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taking a break from mlp. might not come back, who knows


Ugh! Being stoned by the very things that you have been gifted with sucks, but when it means that the world stays safe, its worth the 1,000 year wait. My name... I go by many names; Shade Blitz, Norijiro, Rage. But my most common name; Alexander, God of Rage. This is my story.

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What is this a crossover of?

6482538 How to train your Dragon, various games such as Skyrim, mainly the weapons and armor, but I might include a spell or two, and Aura Kingdom, what can I say? I like katars. Expect the appearance of random other weapons such as a dubstep gun, not the one from Saints Row, a different one, i'll put an image in when I come to it,

Theres two reasons why the random tag is there; random crossovers at random times, as well as me being random whenever the hell i wanna be

6655549 who the heck likes Blueballs? I mean really, he is the EXACT opposite of mentlegen

6656034 people who like to pretend to like someone for their own gain.

6656253 Got any questions? I'm hoping to get at least 5 fore the Q&A chapter

6656444 what have you got planned for later chapters? nothing specific, just the basic storyline.

6657413 uhh... i'll answer that in the Q&A chapter... GET OVER HERE EVERNOTE! YEW SUNUFABECH!

6682006 expect a bad case of Imperial Nutcrackers

Blueballs is gonna get his ass handed to him.

6705247 i'm gonna have fun writing out the battle, but I seriously need some questions, because I have answers that I need to get off my chest

6707160 Ok. are there gonna be any other crossovers?

I prefer coffee and soda cause they always keep me awake.

I smell a displaced story that was sorta hidden

6896271 that was originally what I was going for, but then I realized that I wasn't quite ready yet in terms of what Alex's abilities are. I feel that they're defined enough now to the point that I can start molding it into a displaced story, but I'll only do that if I get a majority vote.

Awesome Chapter! Keep up the good work as always

7072099 Will do. To be honest with you, there were certain parts where I almost went and put the story on Hiatus because I didn't know how long I would take to finish, but I assure you that the next chapters will come out more frequently.

So are Celestia and Luna more powerful than him, i'm a little confused on that part.

7230600 Alex is OP in general, so placing Celestial and Luna above him in terms of power is one of the various ways that I'm going to control his OP status

Woooooooo vannosgaming reference:yay:

7498027 When the steadfast guards of my writer's block decide to move their ten ton bodies and fend off MGE long enough for me to crank it out... in other words, I'm glued to Google Images right now and have all but forgotten the chapter that I wanted to have out before my two week trip to visit my step-family in Tennessee that I'll be taking again for one week sometime in November. I still have yet to fire a gun... or get my permit... I'll go attempt to crank out that chapter now:pinkiehappy:

He's died like this before, so there isn't any reason for me to worry... But I can't help it, he's my adopted brother, and it's only natural for a sister to care for her brother.

Their brother and sister........fuck

7630868 to tell you the truth, i was gonna have Celestia and Luna be his wives, but i diverted from that path... for reasons... that will soon become apparent... huehuehue

I realize that all the transformations with the dragons come from how to train your dragon bur I don't recognize the anime one is it from something idk about?

7743582 the anime one is my own custom character, only found in this story and on my dA... which has a username that i am not proud of...

7746659 ok well I like it so far whose going to be in a relationship with him?

7746741 Good question... still figuring that one out...

I hardly use that anymore, if at all. If you have a Discord then that’s another story

I sighed, "Well... No matter what I tell you, promise me you won't hold it against me.", They all nodded, "Ok. Humanity's most devastating weapon that I can think of right now would be the nuke. Nukes are bombs designed to have a small frame yet deliver a huge amount of nuclear destruction. It isn't used often, but whatever places it's dropped on become almost inhospitable until the radiation dies away. In fact, we used it on a country called Japan and one element in the bomb has decayed but the other element is still there, but has gone through many half-lives, although it's probably not as harmful as it used to be, if it isn't already harmless. But yeah, that pretty much sums up a nuke and it's effects. Any other questions?" I asked.

Actually hydrogen bombs are significantly more powerful than nukes.

“Understood. The drop is ready.” She said. I quickly moved to put the backpack on that held the battery. Once that was on, I hefted the cannon onto my shoulder, grabbing the handle that went down to my belly with my left hand and holding the cannon steady with my right. I quickly used my left hand to flip the switch on the backpack before grabbing the handle again, which caused the cannon to whizz to life, certain parts lighting up, while the speakers gently hummed.

Ghost busters? Haven't read the next part yet.

Nvm, I think it was a good guess though

Aww...c'mon man you can't end it without a good chapter to keep us interested, when you updating next?

when I actually get around to making the new story. I started this in 2014 just to see what would happen. Now I have two stories published, but not completed, a SoL story in the works behind the scenes, and a RP story in the works that I have to get back to soon as well. Figured it was about time I redid this and made it better. Lets not forget the 4-5 other ideas I want to get written down.

To put it simple, there's a lot going on it my head and combine that with pressure from school and well... yeah. I'll definitely get around to it, especially because I have something planned that incorporates multiple stories and this will be one of them after the rewrite.

Now to look at your other comments lol

EDIT: didn't even realize the similarities with ghostbusters. Expect the rewrite to have a bit more boom with less whatever the fuck I did there

Ok, and thanks for letting us know you will eventually continue, unlike some other stories I've read.

I also like how you self inserted yourself (this sounds weird).
Is it just me?

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