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This story is a sequel to Missing Pages & Scrawled Footnotes

Before Equestria was founded and long before the Tribal Era was another age of adventures and prophecies. These are the tales of those times; the sagas of old gods and first mortals living lives of myth and magic.

All pieces are rooted in the Iceverse. This off-shoot of 'Missing Pages' holds all the pre-history goodness that never made it beyond these chapters. No short is scrapped or incomplete and any spoilers are noted in the author's notes. Pieces range from [E] to [T] and will generally contain magical combat the (hence violence tag) and traditional fairy tale and mythology grittiness (hence the teen rating and death tags). Tags do the best to reflect as much content as possible. Updates whenever I have writing stories to add. Contribute to the TVTropes page!

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Oh wow, thank you! My anthologies tend to hold all the headcanon dump that doesn't get to thrive elsewhere. I have to put the lore overflow somewhere, y'know. :twilightblush:

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