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Watching someone snap is exciting to watch, especially from afar.

To Rainbow, it's like witnessing someone forget about their fears, and do whatever it is they have to do. To Rarity, it's like expressing herself in the most distasteful way possible.

And to Spike, well, he's too scared to snap in fear of destroying the town—again.

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The following is a one-shot from a canceled project. To be honest, I don't even remembering writing it, but I hope there's something there for you readers to enjoy—or not, Lola.

But if you would like a better piece of fiction to set your eyes upon, may I suggest this one?

The Shadow of a Doubt

Fuck yeah. Guardian Spike for the win!

This is a pretty awesome story, I love the little bit at the end which shows that he eventually does use his inner beast for good.

There are a couple of paragraphs that repeat, but overall a fantastic story pertaining to some emotionally satisfying resolution that I honestly wished we had gotten in the show.

Well, that was entertaining. Good job!

Gratz on the feature.

but still fights and trumpets over it,


Rarity sighed as they both continued to watch the water flow. “I find it difficult to believe that anypony can find a lady breaking coo l. But I doubt you were lying when you




“Eventually, after holding back for so long, the dragon can’t do it no longer.

double negative here

because some new about yourself has been revealed


Thanks for the edits, but I don't think I have the time to comb through this fic.

Rarity sighed as they both continued to watch the water flow. “I find it difficult to believe that anypony can find a lady breaking cool. But I doubt you were lying when you

Rarity finally made a noise since the one-sided conversation began, although it was a sigh, it still brought her friend some relief. After a moment, she spoke. “I find it hard to believe that somepony could find a lady breaking cool, but if that pony is you, then I guess I'll believe it.” She turned her head and smiled at Dash. “You weird pegasus.”

“You know the rest,” Rainbow finished with a sigh. “Since you were cool enough to keep quiet as I spoke, it’s only fair that you unzip those lips and ask whatever ya want.”You were kind enough to listen to me talk, so unzip those lips and ask whatever ya got playing on your mind.’

That line alone was enough to make Dash sigh. She began to approach him, lowering her muzzle to the satchel that adorned her side and undid the clips that kept it closed, retrieving a blue fabric that she was rather fond of from its depths. The article itself was a rip-off Wonderbolts uniform, handcrafted by Rarity herself in sworn secrecy.

Finally, Dash sighed and began to approach him. As she did so, she brought her muzzle close to her satchel bag and undid the clips keeping it closed. Reaching inside, she pulled out a blue fabric that she was very fond of, for it was a rip-off Wonderbolt uniform that she had Rarity make for her.

There were a lot of errors, but these were the major ones.

Twas a good story overall, and the end gave me 'Attack on Titan' vibes:rainbowlaugh:

Thank you for the edits. I'll try and comb through this piece this week if I have the time.

As much as I liked it, there were a few places in the story where it was obvious you hadn't read it. Upvote anyway, because I do like the story. It just needs to be edited for some of the sentences to make sense. And to avoid repeats. And to remove the mid-sentence carriage return.

B_25 #12 · Sunday · · ·

Thank you sir, as you are correct in my editing of only 25% of the story. If I'm ever blessed with free time, I'll try to edit the rest.

Thank you for reading.

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