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Through scientific invention, Twilight shielded her eyes from witnessing the inevitable deaths of her friends. 

And her wife.

It worked. 

For a while.

In the latent space, Twilight searches for an image of Rarity she can still see.

An experiment in dramatic verse prose poetry. Sentences metered in iambic pentameter.

Written as an entry into the Science Fiction Contest III.

Cover art (and art within) illustrated by me.

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Am gonna read, but before I do so, I wanna say I really love your cover art <33 (and those of all your fics really)

This is absolutely beautiful. The concept is tight and heart-wrenching, the prose is lovely and very well-smithed. It had already earned a favorite from me long before I reached the final stretch, where you make use of all your tricks. Really just a stunning work. I think the image of Twilight briefly stopped my heart.

Best of luck in the judging - I see many accolades in your future!!

This felt gross.

(positively! Tho I feel I didn't do the poetry justice)

When I realized the I love yous were in every empty line and not just at the end

God damn that was incredible.

Amazing stuff! Very good use of a lot of artistic tricks, particularly at the end, but the part where Twilight takes different photos of Rarity stands out too. The concept itself is intriguing and heartbreaking, particularly once I realized the technological terms weren't metaphors.

Fantastic work on the art too.

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