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Everypony knows Spikes not so secret crush on Rarity. However it seems Spike has a secret that he's been keeping from everypony, but secrets are a funny thing, they always have away of getting out.

Just a heads up, this is my first time writting. So its gonna be bad, so expect some if not alot of mistakes. I dont mind if people want to leave feedback or anything like that. just try to be understanding, its all i ask :pinkiehappy:

Big thanks to HAKDurbin for all the help, put in a lot of work to make this a better read for you all. Go checkout his stories :pinkiehappy:

Also I would like to thank Victoria the dragoness for all the support she's given me as I try to write this story. If you havn't already. go check her stories out, they're great reads.

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