every creature is excited by the prospects of what might come next in their future. Everyone, except for Sandbar.

He has made friends like none he has ever had before and wants them all to remain as close as they have been. But now Sandbar wonders if they have the strength and willpower to maintain those bonds, now that they are losing that which brought and held them together.

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Comments ( 7 )

This was nice. I hope there is a similar ending in store for the show.

Humorous, heartwarming, and the metaphors for "life after G4" were well-executed (I've read several other stories that were too in-your-face in that regard, but this was spot-on).

Have a Thumbs Up!

Thanks! That’s just what I was going for with the delivery.

As do I.

Awesome! I would love for something like this to be in the final episode of Season 9 as a way to close out the show. :eeyup:

This is really good, and very much in keeping with each of the characters. It's just sentimental enough, without going overboard. Nicely done!

When was the last time Twilight spent some time with Owlowisicious?

This was lovely. I have to ditto the hopes of others that the show will follow a similar approach when it at last comes time for it to air that impending final episode. :twilightsmile:

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