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We all have feelings we keep inside. Some are better at doing this than others, question is. What happens when you've hidden them so well that you yourself have no idea about it.

Please feel free to leave a comment and I hope you like it :twilightsmile:

As always thanks for the help HAKDurbin :twilightsmile: If you haven't already go check out his stories

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Apple Bloom is older than Spike is; note the absence of her parents in "Cutie Mark Chronicles." If Spike is an adult, then the Crusaders should be fully grown. Really, those three should have gotten new bodies a couple of years into the show. Of course, that would have messed with the toy line.

Huh, that is a bit strange but that was before Faust left the show, I’m not sure if Bright Mac and Pear Butter were supposed to exist yet, also Applebloom wasn’t even in the flashback so she was probably 1. Yeah the CMC did need new bodies though you were right about that. Keep in mind there was another flashback in “Where The Apple Lies” where Granny Smith looked younger than she did in “The Cutie Mark Chronicles” and Big Mac and Applejack were older, so I’m not sure if you can count anything against Spike here dude, and besides I don’t think size isn’t too crucial to someone’s age. Spike could at the very least is 13-15. Also the MLP Wiki confirms he is 20 years old by the time MLP: IDW 20/20 is released. Yeah canon has a lot of plot holes doesn’t it.

Yeah, it's crazy how different the world got as soon as she left, like when Granny Smith became one of the town's founders despite Twilight having claimed in "Winter Wrap-up" that it was hundreds of years old. If I remember correctly, Applejack's parents were always supposed to be implied dead, but then Applejack was also supposed to be Granny Smith's GREAT-granddaughter. I would love to read a story set in Faust's Equestria, or maybe I need to get off my lazy ass and write it.

Wow ya know what, I didn't even think about the CMC when it came to this story, I'm sorry about that. But at the same time I'm really glad that ya both have a nice little conversation going, makes me happy :pinkiehappy: Thank you for taking the time to read this & hoping chapter 2 will come out at some point :rainbowlaugh: So please look forward to it :twilightsmile:

To be fair size doesn’t exactly define your age, I’m 16 and I’m taller than my mom(not by much but still).

That's very true & it is hard to work out just how old the ponies really are as they all could be said to be teens(if u go by EG) or young adults(FiM) since they have there own businesses and such. Ya don't really know how fast they grow

The CMC could be in their teen years, Spike is 20 which was actually confirmed on the MLP Wiki and the Mane 6 are in their young 20s in my opinion. If you ask me Applejack’s parents could’ve just been on some trip in “Cutie Mark Chronicles” and by the time “Where The Apple Lies take place they were let’s say in the spirit realm.

That's cool, I need to check my wiki more lol I do have a story about the apple family(just a quick one-shot) check it out if ya have time & let me know what ya think if ya do :twilightsmile:

The plot of the show after Faust left is Swiss cheese, although, to be fair Princess (not Queen) Celestia was the most enduring and gaping plot hole of the series. It's incredible just how much of the subsequent nonsense could have been justified in the narrative without the immortal winged unicorn princess mythology that had been inadvertantly created by calling Celestia a "princess." Then, when you bring the IDW comics into it, all bets are off. At least the comic version of Nightmare Moon was fairly true to Faust's intentions, but by then it was already at odds with show canon. So, if the comics say that Spike is twenty, I cannot imagine how that would work in either the show's or Faust's lore, but we are so far beyond any coherent logic that there is no point in trying to make sense of it all. It's like MST3K: "it's just a show; I should really just relax."

And if you go by Faust's show bible the Six are between ten and fifteen human years old (I would say between two and four in horse years). Even Rarity was only an apprentice at Carousel Couture in her vision, and Applejack was second banana to her brother. You go where you want to with them all, and we will enjoy the read.

Fair enough, but like you said since she left her plot points are no longer valid. But agree to disagree, it's a show so I shouldn't question it too much.

Nothing is valid anymore since the series finale. We must pick and choose our lore. Right here only jw278's lore matters, and he likes IDW's Spike. I mean, sure Show Spike is younger than Apple Bloom, sucks his thumb, and is clearly significantly smaller than the teenaged dragons, but IDW Spike is arguably a more entertaining leading character than his animated counterpart. This story would not work with Show Spike, anyway.

Exactly, and I choose to think he's likely older than the CMC. I respect your opinion.

Wow, I must admit you & Starlight Fan are both making very good comments & I'm really enjoying the conversation ya both having. Tbh I'd join in more but ya both clearly know ya stuff(more than me any ways) lol

Ok well if I'm being honest I don't know much about IDW's Spike :rainbowlaugh: I've mainly gone off the show & this is a story that I came up with lol I just think Spike is older than everyone else thinks & I had honestly forgot about the CMC in this story so didn't think about how the age thing would affect them(guess that was poor writting on my part lol) but I'm really liking the descussion ya having its a great read :twilightsmile:

I just like Sparity & LOVE Spike(think he is very underused, just my opinion) & so those are the stories I come up with lol if ya like lore and such, please check out Spike's True Secret, after reading all these comments. I'd love to see what ya think of that story & its lore :twilightsmile: (Although it may not be the greatest story, it was my first & I really liked what I came up with in that lol )

Thank you both for making the comments fun to read :twilightsmile: for making it so fun I will tell ya that this story is complete, I'm just waiting for it to get edited, so I'm hoping the releases shouldn't take a very long time. So please look forward to it, as I look forward to seeing what you think :pinkiehappy:

"Ok well if I'm being honest I don't know much about IDW's Spike"
Really? In a few of the comics that he appears in, like the Nightmarity arc, he comes across as a more mature and complex character. It is worth the time to crack some of them open, because they can be fun, especially if you are a Spike fan.

"I guess that was poor writing on my part."
Nah, dude, you can hardly be blamed for not catching a nuance that appeared briefly in the show ten years ago and was then glossed over like it wasn't a thing.

"Thank you both for making the comments fun to read"
Thanks for giving us a free story.

Well I have indeed read the comics, but like ya say hes not in a lot of them. Ive always thought Spike was more mature that what we see, yes he can be childish but at the same time he has shown himself to be more mature than the girls also. I like to think that the reason he acts so much like a kid at time with the girls is cuz he spent his childhood working by Twis side & nver really had time to be just a kid cuz he was always working. So when he acts like a kid with the girls that's his way of showing how comfortable he is around them, sort of like he trust them all enough to be able to let himself act like a kid & not be judged for it lol

"Thanks for giving us a free story." I'm glad you like it so far, I did try something different for this story so not sure how well it will play out, guess time will tell :rainbowlaugh:



I did it I just found some evidence that proves Spike is older than the CMC, you see my friend Sweetie Belle is shown to be 5 years old in one flashback on the show, and Rarity is a full grown mare, and the CMC are roughly the same age are they not, the proof is in the pudding, he's older I was right and this was after Spike was born. No offense to zx29b.

I know the episode that you are talking about: "For Whom the Belle Tolls" (often misspelled as "Toils"). Of course, if the Crusaders are all the same age, then--taking "Cutie Mark Chronicles" into account--Apple Bloom's parents must have died about five years before she was born. But how could the Crusaders all be the same age when in "A Perfect Pear" Applejack had a much younger body type than Rarity did just a few years before as depicted in Sweetie Belle's flashback? And we know that Rarity is not significantly older than Applejack, again, because of "Cutie Mark Chrinicles." Add to that the fact that the Crusaders have had the same body types for nine years. The lore is total and complete swiss cheese.

On another tack, any contention that Show Spike is an adult runs into direct contradictions by Meghan McCarthy and M.A. Larson who bluntly said (at 2014 Bronycon if I remember correctly) that Rarity would never return Spike's affections, because she is an adult (Faust may have disagreed on that point) and he is a child. Meghan spoke slowly and with her hands while explaining this in a none-too-sympathetic manner. In fact, the panel had a bit of a laugh about it. ...That's right! It was shortly after McCarthy had announced that there would be more "RarityXSpike" in Season Four without knowing what exactly that "X" meant. She had thought that it was just two characters interacting with one another. It was priceless when she was told what it meant in the fanfic world.

To complicate matters, McCarthy, Larson, etc. were no longer writing for the show when "A Perfect Pear" was made. Lewis and Songco had taken over the narrative, and their Spike quickly sprouted wings and briefly became the Dragon Lord. They would seem to have envisioned an older Spike than their predecessors had. Could their Spike have been closer in age to Rarity? Perhaps, but then they also put a grey streak in Rarity's hair in the finale which would seem to indicate, against all previously established canon, that she was significantly older still. God, the show needed Rob Renzetti.

Edit: And what even is a "year" in magical horse land? Now there's a whole can of worms. Check out how often the seasons changed in the first few seasons of the series and in what patterns.

Eh, I guess it's up to us to determine it at the end of the day. It is a cartoon I shall age the characters as I please(within reason).

Yes, and why not? That's what the actual show writers appear to have done. You could even say that, over the course of decades, Spike was hatched numerous times by Celestia's prospective pupils and then put back into the egg again and again, because they only had the one dragon egg. That would actually be a fun backstory, come to think of it. It would explain how he has a "Mommy" that is not Twilight.

:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh: "That's right! It was shortly after McCarthy had announced that there would be more "RarityXSpike" in Season Four without knowing what exactly that "X" meant. She had thought that it was just two characters interacting with one another. It was priceless when she was told what it meant in the fanfic world." I would of loved to of been there to see her face :rainbowlaugh:

I also have my own thoughts on "Spike was hatched numerous times by Celestia's prospective pupils and then put back into the egg again and again, because they only had the one dragon egg. That would actually be a fun backstory, come to think of it. It would explain how he has a "Mommy" that is not Twilight."

Though again, I guess for that you would have to read my other story lol I will say I'm really enjoying reading these comments, I find it very interesting & as ya both say. the age canon is a bit messed up lol I mean what about that episode in season 9 (Sparkle's Seven) We see little aj & baby bloom, but no parents. So did they die right after Apple Bloom was bord? if so man that sucks. I did actually do a one-shot of sorts about the Apple family that I think works out quiet well(just my opinion, of course lol) I would be interested in what ya both think about that. To be fair with how much ya both talk about the canon and such I think I would like to hear about what ya think of all my stories, I'm really liking how ya both go into it lol

Any ways, thanks for the fun read guys, I enjoy reading ya comments :twilightsmile:

Also I never said I ship Sparity(it’s decent though), I have a different Spike ship I like.

She made that story up, you can tell from her shifty eyes but still good point.

Yeah I guess, but it was funny when RD was like, "Wait did that really happen :rainbowlaugh:" As for the Sparity, I ship it myself but each to there own. But like ya self I also like other ships, my mian will always be Sparity tho lol

As for MLP ships, Tara Strong and Greg Cipes do a show called the shipitshow & this week will be talking about MLP ships, just in case ya wanna check it out. I know I will, but I won't hold my breath for any talk on Sparity tho :rainbowlaugh:

I'll give some more of your stuff a read. I have been looking for new stories.

I don't know how they could discuss the topic without at least brushing upon easily the most common ship out there. And, hey, maybe they will bring up the mountain of tongue-in-cheek (and everywhere else) erotic Flurry Heart shipping that appeared upon her arrival! That would be a laugh riot. McFlurryXChrysalis FTW!

By all means please do, but only if you want to:twilightsmile: on the plus side I've only got 4 stories :rainbowlaugh:

McFlurryXChrysalis:rainbowlaugh: Can't say I've seen any of that myself. I know a few stories where they say chrysalis is actually married to shining armor & such but never seen any of that ship lol & yeah it would be nice if they talked about it, though if they did(& most people) just say its a boyhood crush & he'll grow out of it, I always feel bad for Spike when they do that. I mean if he's such a kid why does he have to do so much work lol

Pretty much all McFlurry shipping is, at least on the sly, done for humorous effect, shipping a baby being inherently silly. I just realized something: how long have Pound Cake and Pumpkin Cake been babies? If they were still babies when they met McFlurry, then no more than one year could have passed between the twins' birth and The Abomination's. Gah! Swiss cheese!

Show Spike really does have it rough. He spent his childhood being raised by a crazy wizard who is also a little girl. He sleeps in a dog bed at her feet and performs menial tasks and acts as a spell test pilot instead of being in school with the Crusaders, etc., and when he is not doing that he is performing menial tasks for his crush who thinks that has "just the cutest chubby widdle cheeks."

Faust had originally had a plan for him that was a bit kinder. Spike was supposed to have spent his early childhood in Queen Celestia's court learning practical magic like his scroll-burping ability, and he was only assigned to help Twilight ("Twinkle," not "Sparkle" back then) when she was sent to Fillydelphia/Ponyville to make friends away from court. He was to be a proper assistent and not so much of a little brother. Some stuff got condensed and other stuff had to be cut when the Nightmare Moon arc was shortened from season-length to just two episodes. Interestingly, the plan had been for him to occasionally stumble upon one of his dragon abilities but not quite understand how they work, since the ponies would have no idea either. Remember that line in "Dragon Quest" about ponies not knowing anything about dragons? That would have been an awesome mechanic to have been in the show, if you ask me. Also, he walked on all fours, and the townsponies were sometimes wary of him due both to his being a dragon and to ponies being skittish creatures in general.

All that sounds great, I always like the idea of Spike being a hard worker & because of that he never really had a childhood. Which is why he can act childish at times, but only does so once he has got to know the ponies around him, sort of being able to trust them enough to be able to let his gaurd down(if that makes any sense lol) As for "ponies not knowing anything about dragons" I like to use that myself. Its great cuz everytime something comes up about dragons, its like, well we didn't know that lol

"how long have Pound Cake and Pumpkin Cake been babies" Very good point, as far as I can tell, they are babes right up till the very last episode so lol
"being in school with the Crusaders" I like to think that Spike already finished school. I like the idea of him only being a few years younger than Twi & becuz of him being a dragon(different species) he advanced quickly, That's why his her assistant cuz he finished school at the same time as Twi, I also like the ide of him being trained in all sorts, from swordfighting,hoof to hoof combat, the arts & etiquette ect. That's why he holds the title of number one assistant cuz he can do it all. I also like to think that is the reason why Twilight(who was Tia's number one student, then a princess herself) never had any body gaurds growing up & why she has no royal gaurds herself as a princess, cuz Spike's a one drake army(well if ya think about it, her being the element of magic tied together with Spike, she wouldnt need any lol)

I also like the idea of him being Tia's secret adopted son, making him a prince but much like Twi, he doesn't like ponies to know cuz he hates the idea of being treated so differently from others(especially cuz his a dragon & already felt different from others growing up) & likes to do all the work himself, claws on kind of guy lol

Of course these are just my thoughts on Spike, I like to think the reason ya don't see him doing mad fighting in the show is cuz Twi & the girls can handdle it, but at the same time Spike is in the background, ready to make his move if they ever need him to kick some ass lol(I like to think that the reason he never really fights is cuz its like Twi's training & leaves it to her lol) In short Spike is a secret bad ass but hides it well lol afterall, no one knows what he did growing up before going to Ponyville. Yes he was with Twi but what else was he doing? being trained, that's what. He is a one drake swiss army knife. hence the title number one assistant, cuz there's no one better lol It also explains why no one bats an eye at Twilight making Spike her Royal Advisor at the end of the show "You've been at my side for every step of this journey. Knowing I had you to count on gave me the strength I needed to grow and succeed. I wouldn't be here without you." The night needs the day, like the sun needs the moon. there has always been 2 rulers of a equestrai at the same time. Now its Twilight's & Spike's turn lol

Its one of the reasons I like Spike, cuz there are just so many things you can do with him as his past is unknown, sorry guess I went on a bit :rainbowlaugh: hope all of that made sense, I tend to get lost in my own txt after a bit :rainbowlaugh:

Straight dawg talk, that version of Spike did a flying canonball into the deep end of the Mary Sue Pool. He can keep up with Twilight academically and is as tough as the established main characters--it would be really difficult for a reader to like a character like that. Come to think of it, that is pretty much exactly what turned so many people off to Sunset Shimmer and Starlight Glimmer despite the fact that the narrative desperately needed someone to fill the old Twilight role after Twilight herself got princessified.

Speaking personally, one of the things that I enjoy about Spike is his status as a much put-upon second banana. His struggle for respect is an uphill climb, and he stumbles along the way. He does not always make the right choices, but he always tries. That's a guy that I can root for and occasionally laugh at. Like with Rocky Balboa, I want Spike to succeed at things precisely because he is always at a disadvantage. The world loves an underdog.

:rainbowlaugh: All fair points, I like an underdog myself. Though the way I explained it, you could say his OP but at the same time, that doesn't mean he hasn't stuggled & had to clim his way up. I wouldn't say he could keep up Twilight academically, just that he isn't stupid & can hold his own. to steal a post I read-

"There's this thing... where you consider yourself inferior to others, you know? It just sort of happens, for whatever reason it happens to happen.
But the thing is... when you're at level X, you surround yourself with others around level X. If you're a hero, your social circle typically consists of other heroes... So it's not like you can look at your fellow being and realise "... actually yeah, they probably wouldn't have been able to pull it off, not by a long shot" -- much more likely, you're the weakest of the group (despite being leaps and bounds beyond the average being).
What you then have to realise is exactly how much beyond the average being your social circle is. I mean, I may be the weakest member of the Strongest Men Alive group, but just being in this group and sorta keeping up with other members proves how insanely strong I probably am otherwise, right?"

There are just so many things you can do with Spike, that's one of the reasons I like to write about him. Cuz the show didn't really touch on his past or where he came from, it leaves it open to play with. One of the upsides to the show underusing him, I think:twilightsmile:

As always thanks for the comments:pinkiehappy:

True 'nuff. The Six went from "apprentice pastry chef in a small town sweets shop" to "Super Saiyan who fights gods" in just four seasons, so keeping up with that would require a few power-ups. Come to think of it, I wonder why pretty much nobody--show creators or fans--did anything with Rainbow Power after it appeared... you know, apart from it being utterly ludicrous. It's like everyone just silently and universally agreed to never speak of it again. I could see late-series Rainbow Dash using Rainbow Power to cook a burrito, because her microwave is just way too slow or Rarity using it to instantly grow her hair out after getting a regrettable manecut.

Yeah seeing Twilight go Super Saiyan was funny as hell :rainbowlaugh: "wonder why pretty much nobody--show creators or fans--did anything with Rainbow Power after it appeared... you know, apart from it being utterly ludicrous. It's like everyone just silently and universally agreed to never speak of it again" Its cuz everyone knew hasbro messed up with that one :rainbowlaugh: & I could see Rarity doing that :rainbowlaugh:

I like where this is going.

Glad to hear, the story its self is finished. I am just waiting for it to be edited, so I hope you like where it goes lol

I'm sure i will.

Well... that escalated quickly.

Well... that meme's overused.


It did, didn't it :rainbowlaugh: I hope you're enjoying it so far & thanks for reading my story. Also thanks for leaving a comment

Yeah lol Hope you're enjoying this story so far:twilightsmile: Hopefully Chapter 3 should be out soonish(about halfway through edit stage), please look forward to it:pinkiehappy:

There's something about Emerald Cloud that I don't trust. Hope that would be explained next chapter. And I hope Spike and Rarity make up.

Have to wait & see :raritywink::rainbowlaugh: But the next chapter has been half edited so shouldn't have to wait to long to find out what's to come :twilightsmile:

I love some Sparity.

But this was a chore to read.

I'm out.

Sorry to hear that, but thanks for taking the time to read what you did. I love my Sparity as well. Sorry it wasn't to ya liking :twilightsmile:

Yeah, I'm sorry I have to say this...

But why is it that every time I read a Sparity story, the "rival" fighting for Rarity is always just a jerk?!?

I've seen countless amounts of these stories play out like that, and honestly, I'm just done with that plot line.

Everything else in here is good though, and I'm looking forward to the ending. :raritystarry::moustache:

That was fun!

Yeah I see ya point & its a fair one. I've seen it a lot myself, this is the first time I've tried this myself :rainbowlaugh: & wasn't sure if I should or not lol But for me it wasn't really about the rival. Thanks for the comment though & I understand where ya coming from, trust me :rainbowlaugh:

Chapter 4 should be out soonish I hope, so please look forward to it:twilightsmile:

Thanks, I'm glad ya like it:twilightsmile: Thank you for leaving a comment & look forward to the next chapter:pinkiehappy:

Wow. What Spike did to that bully and what Cadance did to Rarity, just wow.

Yeah, I mean think the bully had it coming, if ya ask me, the Cadance bit was a bit more. She was angry but at the same time trying to help sort of thing, in her own way

Will they still be together at the end of this story?

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