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Celestia finds an abandoned baby Pegasus colt and adopts him naming him Zodiac.

This is rated Teen for one bad word Nathan says, luckily, he gets warned.

Chapters (18)
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Comment posted by Gale Singer deleted Nov 9th, 2015

I like it still I like mother son fics like this!:raritywink:

6616780 ok and lets hope this story doesn't get cancelled or delete

"I'll be right back sweetie." she said leaving him to waddle in the bath water, she then went outside the bathroom and towards her closed bedroom door, she opened and there stood Luna with a worried expression.

I´m not sure, but isn´t that dangerous, to let him alonge, even if there isn´t much water?

Now that you say it, most of them just stop, have to many timeskips when they aren´t needed, or they just make them suddenly shorter to let them end sooner. There is more that always happens to them, but yes I´m happy to find a new one.

6617585 Well it probably isnt that bad anymore, but It s hard to find a good adoption story in a group, that still lives, or is even up to date.

Good story so far, though what could be strange is when Princess Cadance's baby is born it will have a baby Colt as an uncle which is odd, overall great work.

6617577 It was only for a minute.

The first scene just ponified...

but in Chapter 3 Zodiac will be coming home with not a smile on his face.

either because of the typical bullies (bad guys), or because of the homework. Well now that I thought about it, there could be more than that.

It feels a bit short, but I think till now it is still nice.

6641450 Now that you say it, I would have liked if there would have been one little change in this version.

I would have liked it if Celestia would have had a talk with either the director, or the father itself.
Normally I wouldn´t like it if Celestia would use her name, titel or whatever, but this time it is her son that was harmed, and I think she has the right to say something, she doesn´t need to be unfair about it or something like that.

Well while it was a bit short I liked it, I don´t have much time for it tonight anyway.

There written more like 10 yaer olds then 5 yaer olds!:trollestia: But good job!

6677410 In case you haven't noticed, that was already taken care of.

6685769 I wasn´t sure at frst, but then I think you skipped that part in the story right?

6686318 Did you read the ending of the chapter?


"Ow, but dad!" said a voice, Wave Runner and Time Bandit turned and saw that Thunder Clash was being tugged on his ear in blue aura by his father who was not pleased over what he had just done because right after Thunder Clash had been reported and sent to the Principal's office.

you mean because of that? wel I guess for me it wasn´t enough to know, that Celestia actually did it. Not sure what I said before, but after looking at it again, it looks like another one would have reported the Colt.

"Come in sister." Luna said stepping aside to let her in, Celestia put the baby in Luna's bed and tucked him in temporarily while Luna waited in a room where they usually had their sisterly like conversations, after Celestia had tucked him in, she ten walked into their talking room and gently closed the door.

elestia had tucked him in, she ten walked into their talking room and gently

She ten?

6707011 Yes, but the filly or colt that reported it wishes to be anonymous.

7543258 It'll be a while because I've got this and plus the fact that I sleep during the day because I work evening shifts.

For a second there, I thought she was going name the little guy Nemo. :rainbowlaugh: That reference was too good.

I'm not sure why, but I nearly like Shining armor in this one, I have a little bit easiert time to accept Cadance recently.

Well...is this some sort of crossover? It feels like this is about a different story too. I mean because there is suddenly a Human. (which you probably mentioned in the last chapter already).

i thought this story was dead

Nathan fist popped his knuckles, "Well the only respect he's gonna get is the learnin' kind, you tell me where he is and ah'll give him the drop on it."

I think that either shouldn't work, or Nathan should get trouble for some reason.

If he should fight them, then Nathan is probably creating a big problem for hitting a foal and if Zodiac is away, maybe then they are not affraid enough and make it more difficult for Zodiac.

Anyway it was nice to read after I managed to remember the situation.

This is rated Teen for one bad word Nathan says, luckily, he gets warned.

anyone else who was laughing at the phrase?

I really missed this story

a full on street brawl next chapter :rainbowdetermined2: i am in

I am confused on the part where Zodiac finally meets Twilight. How did she not know about Zodiac in the beginning? Im pretty sure Celestia would have told her about adopting a baby.

"It was mah' fault, ah' started this fight." he said with tears going down his face.

I don’t remember his full personality, but did he really needed to cry already?

Nice little chapter, I don’t need much at the moment.

I am still waiting for the human tag to show up. I am hopping that the human will be like a second personality for zodi in that the human died or something and is now like the inner-voice for zodi and can occasionally take control of zodies body when he’s in trouble. But i am 90% sure that’s not what this story is gonna be like.

I knew it wasn’t gonna be what i thought it was, damn. i suppose this is a somewhat good as well, only time will tell.

Nice chapter, something tell me in the next chapter, there will be a karma for Thunder Clash.

Will Prince Blueblood appear in this story?

I have a strong feeling Zodiac might not forgive Celestia that easy

I'm a bit dissapointed at Celestia bevause it looked like he couldn't be himself.
That she expected him to probably act totally like pronce awesome.

8400355 I would be dissapointed if she does.

Well I guess we have to wait for the next chapter comes out to see how Zodiac will react to Celestia telling him that she's sorry for yelling, spanking and not believing him

she even spanked him? I missed that part.

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