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After losing her parents in a house fire, Rainbow Dash decided to take drastic action and took her in, Scootaloo fears now that Rainbow Dash will die too and she'll be left behind, but Rainbow Dash assures her that nothing will happen to her, and that she will always love her no matter what.

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Stop being APoeticHeart and killing my feels. I need them

Please continue!! Your a good writer :pinkiehappy: and this site NEEDS more scootadash fics!!:heart:

aww :pinkiehappy: i like it and is this a One-Shot story or one with a lot of chapters?

:fluttercry: waaaaah so beautiful waaaaaah :fluttercry:

Rainbow Dash smiled, "Of course, a Pegasus never breaks a promise."

But don't trust Unicorns, they break promises all the time.

"I know squirt, I know you miss them, but death has its place, everypony's days are numbered and..."

Your parents died in a horrible accident way before they were old. Just man up kid...

On a side note: Please, PLEASE get an editor. This is riddled with mistakes. Even in the very first (run-on) sentence. With just a little more effort, this could be way better.

3928167 One-shot

3929547 ok and are you going to put this story to complete not incomplete since it is a One-short story are you going to do that

3928972 Earth ponies are even worse.

3928164 No, the series needs more Scootadash episodes.

3929154 Whatever

Getting towards the end listening to the lullabie couldn't stop crying

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