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[Dark] [Alternating Perspectives] [Displaced]
A strange creature has been living in the Everfree Forest for over seven hundred years. He lived there to keep hidden from the ponies, knowing that he could be considered a threat if he got out in public. He instead lived his life alone, because that's what he felt was better.

One thousand years after her banishment and two years after her return, Princess Luna tries to hide her most shocking secret from everypony. A secret so profound, that if they knew the truth about her... She doesn't even want to know what would happen.

Unknown to the two of them, they are closer than they expect, for they lost each other a long time ago. But they are about to reunite, while a new evil will rise to conquer their new world.

Rated Teen because of language.
Gore tag because of blood. Very big amounts of blood.
Drama tag because of... OMG, THE FEELS!!!
Alt, Universe: This story happens after the end of Season four, but events of Season Five will be slightly altered by the main character.

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Stormy is a normal student at Canterlot High. She has a normal family. She did normal things. But she didn't have a normal pet. And today, said pet decided to follow her to school. Watch out for the cuteness.

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Screwball always felt a little alone. Not in that sense, she had a lot of friends. But aside from her daddy Discord, who is again imprisoned in stone, there wasn't anyone that was like her, a Chaos Magic user. Well, imagine her surprise when her daddy tells her that she has a big brother. Yeah, she exploded with excitement. Literally.

Meanwhile, on the royal garden of the Canterlot Castle, a very interesting statue started to crack a little.

Had this idea while talking with my buddies on Twitter, I know that it's not original, but hey, I like this kind of story. If someone would be so kind as to do a cover art for this...:raritywink::twilightsmile::scootangel:
Takes place right after Discord's imprisonment. Will follow chronological events of the show, but will be spread with events that I think will be interesting to add.
Rated Teen to be safe... I wonder why that sounds weird...
WARNING CODE LEVEL 'PINK'!!! That Random tag is serious! Shit is gonna rain on this fic! Like literal shit raining from the sky in one of the scenes! Don't worry, It will not smell. But it will be shit. They will be able to tell because of the smell... :pinkiecrazy:
There will be references. A LOT. The Medic recommend this fic. The Heavy too.

Other characters (will be edited along the course of the story):
Princess Celestia
Princess Luna
Cutie Mark Crusaders

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So... I met Discord. Cool guy, if I do say so myself. We were actually having a nice chat, but something made his powers go haywire and drag him back to Equestria, with me along for the ride. Oh yeah, I also became my OC Lightning Blaze, a vampony filly with the power to control Fire, Lightning and Darkness. So now I have to cope with conflicting memories, powers that I know next to nothing on how to control and how strong they are, cybernetic limbs, ponies treating me like a kid (which I guess I am now), and overall, trying to not get put into an orphanage because I am an orphan now. Fan-flaming-tastic.

Oh, and apparently, Diamond Tiara has a crush on me. Help.

For those of you who followed the pre-rewrite, this is a completely new plot with only a few details from the old one. Hope it's better than that cringey thing.

Cover art doesn't show it, but Blaze's front hooves are actually cybernetic enhancements due to reasons that will be explained on the story.

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