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Totally fucking shipping Sweetie Belle and Diamond Tiara.

God I live for fics like this. And Pipsqueak too!

Oh, this is going to be a lot of fun. I can just tell. Just don't take too long with the updates for this story.

I'll probably sound silly for asking, but what does a hung guy mean? Someone hung up on themselves?

5399995 Well hung, as in "gifted".

5400111 Oh I see, thanks for clearing that up.

SSSsssswwwwweeeeeet! looking forward to seeing diamond and sweetie get-an it on :coolphoto:

And the winner and new champion... :moustache:.
Trust a dragon to be the winner of an alcoholic game!

Cheerilee's ass is like fine art. Silver Spoon is a raging lesbian. Scootaloo wants some Big Mac with her apple fries. Spike is most likely unhooded so that's a bit of a unfair advantage. Apple Bloom is suffering the "Masterbates and regrests it later, especially after her friends and not best friends learn about it in a game of I've Never." xD xD xD

And all that was barely the icing on the cake of what this chapter has to offer. This was hella fun to read start to finish. The characters feel like they really would say and do these things, it's just really well executed throughout. I just adored the Sugar Cube Corner stuff. xD

Spike never masturbated before? That's a tough pill to swallow if he's been eyeing Rarity's ass.

Liked, faved and following, looking forward to more.

One thing I noticed worth mentioning:

Wiping her mouth, Scootaloo said, "Alright then, I've never checked out Cheerilee's ass as she walked by." She grinned at the soured faces of her companions.

Rumble and Pipsqueak both took shots, while Scootaloo shrugged before downing hers. "What?" she said at Apple Bloom's horrified stare. "It's a like a painting, it follows you no matter where you look."

Did you accidentally write Scootaloo's name twice, or is she just playing the game wrong?

just as i finish the first chapter, the second one is added.

5401724 Whoops, thanks. Didn't catch that.

I'm not sure if I should be laughing my ass off, be aroused, or both.:rainbowlaugh::moustache:

Pipsqueak has to be my favorite in this fic right now XD

I like this version of I never
I always win

This is...totally awesome, and funny as hell to boot. Can't wait to see what happens next.

No Snips or Snails, but human Spike? And Pipsqueak and Rumble? Hmmm... I dunno.

Well, maybe they'll have party crashers...

5402362 i.imgur.com/tvCSIe2.jpg
The day I willingly write those two in a story is the day I kill myself.

To each their own. Me, I'm not getting the stud-Spike hype at all^^

5399922 I thought I'd find your fine ass here.

Great story, writer, it's already so much fun!


I never played traditional spin the bottle. In me and my friends version we used a bottle of heavy alcohol and whoever it pointed at had to drink the whole bottle. That game is part of the reason why I can now drink almost anyone in the world under the table.

Coughing into her hand, Scootaloo muttered something that sounded like "White girl."

I'm sorry, but I dropped the story after reading this line.

>aged-up humanized Ponyville kids in what appears to be a pending longform clopfic

Get the fuck out of my head.

5402850 It's true, though.

"The Crusader?"
Apple Bloom and Scootaloo glanced over at Sweetie Belle, who was sitting contently, her arms crossed over her lap.
"Shit," Scootaloo muttered, "that's good."

Bitch, please,
The Calvary

Eh, story's alright. It's just sex, jokes, and a mix of the two, but that's what you'd expect from this kind of story.

5403502 To be fair,It didn't exactly claim to be an epic saga...and the characterization is fairly good,in my humble opinion.

5403619 True. I always have my expectations too high. Whenever I see a story like this, I read it for the premise and the madness leading up to the main event, which I know is entirely the wrong reason when the point of the story isn't to tell a story.

Ha! This made me smile a lot more than I thought it would, its saucy and just comedic enough to make me like it a lot. Good work my friend. :twilightsmile:

"Why do I keep getting girls?" she moaned, rubbing her temples.

I am very happy with Scootaloo's response down the road as it's almost the same thing I would have told my friend if I was in Scootaloo's position.

"Oh, shut up and roll, Apple Bloom!" Scootaloo grumbled. "Blame your genes for making you so appealing to women."

Scootaloo is such a fun character.

DT in this fic is just incredibly awesome. DT and Sweetie Belle just make too good a pair at teasing their friends. This is what real friendship is, that comfortability and openness with each other, it's something really special. I think you caught that wonderfully in this fic.

And that that ending to the chapter was a very lovingly heartwarming surprise! Loved that.

5402850 Hey, me too. I got that far, realized I wasn't connecting with any of the characters or the writing style, and gave up. It doesn't take much to keep me interested in a clopfic. But don't bore me, please.

That ending. Yes. Just yes.

Cocobelle? Yes.

SOMEONE WRITE IT! :rainbowwild:

5402362 What the dickens would any ugly doofus have over Ponyville's genetically exotic royalty-raised bachelor from Canterlot?

Wow, this got real popular real fast. I love how you've written DT here. I think her wittiness is criminally underplayed in the show, and it's nice to see someone who can write her with her hair down. Also, teenage CMC is my absolute favourite!

Pipsqueak: "Boy, you done fucked up now". XD

They're all human. I don't think Spike is likely to be all that "genetically exotic".

I'm not sure how Wall O' Text.exe got here... it's fine, I'm just wondering.

5402850 butthurt white girl detected

5406499 I'm actually a dude lol. Even though there is still racism in this shitty world of ours, I refuse to acknowledge it, for once you do that, you give it substance. And do you see where racism got us?

Absolutely fucking nowhere.

5405360 I mean, come one, why do you have to make fun of white people in a story? Cheap laughs doesn't make a story, an actual good plot-line does.

To author: I didn't read past that point, so I have no idea if your story has a good plot or not. I'm not saying your story has a bad plot-line.

What? What was wrong with what Spike said?

I don't get it. What'd Spike do?

5406550 From my experience, it's not good when someone you're crushing on calls you 'adorable.' Usually means they have no interest in you.

I haven't read it yet (I will!), but just to lay this out up front: it's all fun and games until somepony gets stuck in the bottle. :pinkiehappy: :facehoof:

Wait ona second, Coco? Coco Pommel? Coco Pommel is a pedophile?! I did not see that one coming. Also, will someone please slap DT, she is such a bitch.

5406531 That's your deal. Some stereotypes exist for a reason. Black people love R&B and fried chicken. White girls love pumpkin spice lattes and ugg boots.

Still, your "cheap laughs don't make a good story" line doesn't make much sense when you literally stopped within the second section.

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