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At Bronycon 2019, Quills & Sofas held about half a dozen manual typewriters. Yet again. I wrote still more silly stories on them, some on the subject of typewriters, some based on panels I attended, and some that didn't easily slot into either category. Funnily enough, all the typewriter-based stories belong in other collections, so this features the panel-inspired ones followed by the miscellany.

Rated Teen for discussion of violence and reactions to it in "Full Feather Jacket."

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Fun fact: Bob Ross was a drill instructor! He disliked doing it and that's why he was so soft-spoken.

I need to be in a philosophy class taught by Pinkie Pie.

Until the show jossed it, I liked the idea that the reason Fluttershy was so timid was the stare was inherited and liberally applied during childhood.

If Vice-Principal Berrytwist is anything like Commander Tempest, I dread the fate of any student sent to her for misbehaving.

And here I thought she replaced Zelda, but no.

I got that it was gonna be Cuccos, somewhere around

"Well, it all began in one of those imperiled worlds, a strange one filled with creatures you encountered in the one Sunset Shimmer now calls home. It had been despoiled by evil long ago, and while that evil was largely contained at the time, it would not remain that way for long. A hero from days of yore had emerged from his slumber to vanquish it once and for all."

"Pray tell, sister, rich a world though this may be, how does it lead to a fear of chickens?"

"Did you fight alongside the hero? Was the evil..." Twilight scrunched her muzzle as she struggled to imagine the phrase on the tip of her tongue. "Was it a chicken?"

"No. The chickens were far worse."

I think I actually skipped the "slumber" bit, and got it more because Sunlight Princess was like Twilight Princess. Thought she'd replace Midna, as an alternate hypothesis.

Is Celestia even a pony, though?



Niiice fic!

Princess Macintosh the Strong and Brave and Other Capitalized Adjectives!


I dunno about the soggy waffles, but chocolate milk sounds delicious! :pinkiehappy:

This shit was hilarious to experience at BC! :rainbowlaugh:

I’m guessing you didn’t go to the actual pony mad libs panel, though? Shame. I can only imagine what you would’ve done with it here.

Well, the Stare is basically just reified maternal authority, so yeah, that makes a lot of sense.

Ah yes, the faculty lot. I had been wondering if anybody was going to mention that joke again. :derpytongue2:

Glad to see the public at large is in agreement. :yay:

Obviously Gummy would be the co-professor. I'm in.

Seven years of the writers treating her as a joke seem to have had their effect.

So what is Rarity dressed as?


Yeah, with Link Pone being a thing, fear of chickens is entirely rational. Also, obligatory "many breeds of chicken are capable of flight so Scootaloo can't be one" is barely relevant but that nonsense still annoys me.

I should note that my personal "what is best pony?" is rather nonstandard: you don't judge a fish on its ability to climb trees, so best pony means ponyest pony... and that still ends up being Fluttershy.

(As a side effect, Sunset manages to get herself a dishonorable mention for worst pony, but makes a pretty good human. Her realization of this may be part of why she's chosen not to live in Equestria)

"Yeah, about that," said Rainbow Dash, who'd also been called. "Were they hippogriffs or seaponies first? I'm not clear on that and Silverstream doesn't exactly help clear things up when you ask."

I like the postulate that they were two separate races before the Pearl came along. Airship Mauled posited Novo finding it as a recent thing, but it's also possible that she's been using it as the best anti-aging treatment imaginable.

"an way" should be "a way"
"the two have made excellent progress" should be "you two"


Why has Ganon never weaponized Cuccos? He'd be unstoppable!

By chance do you have the full list?

Brave, brave Celestia rode forth from Canterlot...

"No. The chickens were far worse."

It was at this point that I knew where she was. No wonder she came away with a phobia. Immortal, implacable...

This was a little gem. Hooray for trying to fill in what happened!

Never Eat Soggy Waffles. That's how I find my way around a compass rose. :derpytongue2:


Language! It seems we now know where Fluttershy gets her mouth from.

This was fantastic, too.

The Twilight shrugged abandoned her formerly useful idiots, since they were clearly no longer useful.

Then she enlisted a NEW squad of morons to carry out her ideological will!


Poor Celestia. She faces a problem common to retirees.

Huh. The World Ends With You was actually one of my wild suspicions here.

Hope: the multiverse's strongest adhesive.

That ponk is far from innocent.

Upvote for you and for Bronycon. Always a pleasure.

While The World Ends With You as a friendship mission is indeed a concept to treasure, for full effect it needs Rarity involved. Fashion is a game mechanic for Celestia's sake!

Also I don't know what's more hilarious: Celestia drafting eviction notices on the sun, or that Twilight knows her well enough to check for it.

Principal Discord and Vice Principal Berrytwist? I want to go there. I don't know if the school would still be standing at the end of the week, but it would certainly be an experience.

"A generation until they are politely asked to leave." Well, that gives them plenty of time to set up a suitably grand and remote temple where they can stay dispensing cryptic advice. It'll go fine right until Somnambula starts taking the piss out of them for it :p

Rarity has studied the Theis Principle I see. Good to see her encouraging Twilight.

The actual Theiss principle is to give off that impression without it actually being true. And for that matter, Theiss himself mostly used strategically-placed fleshtone.

Ah, a video-electric game reference. I am hip to what the kids and teens are “getting jiggy” with! :twilightsheepish:

I love the comic references, though! :pinkiehappy:

Author Interviewer

Darn it, I wasn't entirely certain about the ending until the A/N, so I felt kinda lost. D:

Author Interviewer

Fucking perfect.

Rainbow Dash either had a thought or got mildly concussed; the two looked nearly identical.

Now that's how you write Rainbow Dash! :V

Author Interviewer

"H. P. Terror"? Really? XD

Given that this is a sorta-prequel to the aforementioned story, I now like to think Brave Heart ended up on an unintentional one-way portal ride on "his" horse's back, only to find out that the Princess is not only in another castle, the castle is in another dimension entirely, and now he's a horse of a different color himself.

This, by the way would also be a helluva good story seed. Hint, hint. :)

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