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When Fluttershy reads through her documents, she finds one and discovers that Scootaloo is her sister.

Chapters (3)
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:twilightblush: no other comments? :rainbowderp:
well I'm new to fimfiction so this is my first comment.
good story anything half well written to do with scootaloo's past is great.
though i would have thought that most ponies especially fluttershy :fluttershyouch: would rather talk about it with scootaloo in private.
but anyhow i really enjoyed it and hope you continue.

Comment posted by firebirdabirdoffire deleted May 7th, 2013

2520568 Well, she would like to have the other ponies know about it, because if they talked in private, and then she told the other five they wouldn't believe her.

well i enjoyed that, cant wait tot see how you continue this..:coolphoto:

Comment posted by val deleted May 7th, 2013

rushed that story a little didnt you . good consept though

I will continue to read this. I am very curious as to how Fluttershy could forget something as important as having a sister?:fluttershbad:

Well, that escalated quickly.

2561732 my guess is,and im going all cannon here,that their parents died when they were really young and that they were separated :scootangel:

:heart: this fic.but,1 problem,why does it say on the front page that this is 'incomplete'

D'aw. This was a very cute chapter.

I re-read the chapters and I have a question. From what I read, Scootaloo is five. How old is Fluttershy?

2864153 Probably about 20 or 21

2864153 And according to my age calculations.

Applejack: Age 17
Twilight Sparkle: Age 21
Rainbow Dash: Age 20
Pinkie Pie: Age 18
Rarity: Age 21

My best guess is that Applejack is the youngest of the group, considering the fact that she is the only one in the group that doesn't live by herself.

28644422864465 Cool...except for one thing.

Fluttershy is only one year older than Pinkie.

Wait if she knew that scootaloo was living in a club house then why the fuck is she only bothering her arse to help her now? I mean how low do you have to be. Starving child in club house meh long lost sister less meh

2875166 It's part of the script, don't be judging stories!

Well it does explain why Scoots has trouble flying

i love it and i can't wait until you update this story with a new chapter

3257561 Hey, your right. That does explain a few things about our dear Scoots:scootangel:

okay please don't take this the wrong way but after finishing the fic I was dissapointed.

The storyline itself was a good plotline, yet there was/is so muchj more scope for what you've got here. On top of which considering who the mane six are I don't think if they knew scoots was an orphan that they would be leaving her homeless, they have a direct line to the rulers of Equestria.


Slightly rushed but if you thickened the plot a little more it would help :pinkiesmile:
Also an adorable story:twilightsmile::heart:

i'm liking this, but the way the sentences are structured make it a little confusing.

my first is that you had two characters talking without a space between to indicate and shift in character.

also, right at the end, she would talk to Scootaloo in front of the others, show her the documents, and tell her that she is my sister."
:facehoof:it went from narrative to fluttershy saying it without any indication.

other than that, loving it and will read chapter 2 right now:twilightsmile:

I agree with HJSDGCE. jeez, that;s must take a while to write properly every time they log in.

but yeah, really quick and oh so cute:rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss:

look forward to seeing fluttershy caring for her little sister:twilightsmile:

i agree with EvieDane. it felt a bit rushed. i kinda expected more chapters, showing them as sisters and ponyville adjusting to this shocking discovery:applejackunsure:

also, saw more of those confusing sentence stratures.:twilightsheepish:

still loved it though. :twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile: out of :twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile:

3264302 sadly, it doesn't look like that will happen. this fic's described as complete:applejackunsure:

:facehoof: :ajbemused:

Wouldn't scootaloo be a little bit more mad at fluttershy? :rainbowhuh:No hateing just a bit confused.

made if you make a few small fixes it could work like maybe scoots was just A tiny baby last time flutters saw her and maybe scootaloo isn't her real name but she calls her self that cause she hates her name, maybe its like, sunshine breeze, or butterfly shine, or something really girly that she would hate

What's with the romance tag?

4508089 Oi I've signed many things and forgotten in fact last week I forgot I signed up for a comic series

4508121 hey she actually acted normal for her character in one of these stories

Seems a bit rushed to me and how did Flutters not remember having a little sister :twilightoops: Other than the this story is nice so far, and I like the concept :yay::scootangel:

I'm sure that child or foal protective services would have gotten a hold of fluttershy if she was the legal guardian of scootaloo for leaving a foal that was in her care in a clubhouse!

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