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  • MSpike and Applejack Fuck in a Barn
    Spike and Applejack have been dating for nearly a year now, and though they have a trusting relationship, they have a hard time being completely vulnerable to each other. Applejack suggests hot sex in the barn at midnight as the best course of action
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Spike had always caught my eye, but I wasn't expectin' for him to steal my heart. After his fight with Twilight, I thought bringin' him on the farm would help him, not harm us both with a good time. Though I wonder... can I get him to like me back?

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Drunk Applejack by xcopyen002

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Right as I'm about to go to bed, this gets uploaded. Guess I can spare 15 minutes. For you.

got bored into the night and wrote this.

Thought it was very nice

Damn you, it's sweet.

Honestly I really REALLY enjoyed this story. It was great to read a story where Spike isn't drunk or bitter. This was a much more chill and relaxed Spike. I enjoyed watching the romance between him and AJ bloom. I kinda hope you do some more one shots like this of Spike pairing up with other females that we might night see the pairings often. Keep up the great work and I will always be here to enjoy your work as a fan.

cool i always love a good Applespike story

Sequel?? Please tell me that was left open for a sequel on purpose

You should have been there.

Damn straight! It would have been awkwardly fun!

Fucking adorable

Daaawww this is soo Nice~

Absolutely adorable. Few grammar errors here and there, but not enough to detract from my enjoyment of this piece.

Love the coverart.

I got bored at night and read this.:pinkiehappy:

You should get bored more often. Great story.:moustache:

:ajsmug: Yer a might bit late Buttercup
:raritystarry: Are you sure about that Spikey's had an eye for me for the longest time...
:ajbemused: He's with me now
:raritycry: I'm with Spikes foal!
:ajsmug: So am I
:twilightsheepish: Herd rules, Who was late first?
:derpytongue2: ME!
:moustache: She's always late

I just loved this story. It was super fluff and loved it. :twilightblush::moustache:
You did a good job with both AJ's and Spike's characters. The interaction and reasons where both believeable.

It wasn't exactly a revelation I was ready to here (hear), but apparently, …..(it was one that)….Spike was old ….(enough)and ready enough to say.

The girls didn't take too kindly to the noise. Rarity and Rainbow Dash figured he was overreacting. Pinkie and Fluttershy decided it best not to comment. Twilight's opinion was yellin' for two hours about how ungrateful and ….(missing word…. dragons could be. She didn't mean none of it. Somethin' was biting at her tail as much as it was at Spike's.

So I went and did somethin' silly. Really silly. Got my flanks kicked....(for)…. it by the girls after I had done it.

“Oh, ye of little faith!” I pointed a foreleg out at the dragon, putting a bit more power in my voice. “Look at the feller! He's workin' harder than all the workers we (we've) had for years.”

“Oh, cool it, you.” I rolled my eyes and stepped back. “You know I didn't mean it like that. Was tryin' to fight your point is all.” I closed my eyes for a second. It's times like these, where you need to win somepony over, that it's better to let your heart do the talkin'. “Listen, Spike's in a rough time, right now. The girls are always supportin' Twilight through her times, but the same though (thought) ain't given to Spike as much.”

“R-Right.” Spike stood in front of me, taking a stance, staring at a tree. “Hit the tree to move through it. Think of where you want to hit... aim for where you what to hit....” With a heavy exhale, he swung his back leg forward, his foot slamming against the wood, though its charged (charge) carried a bit further before dispersing.

Should have expected it sooner, to be honest. It'd be (been) nearly a month. Spike had finally come into his own. Went to work on his own, did jobs which would have taken two workers to compete (complete), yet kept humble about the whole thing—saying being a dragon let him do more, but didn't entitle him to more.

He became the house chief (chef) not long after movin' in. Now I can see, or rather, taste why Twilight was so mad when he left. But she didn't plan on things stayin' that way. Only after partin' with Spike late one evening did I happen upon Twilight on a stroll across the farm.

I shook my head. “I very well (much) doubt Spike would have torn....(up)…. a letter simply askin' ….(him)…. to come home. What else did you write in it?”

“And that carries over to work as well.” Spike let his head drop slightly. “All the other workers on the farm treat me like you couldtheir. Come together, get the work done, then go home.” He chuckled, a small smile appearing on his lips. “Working on this farm makes me feel like my own dragon. Twilight didn't do the work for me, or having (have) everything set for me—it was me that made it happened.”

I'm not sure what that means

He took a second to reflect, then chuckled. “Okay, other (others) helped. But it was me who got through it all.”

I was goin' to tell him. I had too (to). There wasn't much choice in the matter. I was goin' to tell him how much he made my heart race. How his sharp muzzle and glowing green eyes imprinted themselves in my brain at night.

Winter at....(last)…. came when we were meant to say goodbye. Best time for it seemed to be at a party Pinkie was throwing for the season. Almost everypony was at the bar that had recently opened up. Most of us were drunk: myself included.

And I ran far war (faraway)

I heard him chuckle again. “I'll be sure to let him known (know). At the same time, please make sure Applejack doesn't know he feels the same about her.”

He didn't work on the farm as much as he used too (to). But we still found ways to make time for each other. Sometimes I'd sneak him inside when Mac was asleep to make-out. More than a few times, Spike dashed out the front door, all to keep his life from the red bull.

And when it came to his and I (my) first time, well, heh...

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Thanks for the saves, baby, though I ain't so sure there's a proof-reading willing to put up with my constant content and babbling bullshit.

nice story.

I'm usually not a fan of Sipke ships, I've never really read one that appealed to me.

Until today. That was surprisingly good! I'll be checking out some of your other stories later today

I'm a member of the Proofreader Group & you are FAR from the worst I've helped.
I don't usually read:
EQ Girls
Romance &
Anything else, I'll happily read for you :ajsmug:

This is good. This is more than good. The style of writing isn't something I'm used to but I was able to just sit down and enjoy it.

“Still, not enough employment opposites for a dragon around here, y'know?”

Opportunities > opposites.

He became the house chief

Chef > chief.

“All the other workers on the farm treat me like you couldtheir.

...Sorry, what? That makes no sense, unfortunately.

“Okay, other helped.

I'm pretty sure it should be 'others' here.

No havin' to sweat about work of appearances

Or > of.

And I ran far war.

Far away?

“I'll be sure to let him known.

Drop the 'n' at the end.

Really sweet story here; definitely gonna add it to my library.

This was nice. A splendid way to end my day. Thank you. :twilightsmile:

Besides needing a good old polishing from an editor I really have no isusses with this story. It’s really good.

Really liked it, but the writing felt a little... drunk?

Sorry. I've been dying to make that joke. Good story!:ajsmug:

Updated the chapter a tad. Nothing major; little fixes and omitting needless words.

Thanks again to Fanfic Reader for his help!

Okay so it’s two am and I haven’t slept at all/am also on a mobile device and will be rambling and stuff

So this was pretty solid
-there was delicious first person
-some 👌 shipping
-the voice for aj was good too and she sounded just right (god knows her voice is hard to get with the accent)
-the conflict was not fascinating or grand (duh) but this is a fine read for what it is
-I really need to get my high quality spike story fix somewhere
-is there some sort of spike romance a day going on?
-I liked that this is keeping with the trend of giving some good old romance over just shipping like with the Luna story
-Apple Bloom is two words
-the pairing was a solid pick though obviously I’m gonna be on the lookout for far crazier ships w/ spike and just rarer stuff like with Luna
-the flow was fine, but I feel it could have been stronger especially w/ how it connected to the emotions of the story
-god I am tired
Here’s your comment

Also wait isn’t this two stories in a row with someone being drunk/hey tipsy cover art horse?? Is that intentional?

Thank you for the compliments and critique.

No problem 👌

Another masterpiece... Fuck, this fic is good!

What a masterpiece! I wish there were more AJ & Spike stories like this!

Liked this, a lot. Have a fav. :pinkiehappy:

“I told Twilight I didn't want to be her assistant anymore,” Spike said while lookin' forward. “Told her I wanted to move out.”

Okay, but what the hell was her problem? I mean you sound like you're 18 and you don't get paid for being her assistant, not to mention you could get a good job as a mail-dragon since you just have to burn the letters. And on multiple occasions, you've cooked for her despite being treated like a pet or an annoyance, hell after all the years spent with her I'm not surprised he wants to move out.

I can agree with this. It's important to remember, however, that these two have been friends for years and, well, Twilight might have gotten scared at losing all that so suddenly. We all are prone to knee-jerk reactions to things both sensitive and sudden happening simultaneously, aye?

True, also 9.5/10 for the story but some mistakes in spelling here and there. Can't wait to see the next story!

Thank you kindly for reading me. Please take good care of yourself.

OH MY GOSH THIS MADE ME CRY! So few solid representations for AppleSpike!:ajsmug::moustache:

I am a fan of your own applespikes. Your shakespony was enjoyable. Thanks for checking my stuff out!

Fantastic story.

What an adorable Applespike fic.

Not sure if you are still on bit any plans for writing that first time?

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