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Canterlot’s best kept secret is the Incognito Cart, a food cart that sells all the greasy, deep-fried, spicy, butter-caked foods no posh pony would ever be caught dead eating. As part of the rules, every pony present must remain 100% anonymous.

But in a place where every pony is a Stranger, there might also be something else worth finding here...

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Seriously? No one's commented on this yet? This is charming, in the same way the show used to be charming back in the first couple of seasons, when it was about a group of friends in awkward social situations. The concept of the Incognito Cart is brilliant, as is the execution of the concept.

Pinkie Pie left? :pinkiegasp:

Honestly I would believe you if you told me that this whole thing was a setup for "a street corn named Desire". :rainbowlaugh: Absolutely 💯 👌

This says things about rules. Reading this I can't help but think that ponies definitely do things in this story that would get them totally cancelled if done to the wrong pony. But ponies need to be able to break the rules. It's a conundrum for sure.

A clever idea, and certainly something Pinkie would do when she'd get the chance to go to Canterlot. I thought we might see glimpses of more well known elite, but I liked how it turned out!

A neat story
does pinkie just do this for Canterlot you imagine?

“That's right, random-stranger-whom-I-have-definitely-never-ever-ever-seen-before-in-my-life!” said the mare who was definitely not Rarity’s Ponyville friend Pinkie Pie. “First time? Menu’s up there. Anything without an 86 on it is fair game—and it’s all delicious. That’s the ICC Guarantee!”

Very sadel Pinkie lol 😆

“It’s a good choice,” the pegasus said. A little smile played at her lips. “Hold on. You’ve got a little…”

Before Sassy could respond, she leaned forward and licked a bit of butter off Sassy’s cheek.

That was something...

Well this was a very interesting story so apparently even the richest and famous ponies and creatures really want to get something to eat even if it's fattening and greasy and that's why not Pinkie Pie and it's not a secret decided she wanted to build a business there even though it's very illegal so Rarity and Sassy decided to go there and it looks like sassy starting to like this whole situation and even meeting a stranger and probably don't want to know it's Spitfire they were pretty intimate with each other even though they only met each other first time they were about to get into the conversation but unfortunately the law had to came in so they had to scatter day after that sassy saddle felt like she'll never meet with Spitfire ever again because given her reputation but never say never because it looks like she came over to her business and somehow asking her for a date even though it looks like it was supposed to be a secret I would say it is kind of cute this was a pretty interesting story and a very interesting shipping as well keep up the good work

Cute story! Or more accurately as Bad Horse said, very charming. And the interaction between that Stranger and that other Stranger was unexpected, cute, and fit in very nicely with the premise. I know it likely won't happen, but it would be fun to see how the impending Stranger date works out.

“Yep. A street corn named Desire.”

I'm not even mad. I read that and my smile just got wider. Incredible.

Delightful stuff from start to finish, with a buttter-smooth transition from silly slice of life to something a little saucier. Thank you for it.

Though I have to wonder, if Zesty Gourmand got too close to the Incognito Cart, would she burst into flames?

This is the kind of thing fanfiction excels at -- an entertaining scenario that makes total sense within the show's universe, but which the show wouldn't (sometimes shouldn't) ever portray.

And this was a very well executed example of that concept. Bravo!

Hopefully not. She'd ignite the copious quantities of oil and grease. Half the city would probably go up in smoke.

A street corn named Desire :pinkiehappy:

Well, on the one hand, that was a clever and very well-executed take on a shockingly original concept.

On the other, that was incredibly fun to read. You 100% deserved that spot on the front page. Everything just fits together. It feels like a concept that would fit perfectly in canon, your characterization reads true, and you even captured the style of the Pink One. Peak comedy. Thank you for writing this!

But at night I'm a junk food junkie

This was just plain fun, and I'm all on board for it.

My only disappointment with this fic was the lack of two disguised "strangers," notably larger the rest of the clientele engaging in "definitely not sisterly," antics.

holy balls that was cute


Wasn't that partially covered with this passage?

What Rarity had presumed to be a tent or perhaps two or three ponies stacked on top of each other was actually one pony.

A very large pony.

A very large pony that was currently eating an onion blossom, covered in sauce, by tilting the plate back and letting gravity pull it into her mouth, and chomping at it like some arcade game character.

Howdy, hi~!

Oh my goodness this was great. The whole premise is absolutely stellar and the idea presented just had me giggling through the whole thing. I love the flirtations between Spitfire and Sassy (was super fun), and really loved how just over the top the whole thing is.

Absolutely banger, thanks for the read~!

Cheese, butter, grease, oil, mayonnaise, sugar, salt, sometimes all of these at once! If it had plenty of flavor and next to no nutritional value, it could most likely be found here.

oof, you're really selling this food cart to me

All were using their hooves; it was tradition for the unicorns to not use their magic here, just in case somepony recognized the color.

i really like this little detail! adds to the feeling of upper-class indulgence in déclassé delights as well

The Proprietor leaned against the counter. She wore a thick, fake mustache that covered most of her upper lip and a black baseball cap pulled down, doing double duty of shrouding her face in shadow and (only barely) containing her poofy pink mane inside.

haha, that definitely gives it away, doesn't it? the fake moustache is a geat

Sassy had never believed puns could physically hurt, but she let out a low groan as she was forced to reassess that belief.

i am with Sassy there!

She noticed Sassy staring. “W’a’?” she asked, sounding completely unembarrassed, which was a little odd, considering she had mozzarella dripping off her muzzle and marinara sauce on her cheeks.

“I just… never thought I’d see you like this.”

“You didn’t,” Rarity said pointedly as she extended her tongue much further than would be considered ladylike to retrieve the last strands of cheese and pull them into her mouth. “This is the Incognito Cart. You don’t know me, I don’t know you, we’re just here to eat.”

augh, i can just perfectly picture Rarity and Sassy having these little exchanges. you've just captured them so well throughout!

“It’s a good choice,” the pegasus said. A little smile played at her lips. “Hold on. You’ve got a little…”

Before Sassy could respond, she leaned forward and licked a bit of butter off Sassy’s cheek.

Sassy froze.

The pegasus smirked. “Got it,” she said pleasantly.

Sassy let out a nervous giggle. She wanted to say something, but wasn’t sure what. This was obviously Spitfire, even if nopony was going to say it out loud. Having her just lick her like that was…


i am with Sassy there!

“It's the fuzz!” the Proprietor shrieked. With almost supernatural speed, she jumped out the window, slammed the cover down, darted to the front and hitched herself to the cart seemingly in the same motion, and then took off, dragging the cart behind her and sending clouds of dust billowing into the air.

haha, i can just imagine the Proprietor doing exactly this! very fitting

“I suppose it is a rare occasion to meet a popular hero of Equestria,” Rarity said airily, her eyes sparkling.

Sassy stopped and stammered, suddenly realizing just how many times Rarity had been just that. “I didn’t mean that, of course, I just-”

hahaha, love this!

Sassy’s heart fell. Of course Spitfire would have a girlfriend.

i mean, i have a guess as to where this is going, but that's not going to diminish my enjoyment of it

It took her a little longer than she was proud of to realize that that was her coat color. Her eyes snapped up.

There was a brief pause.

And then Spitfire winked at her.

Sassy nearly dropped the clipboard.


“I haven’t asked her yet,” Spitfire continued conversationally, “but I’m hoping she’ll say yes if I do.”

auaugh, to be even a tenth as smooth as Spitfire here...

As soon as she was out of sight, Rarity appeared seemingly out of nowhere and gave Sassy a playful nudge. “My, my, Sassy. I think you’ve got a hot date,” she said excitedly.

augh, i love how supportive Rarity is here! so perfect

“Rarity, you’re being a little silly with this round-about talk,” Sassy said, jumping on this for any possible viable distraction. “It’s not like Pinkie Pie-”

Rarity’s eyes widened in horror. She rushed over and nearly slammed her hoof against Sassy’s lips to silence her, but it was too late.

The bell over the door jingled, and Pinkie Pie casually sauntered in. “Hey, girls,” she greeted them brightly.

haha, perfect comedic timing!

Out on the sidewalk, Pinkie Pie giggled to herself. “No, that is the magic of the Incognito Cart,” she said aloud to nopony in particular.

aww! augh, what a lovely ending

loved the background pony cameos! i think i spotted Whoa Nelly and Frazzle Rock, though i'm sure i missed others.

and augh, this was a wonderfully written piece! this was just really good slice of life! a fun concept that lets us explore these characters (just so vividly themselves!) in a way that fit in perfectly with the feel of the show, with an ending that was just downright heartwarming (again, Pinkie's last line! just so perfect). and throughout, it was just so plain fun!

and that slice-of-life fun definitely made it all the more pleasantly surprising just how sizzling the smoothness Spitfire seduced Sassy with was. i was legitimately impressed! a thoroughly enjoyable read. thank you for it!

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