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What just happened? That’s the question.


It is Discord’s reign of chaos and disharmony. Everypony is living just fine, having peace and plenty of food, yet they are still sad! And, try as he might, Discord just cannot seem to figure out a way to solve this conondrum.

But, a few days ago, a man fell into the world. Exploring around this place with plenty for all, and no death except from age.

Discord has seen him traveling. He plans to make an offer.

Chapters (7)
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Comments ( 29 )

hmmmmm I think I like this

Please tell me I'm not the only one who read the title and immediately thought of this:

That song's why I clicked it, to be honest.

Why do you think there was a ukulele at the end. Well, you already know, actually.

Read the title, saw discord in the tags, I think this gonna be good :pinkiecrazy:

i like the cover pic bending destiny suites this just fine

Will this human act anything like Navarone from Diaries of a Madman?

Navorone is not nearly as carefree and happy as him. Also, he won’t be made a physcopayh because he won’t go through anything terrible,

He will spread fun, wich can lead to conflicts

The song he had sung reminds me to a verse from Rush:2112 side one

Yeah, that did inspire some of it

Will the next chapter be called loving in the moonlight?

A wild celestia and luna have appeared!

I have to say, from reading one of your earlier stories, you have improved a great bit

I see what you did there with the title:ajsmug:

I hope that when Discord gets stoned, Tim is too.
He needs to meet Pinkie Pie.

Tim used Greetings and Salutations

I think it was DNA and Insanity! Necromancy! Immortality! And... Childhood?

Well it is wunderbar to hear that people can see me improveing as I go along.

”We already know that you will! We know you will bear anew our fears! As you add more and more bells you change! And we will see you again in one thousand years!”

It's always 1000 years :facehoof:

Can you post a link to a voice clip of some of those priests from 2112?

It in this, and you know the preists are the harsher voices.

Aww, I wanted Discord to not be the bad guy in this one...

A new villian has appeared?

IKR?! Discord's work is beautiful!

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