A whole year has gone by since Princess Cadance and Shining Armor adopted Nathan, for he is now 6 years old and has adjusted to his new life in Equestria, but now a bigger joy comes into his life when he learns that he is going to be a big brother soon, but when the baby finally arrives it's not as much fun as he thought.

Cover Art by Gorokai, deviantart.

Chapters (9)
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Comments ( 75 )

good start to a new story can't wait for next chapter

i like it :pinkiehappy: and xd77 the only time i will put a lot of comments on here is when you reply to my comment another then that i will only say one comment on this story

Not sure why, but Nate's "Texas filly" comment made me think of this:

I hope Nathan well understand this. :unsuresweetie:

xd77 when will chapter 3 come out and please reply to this comment

Comment posted by xd77 deleted Nov 28th, 2013

You forgot to add Pinkie's input seeing as she has two sisters.

3566652 Hey come on, I'm willing to bet that Pinkie would explain to Nathan how having a sibling isn't that bad.

3566665 Actually, I'm going to leave that up to Celestia and Luna.

Finally... the new baby. I'm sensing a strange sense of deja vu here. :pinkiehappy:

3580357 What are you talking about?

It's not canon, but it's something that Shining Armor did when he saw Twilight for the first time. Like father, like son, I guess?

I meant to say that the entire chapter is so cute, I might get a heart attack from diabeetus.

xd77 when will you be working on the next chapter for this story so we can read about what happens in the next chapter

i hope Princess Cadance and Shining Armor find they son Nathan safely before he gets hurt or worse

Nathan has a middle name!? *drinks coffee then spits it out* :pinkiegasp:

I will looking forward to the next ch.

My email lied to me. There is no update here just yet....

Where is chapter 7 I want to kniw wgat happens next

Ahh its a fluffy I like you take of the jealous sibling can't wait to see what happens next.

3641090 I mean how tia settled nate worries about being a big bro and the story was very sweet.

Jesus... read this chapter reminded me how much my relation with my siblings is messed up.

Three siblings, all older than me, grew basically togheter, then I came long... well, they were pissed off, in few words. My sister tried to kill me by trying to trigger the Shaken Baby Syndrome; my oldest brother tried to get me in fights I could not win; the youngest just annoyed me in every possible occasion.

Now that I am older, they are trying desperately to get me in their fangs, and chew me. But I shun them. I stay away from them. I refuse to have emotional bonding with them.

Sometimes I forgot that. But this chpter somehow served reminder.

Thank you :fluttercry:

:pinkiehappy:awwww that's nice of nate to do for his sister

That was very sweet of Nate helping her sister. :twilightsmile:

3668122 Don't you mean "his sister" Nathan's a boy for god sake!:facehoof:

GOSH I STILL NEED A GOOD COVER ART PICTURE FOR MY STORIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage:

xd77 i remember reader 9 chapter and when i came back to read it again and i got a question where did chapter 9 go?

Sorry everypony, but chapter 9 I the last chapter, my next story will be a reunion in Destin, FL, then after that will be set approximately 17 years later, where he is now Captain and Skyla is princess of the Crystal Empire.

But until I start those stories for the final time, cause I'm growing tired of asking, I need cover art!

3691570 that ok and don't you already have a cover art for this story and all of your another stories

3692021 No cause I don't have the tools to make a cover art picture, I'm trying to convince someone on this website to make one for me.

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