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By this point in their relationship, Twilight is more than accustomed to Luna's mischievous proclivities. So when Luna asks for Twilight's help acquiring a present for her sister, barely an eyebrow is raised. Not even when it's mere minutes before present opening time at a Hearth's Warming Eve party.

That is, until she finds out where this very special present resides.

An Enchanted Library server Secret Santa story for iAmSiNnEr!

Thanks to SigmaSonicX for editing and Lillowisp for the cover art!

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What a great present to receive today! Lovely little read, hope its recipient enjoys it just as much if not more!

I don't understand the ending. What happened?

Luna haven't done any photo. She will steal the painting any time after the event. So all this adventure was one big prank from Luna, who was playing with time.

Luna quickly trotted ahead before abruptly cutting Twilight off. “Number one, I could easily shove you into one of these rooms and have you in many ‘untoward’ ways before those ten minutes had passed.”

Ooo kinky

Very enjoyable story for Christmas

Luna ruffled Luna’s mane.

You know, I'm with Twilight on this one. (Then again, I usually am.) For as much fun as mulling over time paradoxes and time loops and general time-related stuff is, actually being involved in such would most likely be a never-ending headache! And hoo boy, that ending was de-li-cious! I mean, to be fair, Luna admitted relatively early on that it was basically 'just' a prank, but hey, it worked on many levels. :rainbowlaugh:
Goodness, that gave me a good laugh. And that was basically just to top things off, as I found myself smiling and grinning throughout.

All these years down the line and this is still the one ship I always return to, the one I cherish the most.

Thank you for writing!

That was cute.

I'm also certain I butchered ye old Early Modern English Equestrian.

Not as bad as some, I will say, but yes. However, while I would normally give corrections* to all the examples... honestly, I kind of like it this way. It really adds to both the silliness of the whole story and the sense of youth and irreverence that Young Luna has.

Heck, I wouldn't be surprised if she was purposely mangling her own dialect just to mess with Twilight. Or, for that matter, if she'd tried something similar the first time she met her future self, only to be first disappointed that she remembered her past self's thoughts and actions, then intrigued when her future self started giving her pointers on how to properly screw with time travelers.

Actually, now that I've said it, I'm positive she did exactly that.

*not with any condemnation (at least, hopefully, and certainly none intended) nor any insistence you use them, just to help if you wished to correct things

That was a good story.

This was great! I loved Luna's flagrant disregard for keeping the timestream clean and how she interacted with her past self. This was some nice Tuna, and I liked the bits with Pinkie too. Almost disappointed that the one who brought the portrait to the present wasn't Pinkie, though.

I knew it was gonna be Luna, I just don’t know how exactly it was done.

Maybe it'll become clearer after a re-read, but:
Please tell she at least snatched the original before it would've actually been lost. Otherwise this whole thing would've been ...
I mean, gives-no-F's-Woona said it was supposed to be a prank on Twilight, and given that their travel to the past had been completely pointless aside from a pep talk to her younger self and a romantic picknick, it kind of was pretty prank'y ..., buut, I are confuse.
Did that Luna_tic just grab a picture from a wall in the palace and gift wrap it so she could prank Twi into a date?

Nice little story you got here. I would have read it sooner if I knew it existed.

The second Luna revealed this was her home village I immediately got the impression Luna was about to introduce Twilight to her parents. Not a big loss, this was great.

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