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"Burninating the countryside... burninating the peasants... burninating all the peoples... and their thatched-roof COTTAGES! THATCHED-ROOF COTTAGES!! And the Trogdor comes in the NIIIIGHT!!!"


One cold morning, a small grey filly crested the low hill at the edge of her family's farm, sneering down at the smoky swamp below as she sucked furiously on a squeaky yellow pacifier.

She was just old enough to understand that the arrival of her little sister Maud made her the "big girl" now... and she didn't like that one bit. Even worse, she'd heard mommy and daddy whisper that another was on the way.

But down there, in the swamp, was the means to end this madness. All she needed was to grit her teeth, toddle forward, and take it.

A cute and silly drabble inspired by the cover art, and proofread by hawthornbunny!
Featured on FimFiction 8Dec.2016-9Dec.2016 :heart:
Also featured by Seattle’s Angels :coolphoto:

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I don't have time to read this, but I am going to read this. Because this is the cutest thing I have seen.

*Edit* I have read it, and the "Dawwws" have been doubled!

7778859 You should! I knew I had to write something about the pic as soon as I saw it!

7778956 I believe you mean, what is best in life? :trollestia:

Now that was epic and cute! Behold, the mighty Limestone and gator!

I'll gladly go to war with you Limestone! TO WAR!!!

Crush your enemies, see them driven before you and hear the lamentations of their women!


Curse you, Governator! :facehoof:

That was lovely and cute. I like how Limestone is so smart but silly about how she does things. I like how you made her hte oldest. I do too.

Attempted fratricide was never so adorable.


What is life?

baby don't hurt me

I never expected a story to come from the "foals riding Gummy" meme, which makes me all the happier that one did. An adorable, amusing, and touching little snippet. Thank you for it. :twilightsmile:

At length, Limestone brought her spare forehoof up, removed the pacifier, and pointed it at the gator.

“I’mma wide you,” she declared.


This was excessively cute and quite a fun read. :heart:
Now excuse me while I try to get my glicemia back under control.

gummy's first experience with the pie family!!!!!

Okay, now that I've un-died, after dying from the cuteness… This is adorable. Love it.
I was under the impression Maud was the oldest Sister (Limestone being #2 or #3, as Pinkie implied she and Limestone are twins), but oh well. Story's still hnnnng!

What I loved even more, something too many writers (including the show's) miss: Cloudy Quartz's Elizabethan English is grammatically correct! :raritystarry:

This was adorably ridiculous and funny.

7780176 Pinkie never implied Maud and Limestone are twins, only that she and Marble are and that Marble was born last

isn't maud the oldest?

I don't care that I didn't fully understand her, this was soo adorable! And that cover art!

Congrats on getting in the feature box my coffee pal! ^D^


Unfortunately, timid Marble and enthusiastic Pinkamena Diane are the twins of this particular family, not the latter and arrogant Limestone.

To be even more specific, Limestone is the oldest, followed by Maud and than the Pie Twins, with Pinkamena being born the first out of the two.

Not only is baby Limestone adorable, but I'm very impressed with the way you wrote Igneous. He's one of the hardest characters to write for.

Nice fanfic! Glad my artwork could inspire someone to write this. :pinkiehappy:

This story kind of took me on a journey. I mean, I started reading it and got to, "Dupid Aud," and then I immediately thought of Abu Dhabi and I laughed. Then I read on for a little and was like, "Man the Pie family and their rocks. The rock. If you smell... that was a good movie. I should watch that." So I stopped reading and watched The Rock. Also went Christmas shopping and bought a Rainbow Rocks stage at a deeply discounted rate for a kid. Came back and stared at the same story I've been staring at for months. Then went, "Oh yeah gotta read a story. To Serve in Hell it is!"

I did that and made a comment. Watched Blood Father. Agreed with myself that Gibson's daughter was stupid in that movie. Daughter. I was reading about one. Sat back down and started over. Got as far as Igneous and misread his name as Ignatius and then said, "Ignatius Rock. I wanna rock. ROCK!" So I listened to music, mailed some bills and listened to more music, came back and read the story.

Finally, sat down read the story and nodded and enjoyed it quite a bit. Good job sir... even if I took a weird path to get there I got there and enjoyed it.

Thou hath summoned me here when I stumbled perchance upon thine blog post.

Ah, I'll give up the Igneous Pie talk.

Sweet Rainbow Dash's ponyfeathers, I haven't d'awwed that hard since My Little Dashie. (And, on the bright side, this story brought a noticeable lack of crying for hours afterwards. :pinkiesad2: )


Heh. On a completely unrelated note, I wonder how this would look SFMed... Eh, probably extremely stupid. SFM is cool, but just unflattering for some things.



Glorious. :pinkiecrazy:

Y'know what, I think this could actually make for a fun/cute SFM now that you mention it. I don't have the skillz myself, but if you know someone, by all means send this their way! :moustache:

8163901 I was torn about whether to tag this with Gummy. Certainly it's the same tribe/family/species of gators, but Gummy's supposed to be a baby... presumably the gator Limestone subdued would at least have gotten its teeth by the time Pinkie grows up? I dunno. So I figured Pets was a safe (if imprecise) choice.

8164271 A close relative of Gummy, then?

8164367 Father, brother? I NEED CONTEXT!

8164384 Uncle. Specifically the crazy uncle who tells all the little gators about his time among the Pies, and how he found them to be firm but generous overlords. One day his story and the squeaky yellow relic he keeps in his basement help inspire a very young Gummy to run away from home and seek his fortune among them.

And now you know... the rest of the story! :derpytongue2:

8164406 Great minific! So short, like... Umm... What's Gummy's uncle's name?

8164425 Unfortunately it doesn't translate well from the original Gatorish, but it's a reference to the slightly cool water currents that Gummy's uncle's mother felt on the day he hatched.

8164866 Could I get a closer translation?

8165518 That'll do. Eddy, Gummy's uncle.

You have quite the knack for stories about Limestone. Do you plan to do stories of the other Pie sisters? So wonderfully random. I am glad I found you. :pinkiehappy:

8172370 Thank you much! I didn't expect to find so much to write about with the Pie sisters, but they (and especially Limestone) seem like pretty consistent muses for me now.

I have a very short Maud-centric story in the works, and various other small ideas, but we'll see what ends up getting written!

Author Interviewer

What the heck. XD

Ha! It's been an age since I last re-read this, so thank you for prompting me to do that.

What can I say? Limestone is best pony. :derpytongue2:

Congtrats on your Seattle's Angels feature!

7780176 You're right! Although I think that use of "be" isn't Elizabethan, but Quaker? There are differences between Elizabethan English and the Quaker dialect, but I forget what they are, other than the Quaker over-use of "be" (which I think was general in early New England).

a hoof-full of small gators

So... one gator? :pinkiehappy:

Thank you for pointing that out! I don't always read the SA posts, so I didn't realize where the recent traffic was coming from. :twilightsmile:

It's great to see this old thing still getting the occasional bump. Limestone generally remains under-explored in ponyfic, and I'm glad for (almost) any additional exposure she can get. After all, she is best pony. 🍋💚


Well told slice of cuteness.

I highly enjoyed the impressive sense of humor, built into a story so short.

Added to my collections and I eagerly await to add more from you, in the near future.

Simply adorable!

Absolutely adorable Baby Limestone

I can’t believe I passed it on like it was nothing. This. Is. ADORABLE!!!

Thank you so much for this, it's amazing! :raritystarry:

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