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This story is a sequel to Attack The Flask!

Spike and Apple Bloom spend an afternoon together. As friends.
Whether it ends that way, however, is anyone's guess.

Made as a commission for Red Ignis

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Giving a like for the chapter title.

I can't help but wonder what awards Spike's ass has won. CMC ass judging competition? Yay?

"It's happening," she hissed.


Dang, that bread kneading, Spike has some moves.

For a not-date, that went really well.

5480143 Glad you liked it!

had to make a new bookshelf for it.

Awww, no way, you can't leave this as a one-shot! :applecry:

Jesus Christ dude, if you're not going to finish this story properly I'mma be pissed

I was expecting Twilight and co to actually do something but there was no pay off.

5480523 It's a commission. :unsuresweetie: It's supposed to be left ambiguous.

5480704 So you personally don't want to finish this then?

5480713 I might write a proper sequel someday, but I have to leave the commissioned story open-ended enough so that I don't write myself into a corner.

"Do she got a booty?" Cadence demanded.

Best. Line. Ever

~ Ze Royal Doofus

5481744 go back to the youtubes Ze!

Not my genre,but...I like it~

"Do she got a booty?" Cadance demanded.

That is so random, so inappropriate, so out of place, and so out of character, it works! I was in stitches! Great job.

That was great! More of them please! I mean, besides the sequel!

5486667 This was made as a commission.

Awww! This is super sweet and cute. I love that reference to the fireball in the chest, I absolutely know what that's like. Thanks for writing!

"Do she got a booty?" Cadance demanded.
[ ...]
"She do," Cadance and Shining Armor both murmured.

:rainbowlaugh: Made my day!

This is so real, it's great. You really captured a moment in a relationship as it grows into something more. I can really relate to what they're going through; only I wasn't quite as confident as Spike is and that fear of liking someone eventually drove us apart. For me it really encapsulates the entirety of my freshman year in high school and all the feelings that come along with finding your place in someone else's life. Favoriting.


Your version of SpikexApplebloom will always be my favorite.

It's just so sad that this was a commission. I'd kill for just a couple more chapters of these two going out and being lovey dovey. Seeing the reactions of those around them and even seeing a bit of the gang again from Attack the Flask.

But as it stands, all I can say is I liked this chapter. Maybe even loved

*slams fist on table*

damn... i want more

Wow! That some powerful feels! :pinkiegasp:
Great chapter.:moustache:

Damn, that whole couch part was great. And that line

It felt as if she was punching him with words, dead in the chest, and he knew for the first time what a terrible power he held over Apple Bloom.

was amazing!

I'm dying for some more spikebloom from you...

Comment posted by NeuroticScientist deleted Jun 11th, 2016

Shining Armor seemed to notice his friend's choice of attire for the first time. "Whoa, are you going out or something? This early?"

"Dude, it's nine in the morning," Spike said, ducking out of the noogie. "Anyway, I'm meeting a friend for brunch." He brushed his jacket off.

Cadance put her book down. "Who is she?"

Spike looked at her. "Who said it's a she?"

Shining Armor snorted. "Out of the other seven men in this town, I'm pretty sure none of them would meet each other for brunch."

Cadance gushed. "Is it that adorable little farm girl? Applejack's sister?"

The green-haired youth started. "Who told you?"

The princess shrugged. "I have my sources."

"Is she hot?" Shining Armor asked.

Spike stared at him. "Dude, we're friends. I don't—"

"Do she got a booty?" Cadance demanded.

The young man stared at the two of them, who were leaning forward.

Sighing, he pulled out his phone and selected a picture of Apple Bloom. "Here."

Husband and wife leaned forward, blinking at the girl in the picture. Her hair was a vibrant red, her eyes the color of a bloody sunset. And her hips...

"She do," Cadance and Shining Armor both murmured.

This has to be the best character interpretation of the Royal Copule. :pinkiesmile:

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