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A collection of chapters now have readings by the generous Lotus Moon! Please be sure to check it out!

Little bits of world building, style experiments, character pieces, and all sorts of under 1,000 words such dumped in this anthology. I might turn them into larger stories at some point, but not really. No spoilers unless noted otherwise. May also include deleted scenes and discarded first draft snippets as well as one shots that can't stand on their own (but lack proper sequels/prequels) and cancelled stories (if I have any, they'll be moved here)*.

Character tags represent the most recurring characters, however in this case the 'Other' tag merely reflects other canon characters. Each bit takes place in the Iceverse, so your mileage may vary.

Oh, and a warning that this may also contain any of the following (which will of course be noted in the author filibuster box):

  • Poetry
  • Extensive rambling
  • Lore!
  • Really short stories
  • Dialogue-only drabble
  • Experimental poetry:trollestia:
  • Potentially unexplained happenings
  • Shipping
  • Seriously, lots of rambling from yours truly
  • Prompts
  • Since this is an AU anthology expect plenty of headcanon and utter (possibly) nonsense on my part
  • Anything else my mind may come up with (the tags will/might start to reflect this as time goes on) There's an anthology tag for that now, because knighty finally did a good thing! Wow!
  • At this point let's leave it at "(Your Ad Here) have mercy on your soul."

Although this is marked as complete, it technically isn't. I just keep it like that for organization's sake. Updates whenever I have writing scraps. If you're looking for missing Luna/Sombra chapters, please check out this story here.

*As will notes about the plot and what would have happened if I continued. This only applies to published stories that ended up cancelled, not discarded drafts. Whether or not the contents of the story is still canon will be noted in the A/N as well as the lack of a [Scrapped] tag.

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Will the Princesses be badass in this story?

7317272 Umm, in that snippet they were just foals.

How can this story be an anthology and a minific?

7530810 It's an anthology composed of minifics, lost chapters, scraps, and whatever else I can't publish (mostly due to word count limit) as its own story. I put this stuff in the authors notes.

That moment when Dash realises she flew and came to step in a mass grave of an entire civilisation.

Normally, whenever Luna cries We are always there to make it her happy again unless she was being a baby

I imagine thats not needed there? :rainbowwild:

I have a sneaking suspicion about Stranger and who she might be :trixieshiftleft:

Besides, how bad could it be talking to such a kind, pretty mare like Princess Celestia?


"You'd have an even prettier mane as a mare," Cadance whispered, her gaze distant.


8093316 We all know it to be true.
Mare Sassbra will be the end of us.

An impish grin spread across Cadance's face. "If a mommy demon and a daddy demon loved each other very much-"
"Yes, yes, I get the picture!" Sombra snapped, rolling his eyes. "That would be the only way a demon could be born, but there have never been any."


"Spiders are worse though. Auntie Luna adores spiders, but all it takes is one look into their creepy little eyes to inspire the deepest despair." To Cadance, the booth suddenly felt much colder and she shuddered.

me irl

Sombra narrowed his eyes slightly. "Flaming brooms don't sound that bad... maybe I should try that sometime..."

Sounds fun

She nodded at his observation. "But the three things she values most in this world - straight from her own mouth - is her daughter, her flamethrower, and her husband."

Did flamethrowers even exist then?

Sombra and pink horse mom would destroy the world with fire

I can sympathize with Cadence. Spiders are nothing more than the unholy spawn of the devil itself. :raritywink:

"Ohmigosh you have a head book? A mind book?" Cadance leaned forward, eyes wide and ponytail swishing.

Well, I mean... Don't we all? Or at least mind fanfiction... No? Just me? Dammit.

This always has the most interesting updates :trixieshiftleft:

8101604 It does? I mean, most of it's just little scraps until FA's next updates drops the meat of all the demon lore I've been waiting to reveal.

8101611 Of course it does
Lore is always interesting

So are stories that didn't get past planning :P
Ah fuck it everything is interesting

Your Cadance is singlehandedly the most relatable character in any work of fiction; written, visual, or otherwise.

That's not a joke or an exaggeration. I'm being dead fucking serious.

"The relation between you and your sister is painfully obvious. Was your entire family just dumped down this mountain to give all the offspring from the time of this nation's founding to the unknown future all the brain damage that anypony could ever want and more? If I weren't talking about ponies the sheer amount of just how unethical that is would almost be surprising."

Shining Armor blinked his eyes tiredly, whipping his head in either direction as surprise and confusion dominated his features. "W-Wait? What was I doing? Oh gods, what time is it? Why do I feel like I'm almost hungover? Just what has-"


Celestia's afraid of spiders. Or at least young Celestia is.


Are you incapable of or simply unwilling to write a positive depiction of Celestia?

...Is it poison ivy. Judging how Sombra’s acting it might be

It’s weed he’s growing for Cady.Nice guess tho.

Comment posted by Mr-Hooves deleted Aug 5th, 2017

Its own entry, but one that was unable to stand on its own. Since it was sort of an omake, I dumped it here.

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