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No scale can measure the amount of me-ness that has influenced the world.


Screwball always felt a little alone. Not in that sense, she had a lot of friends. But aside from her daddy Discord, who is again imprisoned in stone, there wasn't anyone that was like her, a Chaos Magic user. Well, imagine her surprise when her daddy tells her that she has a big brother. Yeah, she exploded with excitement. Literally.

Meanwhile, on the royal garden of the Canterlot Castle, a very interesting statue started to crack a little.

Had this idea while talking with my buddies on Twitter, I know that it's not original, but hey, I like this kind of story. If someone would be so kind as to do a cover art for this...:raritywink::twilightsmile::scootangel:
Takes place right after Discord's imprisonment. Will follow chronological events of the show, but will be spread with events that I think will be interesting to add.
Rated Teen to be safe... I wonder why that sounds weird...
WARNING CODE LEVEL 'PINK'!!! That Random tag is serious! Shit is gonna rain on this fic! Like literal shit raining from the sky in one of the scenes! Don't worry, It will not smell. But it will be shit. They will be able to tell because of the smell... :pinkiecrazy:
There will be references. A LOT. The Medic recommend this fic. The Heavy too.

Other characters (will be edited along the course of the story):
Princess Celestia
Princess Luna
Cutie Mark Crusaders

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I haven't read it yet, but all I can say is : dis gonna be good, especially when done right

Have a like and fave

There will be references. A LOT.

Are you sure? To many references can get confusing and distracting, especially if they're obscure. At the very least, you should say what the references are in an author's note.

7876486 nah, it feels good to have to guess ,and to go "oh, so that's what that is." So it's okay to only say it when somebody asks for it, otherwise the thrill is gone

It's more like the chaos has been quadrupled, which you can count with Pinkie Pie that has two good and bad sides, but hey I don't know if it actually does count though. :applejackunsure: So anyways, let the annual chaos event with both little sister and big brother spreading chaos all over Ponyville, Canterlot, and other places begin! :pinkiecrazy:

I'm interested in what the next chapter has in store.

I may know the hidden reason the was created; Like Napoleon once said: ‘‘Jarate for everyone!’’

So far, Random is making his dad look SANE.

Well, human mind don't stay really stable after thousands of years of being stuck in stone, but really, he's not THAT crazy.

Yay Screwball has a big brother now I can't wait to see what happens next keep up the good work update more soon.:twilightsmile:

Random and Screwball causes some chaos I can't wait to see what happens next keep up the good work update more soon :twilightsmile:

‘‘I was surrounded by a sinister, unholy throng... Went to my inventory and I put my armour on.’’

So his chaos is based on the movie 'Pixel'?


Random Unleashed a Band of Ugandan Knuckles onto Equss....


i am now going to take you're profile pic. and i agree.

Sir! I don't think the number four sheild can take much more!

Redirect all nonessential power! We need to keep that sheild up!

Creature! Teel me who are you

‘are’ and ‘you’ are switched.

that's like demanding that water stop being wet.


Random interrupted her by banging his first on the arm of the chair.

You mean ‘fist’?

Does this mean Random is a...
Gaster Blaster Master?

Now for some (potential) errors I noticed:

like some people make to lrave us guessing,


to all thos who dared wrong him


gritting her teeth atthe accusations

Missing space.

And you even treated bad your fellow ponies

The word order feels off.

Random merely choose chuckled and backhanded her as she got close

I do not think the word ‘choose’ should be there.

to the point of a simple backhand throwa full grown Alicorn backwards!?

Missing space.

discreetly levitated the Elements Of Harmony tothe mane six

Missing space.

Their armors, which enchantments we supposed to prevent being damaged


But the deal is made. Keep you end of it..." He snapped his fingers, returning everything to normal. "...That I keep mine."

Also, what is the second part supposed to be?

So undertale references... I LOVED it!



Thaks, the errors you pointed are now fixed. Also, what second part are you talking about?

The second part I was referring to was the second piece of dialogue of the last part that I quoted.

Ah yes. He was talking about his end of the deal that was to keep his chaos to a minimum. That clears it up?

Well, if the pause is removed, the sentence becomes ‘‘Keep your end of it that I keep mine’’. The ‘‘that’’ feels out of place.

He then walked to the now asleep Screwball and picked her up. She was snoring cutely, and he almost had a bad case of diabeetus.


Nice, I hope to see more soon.

This is a good story, and I really hope that it updates again soon, since it's almost been a year.

"I will agree to stop causing large amounts of Chaos in your town, if you six promise to not treat me the same way your princesses do. I will, however, still use it in small tricks, pranks, and some other things for reasons that I will explain in the future." He said.

Ah what a large loophole! He only said your town, which implies only Ponyville, he can still run amok everywhere else

Hey will we see the Thestrals confront Luna for turning her back to them and wills he be punished for it?

*falls down onto knees and raises fists to the sky IT FINALLY UPDATED! YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiecrazy::derpytongue2:

because they knew something the other doesn't


It was such a nice scence to look at, you could almost hear the author D'aww


but his head had funnily tanken on a round format.

form? shape?

he proceeded to peck the format of doors on them before opening one and entering


closing ghe doors behind them


I have managed to make Sunny fix those errors, thank you!


Now if you excuse me... *takes a rubber chicken and walks offscreen*

On the topic of rubber chickens:

1:20 if it starts from the beginning

I wait until the end of time

Been like two years man where are you

I love how you portray Pinkie Pie. It fits her so well. :rainbowlaugh:

It's A Screwed Up Life is one of my favorite stories. Mostly because I think Screwball is just that awesome. :scootangel:

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