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Rarity has noticed that Spike has interest in her. For the most part, she simply brushed it off as a little child crush. However, when Twilight comes up with a new spell and needs a volunteer, Rarity couldn't help but raise her hoof.
After all, it's not everyday you get to become a dragon.
Special thanks to Quillin Words for assisting me in many ways.

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 94 )

"Spike fainted upon the sight of this reptilian beauty."
I love that part. Brilliant story. Can't wait for more.

2851127 Thank you, I must give credit to Quillin from changing "wingless" to "Reptilian"

you should probably change affects the effects in the description

2851171 I've already changed that description to one written by Quillin, it should be much better

it's going abit fast paced and you're missing alot ALOT of details. the idea is sound and catches attention, even the summary, but you need to work on how you WRITE it.

2851329 I will work on that, and also talk with Quillin as well.:twilightsmile:

I like the premise of this story. Do continue. :twilightsmile:

Ok, this has my attention! Not for noting, but the idea of Rarity as a dragon has been done, I think, but at the same time, I'm a sucker for SpikexRarity pairings, so please continue! And for the record, I would love to be a fly on the wall when Sweetie Bell finds out about this!

Oh god Twilight's cute little facial expression :rainbowkiss:


I can hardly contain my excitement! :pinkiehappy:

2851183ok cool just wanted to make sure you caught the mistake

I'm glad to see that our work has gotten mostly positive feedback! :twilightsmile:

This... I can see where this is going. Spell reversion failure, GO! Great story!

You have my attention, sir.. :pinkiesmile: I shall observe :trollestia:

Nice. Can't wait for more.

You will benefit greatly from having an extra enter between paragraphs. It looks like you tried to do the indenting with spaces manually, a valiant but unnecessary effort as there is a button at the top of the edit screen that will indent everything for you and make it much more uniform.

As for the story, you've avoided a lot of common pitfalls, well done. You should still be describing the characters as they appear instead of assuming we all know what Rarity, Spike, and Twilight look like. Solid concept, and one I've yet to see taken all the way to the end of a story. I'm quite hopeful this won't be the case here. I don't really feel that it's rushed per say, but you did miss a rather important explanation on why and how Twilight had a book on dragons now when she didn't during Dragon Quest. Far from a hard fix, but little details like that add the extra flavor. A expansion on Rarity's feelings on Spike would help a lot. Overall, it seems like a good read, the characters seem in character, and dragon Rarity sounds quite stunning. I look forward to more.

on Twilights part: it's a twist! duh, duh , DUHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! also, it occurred to me that Rarity was being sort of motherly towards Spike. Just my opinion, but... More please. :pinkiehappy:

Very interesting. Hard to find a good pony turned to dragon fic like this. I'm curious to see what's next.

2855108 What do you think the others lack?

Tomorrow morning, Rarity will be back to normal, and everything will be just fine.

... Then the next day she's still a dragon.

I'm following this, I get a dollar from my friend if I'm right :rainbowkiss:


Well, most of them that I've read made it out to be some horrific thing usually brought about by some tragic accident and often leaving said victim(s) in a bad way. Dealing with murderous urges (unlike raritys temperature issue) or being some mashup of pony and dragon that makes them more monster. Not to say that this is bad at all, but it just feels to me like it's been overused a bit too often. In the aspect of your story however, it feels more like a slice of life fic and as such, a welcome variety.

What I'm mainly getting at is that most of the ones I've read have been more tragic-sad story rather than an interesting, possibly comedic, playout of the characters life.

2860403 as the writer already mention in the descripsen, Twi is going to have a uge surprise

2863739 A. I don't like sad endings.
B. there's one word that can be associated with all rom-com's and that is shanagins, and I plan to have shanagins, Lots and lots of shanagins. :pinkiecrazy:

Tomorrow morning, Rarity will be back to normal, and everything will be just fine.

Murphy's Law Initiated. Can't wait to see the shenanigans!

kinda cramped but still cool story bro, keep it rolling


Wait so just how big is she. Is she about as big as she looks in the picture?

Tomorrow morning, Rarity will be back to normal, and everything will be just fine.

I just came here to tell you that Twilight's face on that picture is phenomenal.

I will be watching this story, nicely done.

I get the feeling that Rarity will still be a dragon in the morning and then AJ, Pinkie Pie, RD, and Fluttershy will come to see Twilight and RD will freak out about the dragon, start a fight, get told it is Rarity and force Twilight to make her a dragon to show she is more awesome (everyone else will get forced by RD, of course).

Is good so far! Keep up the good work! :moustache:

We need a higher resolution of the cover/thumbnail.

Gotta love (Hate really) females using the age excuse. Spike is only about 6 years younger then Twilight. Rarity using the age excuse is like a woman (bitch) who's 24 telling a guy who's 18 that they're too young for them.

Good start. Just want you to make this one change. Rarity scooped up the baby dragon, and worriedly tried to revive her poor scaly friend. Please do that because the way it sounds make me think the Rarity is being a jerk to Spike.

Twilight is all like ( cue nerdy stuffy voice )
" ohr Mia gorsh this is sssssssooooooo cewl "

Hey everyone. This is Cobalt's editor. Chapter two is now edited and will be uploaded as soon as Cobalt chooses to do so! :twilightsmile:


Quillin Words

please update this more! it's wonderful!

Wow that took a long time.
Still, pretty worth the wait if you ask me!

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