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The School of Friendship finds itself in need of an instructor to get their new physical education and outdoor skills program off the ground. Twilight offers the position to Rainbow Dash. Who better to run the program than a natural athlete and Wonderbolt? Too bad Dash is already busy with her own classes and practice schedule. When asked if she has a suggestion in mind for the position, Rainbow Dash offers an unexpected name as an alternative.

On the morning of their first class, the students are understandably excited to find out which of their favorite professors was chosen to instruct them in the rigors of physical fitness and education. When the gym doors open, and their new instructor appears, it becomes immediately apparent their class will be anything but easy, or boring.

A sequel to The Substitute Teacher and edited by SirReal and Light Shine

Chapters (2)
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I would have said a defensive testudo around Yona as they advance.

“Oh. My. Stars.” Everyone turned their heads slowly toward Silverstream. On the ground in front of her sat the coffee pot. It was lying on its side.

Smolder picked up the pot and looked inside. It was drained of every last drop. “Uh oh...”

“This stuff,” Silverstream began, her eyes starting to twitch. “Is.” A shiver ran up her spine and trembled through her extremities, her feathers fluffing up in the process. “AWESOME!”

Oh sweet Celestia no It was a bad idea giving coffee to silverstream lol


Miss Fizzle

EEEEEeeeeeeee! <3 <3 <3

And a must be very hard for fizzy pop to adapt to this kind of teaching specially she's not used to this but I'm sure she'll find a way somehow

Well Tempest's initial program wasn't going to be perfect but it was pretty good. Gallus recalling the Fiction General quote was a nice not to his penchant for Military things,and Yona pulverizing the harrd tack was funny.

Gym Teacher really fits Fizzlepop and Grubber as assistant coach. This feels like an episode of the show valuable real life applicable lessions and realistic conclusion.

And I’m keeping my eye on that griffin, Gallus. He has the making of a fine recruit.”

“Gallus?” Spike chuckled. “No offense, but Gallus isn’t exactly the type of griffin I could see choosing to get ordered around.”

Fizzlepop arched an eyebrow. “And I suppose you knew exactly what you wanted to do with your life when you were younger?” Spike shrugged, and she continued. “Give him time. Unless all the sugary baked goods Pinkie Pie keeps bringing by have addled my senses, I think you’ll find that I have a knack for noticing the qualities that could make a good soldier.”

Well she not wrong gallus did prove that he is a good leader in the comic My Little Pony: Feats of Friendship and thats pretty awesome of him

There is a minor issue with the first chapter:

Silverstream giggled with delight. "Guys! She remembers our names."

This, and the point Fizzlepop makes is useful, but she doesn't use Smolder's name once during the conversation setting this up. In fact she doesn't say any names between her introduction and the above line.

As such, you may want to add Smolder's name to the end of the out of uniform line.

Tempest totally called Gallus becoming captain

That really sock it to her!

It may be a bad idea, but it's an idea I really want to see happen.

I hope someone is working on a Magic Airship series with Miss Fizzle taking the students out on wild adventures.

Good catch! Thank you.

Yes don’t coddle your students twilight. And Starlight really needs actual psychiatric training.

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