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Spikes True Secret sequel Update! · 1:04am Yesterday

Hey all that see this :twilightsmile:

I just wanted to give you all an update, I have now finished the sequel to Spikes True Secret. So it is now just in edit stage, I just wanted to let those that have been waiting or were wondering, it is finished overall so please look forward to it. Just keep in mind that mr editor has a real life and his own things to do on top of trying to help me sort my bad writting out :rainbowlaugh:

Hope you all enjoy what's left of your day.

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Thanks for the watch:twilightsmile:

Np thank you for writting it :) red it afew times only realised lastnight i didnt fav, my bad :p

Thank you for adding A Reluctant Herdstallion to your favorite.

No Prob, red it so many times now since i joind. Only just realised that it wasnt fav'd poor judgment on my part, but thanks for the great story :)

Thanks for adding To Accept Poison to your favorites. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

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