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Princess Luna adopts Scootaloo. Set after "Sleepless in Ponyville." and about a month after "Magical Mystery Cure" which means she gets a mother in Princess Luna, an aunt in Princess Celestia, and a babysitter in Princess Twilight. Plus Scootaloo is chosen as the future Princess of the Night.

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A little rushed, but that was an airstrike to the feels.

Eagerly awaiting more :scootangel:

:fluttercry: this is so touching! Really beautiful and very inspirational. I can't wait for more. :raritydespair:

Great stuff. I eagerly await more.

Comment posted by Secret_Shadows deleted Mar 10th, 2013
Comment posted by Brony2893 deleted Mar 10th, 2013

Isn't the embedded song the song they play during those commercials with the abused animals?:trixieshiftleft:

More feels could be had if you slow it down a bit. Way down.
Expand this plot development over two chapters.

Lets see where this goes, trackin

Thought I recognized it and I wanted to confirm is all.

I love it so far. It is beautiful.:pinkiesmile:

BUT Where the hell is she gonna live?! :facehoof: uhoh, Luna didn't think this through... MOAR! :flutterrage:

You sir are a troll.

Err... where is the chapter?

Either you are a troll or you screwed up this chapter is only 34 words long...

Please make this a full long story and don't worry about big chapters I read 50,000 word chapters all the time. I like Scoots and Luna is my favorite and I love scoots being adopted and I have a feeling this can become my favorite story if done correctly so please start dishing out some chapters :pinkiehappy:

Hey now y'all, be nice... :ajbemused:

If you bothered to actually see & read what little was posted, it is pretty clear that the chapter was cut-off by probable accident (a posting error, would be my guess, seeing as how the chapter is cut-off mid-sentence).

Give xd77 a chance to notice a probable error before you lay in, start kicking, and crying troll.

2863081 I'll get to it ASAP don't rush me.

2864443 Sorry if it felt like I was rushing I just got excited


1. I see the over-short & probably cut-off Chapter 2 has been taken down. I assume it had been some sort of posting error rather than any deliberate trolling :ajsmug: .

2. By all means, take your time with writing in order to put out a worthwhile-to-read chapter. The balance in writing is to take your time with it until you feel at least 80% satisfied with your work. The counter-balance is to not get bogged down in overlong delays just because you are not "100% satisfied" (note quotations marks) with it.

3. One particular sticking point that I feel should be brought up. By your cover picture, initial story premise, and story Description, should it not be Princess Luna who adopts Scootaloo rather than Princess Celestia? You had Luna bond with Scootaloo already, so throwing in Celestia as adopting parent is rather out of the literary left-field, over-extending reader-believability.

Also take into account that Princess Celestia already has her mother-daughter dynamic with Twilight Sparkle, so character-wise this does not really provide any additional literary drama or growth.

I would advise using Princess Luna as adoptive mother. This allows much better leeway and growth for Luna, while keeping Celestia and Twilight around as moral & character support for Luna. Celestia can provide the patient advice & guidance her character is well-known for. Likewise, Twilight can provide a touchstone-link for Luna since she personally knows Scootaloo; likewise, Twilight also provides Scootaloo an emotional link back to Ponyville (assuming Scootaloo's royal adoption moves her to Canterlot).

"Since my dad abused me, he never wanted a girl, because he saw girls and women as monsters, out to kill and abuse men. So he would always be slapping me, pounding me, destroying my toys, etc., So I fled and hid from him, the police caught up with him because my friend, Frostbite, caught it on tape and reported it to the police, I then lived in a foster home, but everypony there treated me like garbage, then I went to go live in an orphanage, and there too, they treated me like garbage, all because I couldn't fly. I'm a big fat loser, and that's all I'll ever be!"

This is called trying too hard.

So far its good keep of the good work

2866370 That last part you said, made me change the title.

Comment posted by Archivist Nightwatch deleted Aug 16th, 2013

Going to assume that either the story got cut off somehow or we just got trolled:trollestia:

3004054 It's not done yet.

3005274 Then WHY did you post like 60 words of it? I could understand working on it on the acual site but you didn't have to publish it. And its not like a teaser of the chapter because there isnt anything there... so I dunno.

3005683 I fell asleep before I could finish it.

3006253 pft... good reason. Still loking forward to the next chapter. so please finish it. Its so good.

3006265 Don't worry man, it's almost done, I just did a part where Luna playfully scares Scootaloo, then blows raspberries on her belly.

3011481 oh god.. I let my imagination run wild with this statement and I almost went into diabetic shock.

I wish in the future you could show the negative ramifications of Luna adopting an orphaned filly of common descent. I think it is heartwarming, but it could also provoke the ire of Canterlot's elite, maybe even attracting murderous jealously. Maybe you could include that in the story.

3201245 I can't really see why you're saying such a crucial phrase, My sister has a tender heart for my kingdom as well, we love Scootaloo dearly, and she is just the one for my sister and I to raise.:trollestia:

i am so happy that is a new chapter out and xd77 please don't take so longer making new chapters for this story and all of your another stories on your account and i love it

3202769 can you reply to my comment that i put on chapter 4

3239428 why can't you reply to this comment on chapter 4 i am so happy that is a new chapter out and xd77 please don't take so longer making new chapters for this story and all of your another stories on your account and i love it

3239428 why can't you reply to this comment on chapter 4 i am so happy that is a new chapter out and xd77 please don't take so longer making new chapters for this story and all of your another stories on your account and i love it and sorry for posting this 2 times on here

Good but rushed. There is serious potential here though if done correctly.

3240083 ok and i hope more chapters for this story and all of your another stories comes out soon and i love it

Good enough for an upvote, but felt to rushed, and the ending lacked emotional closure to give it a fav. All in all, it was decent but you could've taken your time with well ... everything. The whole fic dumps alot of questions, emotions, and things all at once. But in the end it just felt empty.

Best of luck on your other work.

Yes! Scootaloo totally fits the princess of the night. I always thought she could be princess of the sunset because of her colors and as the sun goes down the light weakens, hence her inability to fly... but princess of the night is so much better! She's kind of shunned and feels alone but still stands up for others and is strong. Oh, YEAH!!!! :scootangel::scootangel::scootangel:

this story is complete ??? if it is the case, sequel, please :fluttercry::fluttercry::fluttercry::fluttercry:

I wonder is scootaloo an Alarcon or just gain the ability to fly?

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