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Out of curiosity about the human world, Cadance and the others follow Nathan back to Texas where they learn about the humans, and here they become humans themselves, like Equestria Girls, but basically they're in the real world.

('m sorry, but this is all I can give you for them in Texas.)

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Cool story. Can't wait for more

I hope they go to the American Railroad Museum in Dallas.

As a resident of Dallas, I'm looking forward to seeing where this fic goes. Hope Nathan shows the MLP-verse characters a good time in our fair city.

Favorited and added to the Toby Mason group.

3804321 here are some places they're going to go to.
The American Railroad Museum
The Galleria Mall
The Rangers Stadium and the Texas Stadium
Texas Motor Speedway
And a restaurant where Nathan will actually sing.

Comment posted by Brony Pacific 4023 deleted Jan 18th, 2014

3804373 He will only be there for a week.

Where's chapter 3? Every time you post a new chapter there's always a password requirement until you actually remove it.

3839740 I'm taking a while's break from my writing, so you're just going to have to wait a while.

Why does the part with Pinkie not surprise me?:duck::rainbowlaugh:

Oh Pinkie Pie whatever they going to do with you. :rainbowlaugh:

3857312 I wonder how everypony else reacted to that one.:rainbowderp::rainbowlaugh:

You need to have someone not believe Nathan's adoption and act like a bully towards him.

3884080 Why he's so tough no one would bully him.

3884986 Let me rephrase that "Try to bully him."

3885449 Hey look with a toughy like him, no one would last five secons of bullying him, not by a long shot!

Very very good fanfiction bro /)

that ok and i forgive you

4280311 I'm out of ideas for him, for now.

4280560 If you don't mind, I want to include him in my upcoming epic crossover of crossover-ness:yay:

4609637 sure go ahead, you have my permission.

4609637 Just make sure he has his wings and Texas accent.

4609995 Who wouldn't do include those?:duck:

4609995 However, I need to write a story for both Pinkie Pie and Discord where they both adopt a human child. I'm already writing Discord's story, but I need a good story point for Pinkie Pie.:twilightblush:

4610150 story point?:derpyderp1:

4611378 You know, the main story line for when Pinkie adopts her child:twilightsheepish::pinkiehappy:

4612092 Try this for size, Pinkie Pie is hopping along the river when suddenly she hears something crying in a small thicket right beside her, she walks over and sees that it's a human baby wrapped up in a blanket wanting someone to take care of him, Pinkie Pie sees that she can't leave this poor baby all alone, so she takes him to Canterlot to show Celestia and Luna and asks of their approval of her to be the baby's mother, they approve, then she takes him to Ponyville.

4612127 Ok, yeah, I can do that, but I'm going to make the child a girl, and then I can see what I do from there.:pinkiehappy::rainbowkiss::yay: Thanks for the inspiration! Now, what to use for a title?

4612144 Party For One, Party For All

4612903 Hmm, that's good! That's great!:pinkiehappy:

You should do a crossover with, like Halo or Battlefield, etc. Its just a thought

3804373 You say Guardians of Light: A Shadow Rises is part of a series? How many stories will be in this series?

Y'know couldn't you take them to a country music concert or some of the things that were mentioned in the story before this one?

Didn't Nathan tell Vinyl in the story A Big Brother that the portal was gone so how was he able to bring them to his world?

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