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No More Negativity · 5:51pm June 22nd

The reason why I delete so many posts on my stories is because it's almost always negativity or cruel things to say about them, and I will have none of that. Now if it is about punctuation or spelling errors, I will take those and I will go back and fix it, but other than that, I will not tolerate negativity period.

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Twilight assaulting Queen Novo · 5:38am May 7th

That scene where Novo catches Twilight trying to steal the pearl and then says "you don't deserve to be one of us." what if that actually made Twilight snap?

I mean basically Twilight gets completely fed up with Novo treating them like crap and then Twilight slaps and shoves her so hard that she hits her back on the wall and injures herself, Twilight then tells her "Well if we don't deserve to be one of you then you don't deserve to be a worthless queen!"

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Solar Eclipse · 7:53pm Aug 19th, 2017

On Monday, Celestia and Luna will be combining together for a five minute blackness!

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Story Ideas for Nathan · 1:04am Aug 17th, 2017

I need some ideas for future Nathan stories, I've got one coming up where he meets Thorax and the changelings, but how should Nathan approach them?

How should they approach Nathan?

And would Thorax not mind if Nathan called him Thor?

Let me know below in comments, plus hints for future Nathan stories.

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Hostage · 3:41am May 18th, 2017

One of my future story ideas is one where terrorists from our world invade Equestria and take Twilight hostage, armed with grenades, assault rifles, and warning Celestia and Luna that they also have a bomb and are willing to kill Twilight if they don't surrender their powers to them, basically they want to destroy Equestria and make the ponies their slaves and they do it by exactly how I mentioned it.

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MLP Movie Characters · 10:54pm Feb 20th, 2017

Okay so let me get these down from what I saw about the characters in the MLP movie.

An anthropomorphic cat
Hippocampus (Sea ponies)
A pirate gryphon
A Tirek doppelganger
And a strange winged creature.

How many worlds are we going to experience in this film when it comes out, cause from the looks of the characters it looks like were going to be in for a lot of worlds.

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Baby Vote · 12:55am Oct 24th, 2015

Okay, since Cadance and Shining Armor have officially announced that they're having a baby (which we knew was coming), what type of baby should they have, we're going to have a vote, here are the voting choices........

1. Colt
2. Filly
3. Twin Colt and Filly

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Today's Episode Review · 8:52pm Oct 3rd, 2015

Today's episode had to be one of the most stupidest ones I had ever seen.

Big Mac had no business interfering with the Sisterhooves Social, nor did he even have the right to dress like a girl, at east Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo abided by the rules, which is why they won, which is also why I routed for them!

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April 4th · 9:47pm Mar 5th, 2015

SEASON 5 AIRS APRIL 4TH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Cadance and Shining Armor's Will · 6:38pm Feb 16th, 2015

To whom it may concern, if anything is to ever happen to us please contact ____________________ whom we our leaving Nathan and Skyla in ______ care we know that _______ will have the heart to raise our son and daughter in our place, ______________________ will inherit our wealth, kingdom, and our castle as well.

Who should be Nathan and Skyla's legal guardian?

You Decide.

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