• Published 19th Jun 2016
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Missing Pages & Scrawled Footnotes - Ice Star

Iceverse minifics. Little bits of world building, style experiments, character pieces, and such dumped in this anthology. Also, stuff I never finished and poems.

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Favorable Alignment [Deleted Scene] [Fluff] [Omake] [Sombra/Luna]

Author's Note:

This was the original opener for Chapter 27. It was scrapped because I didn't feel it fit the story - but I wasn't going to delete it so I put it here instead. It contains spoilers and stuff. Also Sombra's POV. Face it - sometimes we just have to write snarky demons and witty goddesses acting like dorks. This is one of those times.

So it's more of a silly nn-canon/misc. scene I typed when I was really, really tired... :twilightsheepish:

Favorable Alignment


Gods cannot die, so what happened so long ago that ended in the total collapse of civilization?

After many years of unspoken tension mixed with isolated peace those that remained have received the cryptic message many never wished to see. When such events unfold, Princess Luna recalls a desire she thought she had all but buried and leaves Equestria without a word, only to be followed by the enigmatic and arrogant Sombra.

Now Luna and Sombra - whose enigmatic ways have remained undecipherable to every princess so far - try to use what knowledge they have to save the world and themselves.

Luna let the cards fall from her magic onto the deck. The faint gloss on the surface of each one showing under the starlight.

She looked at me with knowing stubbornness and fake contempt. "You cheated."

"I cheated again," I correct with a knowing smirk before giving her one last look at my winning hoof. How lucky I was - Luna was an eager student when I mentioned that I always kept a pack of playing cards in my pocket dimension.

She sighs and tilts her head up to look at the stars. "You certainly are something, Sombra."

Tch. "I would hope so."

"You're lucky I let you cheat at cards!" Luna says, looking me straight in the eyes, if only to fling some of the scattered cards at me - and I let her. My unmoved expression elicit laughter from her and after sitting there, watching her...I feel a small half-smile form. It feels incredibly awkward at first - smiling of all things - but I manage a wry looking one that manages to work well enough.

Luna looks at me with wide eyes when she catches my expression. A card - an ace of hearts to be exact, plucked from the mess around us - is clutched in her magic, already aimed in my direction. Her focus is devoted entirely to me and I know that there's nothing in my teeth and I'm well aware that I'm not bad-looking but Luna's shocked, obvious stare is so obviously amorous and-


"You look-" Luna stops for a moment, taking a deep breath and not noticing that she dropped the card she held, "-truly dashing when you smile like that."

I fling one of the cards floating in front of me at her and she yelps.

"Somepony has certainly taken a liking to me."

Luna looks to the side almost immediately. "I have not! It's just that you're..." Luna bites her lip.

"...so charismatic and stunning and you just brush it off..."

Luna stops herself and looks right back at me again. "Stars. Oh stars, oh stars I've got a schoolfilly's-"

I'd say it's a bit more than that but there's no way I'm interrupting something as entertaining as this.

"You know, Luna, you're free to admit I'm irresistible at any time."

Whoops. Too late.

A card soars by my head as I look on with the utmost amusement.

"Fine! I admit it!"

Well, what can I say? It was worth it.

"Do you also admit to owing me an eight of diamonds, since the one you just threw at me went over the rail?"

Luna shoots me a look of deadpan disapproval and sighs again. "Very well, Sombra. You win this round."

"Actually, I won all five rounds we played, thank you very much."

Our eyes meet and my half-smile has grown into an outrageously cocky grin - and honestly, I think it suits me. She picks up another card and throws it at me and it joins the eight of diamonds on its fall.

"And there goes the three of spades."

Luna sticks her tongue out at me and tosses another card in my direction. She's not even trying to hide that she isn't aiming for me.

I watch another one of my cards fly over the rail. She will be owing me a new deck at this rate, but I'll let her have her fun until then.

"I can't say I'm surprised," I mutter to myself, watching each card sail past me, every one of them wrapped in turquoise light as they began their fall.

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