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When the Four Fallen appear, destruction seems near, but do not lose hope, for the two who slumber will awaken, and even the gods will tremble at their names... - Unknown prophet, CR 132

10,000 years after Discord was stopped by two strangers wielding strange powers and abilities, a new threat has appeared in Equestria, a threat even older than Discord himself....

But a single prophecy tells of the return of the two, and with the help of Twilight and her friends, these two will be able to stop this new threat... or Equestria will fall....

A Brave Frontier Displaced story

Midnight Storm and Co. belong to Chaotic Ink and his story 'The Witching Hour'

I do not own MLP:FIM or Brave Frontier, they belong to their respective owners

Rated T for mild gore and some language

Chapters (10)
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Comments ( 113 )

A amazing first chapter .

Awesome another brave frontier story. You forgot to mention the leader skills, and summoning or was that intentional?

7630545 I was mostly giving the basics of the game, whoever tries the the game will learn about those themselves, but that's if they choose to try it out. I'm not gonna force people to try the game out, if they want to play it, that's their own decision.

7630656 makes sense but if someone does manage to get into it its best they find out on their own how much space it takes

Comment posted by DAMN HAMSTER deleted Dec 20th, 2016

7630739 Okay, I'm really getting tired of you showing up and putting my stories in the bloody "Absolutely Disgusting" group! Just... leave my stories alone, how would you like it if I added your stories to a group that mocked them? Think about that...

Comment posted by Arcanine deleted Dec 20th, 2016

7630790 ...... *Tries not to burst out swearing in anger*
Look.... I just like doing Displaced, alright? I did try my hand at something else, didn't really work out for me. With Displaced, you can do any game character and choose their path, whether for good or evil. That's why I usually stick with Displaced.

Comment posted by Arcanine deleted Dec 20th, 2016
Comment posted by Sir Kuljurk deleted Dec 20th, 2016

7630928 I have one thing to say: NO!
I would rather not have you or this group involved with my stories, thank you very much! Look, I'm sorry if I'm blowing up on you, but I work hard on these stories, and while they may need a little bit of work, at least I do actually try and improve! I don't need you or any of the members of your group reviewing my stories, so thank you, but no.

7630928 7630739 7630790

Let me ask you three a question, what exactly warranted my Displaced stories to be added to your group? Because one story I can understand, two is when I start to get annoyed, but three is just over the line. So answer me this: what exactly is it about my stories that you have the right to add them to your group and mock them and even tell me to give up Displaced instead of giving constructive advice to actually help me write better with the stories I have? For all that you guys say, you're just a bunch of hypocrites that don't deserve to really be called writers.

Comment posted by Arcanine deleted Dec 20th, 2016
Comment posted by Sir Kuljurk deleted Dec 20th, 2016
Comment posted by Sir Kuljurk deleted Dec 20th, 2016

7631290 7631050
Look, I'm sorry, I'm just really frustrated that all three of my stories were put in your group when I didn't want it, so please just remove my story from your group and I won't mention this again. As for Displaced being a borrowed thing? That's where you're wrong, yes we had a bit of a hard time, but we came out stronger because of it, and for your information, it's just you and your group that are tired of Displaced, not others. So think twice about what you say or your group will get reported the next time you add a Displaced story of mine to it. And here's some food for thought: how would you guys like it if I added your stories (if you even have any) to a group over and over that you didn't like? Because I know a lot of Displaced writers that are tired of you adding their Displaced stories to your group.

Comment posted by Arcanine deleted Dec 20th, 2016

7631648 I know you guys are just doing your jobs, I respect that. And I can confirm that it was Hamster_Master as he did the same thing to my other two Displaced stories. I'm sorry that I blew up at you, I just... get frustrated when people think the worst of my stories. I honestly try to do my best but some people just... don't see it I guess.

Comment posted by Arcanine deleted Dec 20th, 2016


Displaced Stories do, in fact, require a lot of creativity. The whole "Displacement" part of it is just a simple way to get the character into Equestria.

Being Displaced also allows for crossovers, which can be entertaining, though people do tend to overdo them a bit. I myself have done that once, but I have learned my lesson.

Displaced might be overdone, but so are almost every other thing. Examples would be Fallout Equestria Fanfics, Conversion Bureau, and many more. It is unfair to acknowledge only Displaced as overdone, when there are many other things that are overdone even more so.

And while Sebaste'a stories do require a bit of fixing here and there, he has been trying. His stories used to be a lot worse.

Comment posted by Arcanine deleted Dec 20th, 2016

7632078 Thanks man, and chapter 1 is now in the works, so brace yourself!

Comment posted by Sir Kuljurk deleted Dec 20th, 2016
Comment posted by Sir Kuljurk deleted Dec 20th, 2016

7632202 I've already contacted your second admin about this, look, I know you're doing your job, but you need to let authors know before you even add their stories to the group, or better yet, give helpful advice on how to improve their stories instead of just dumping them in.

As for the Bandwagon bit? I don't write for that purpose, I write so that others can enjoy what I'm writing, not because I enjoy the attention.

So unless you actually have helpful advice on how to improve my story and not "Please do something other than Displaced because it's used over and over", don't comment on my stories.

And another thing, I never wanted my stories to be involved in your group, so the next time I make another Displaced fic, leave it alone.

7632222 Perhaps, but Sebaste is not a part of your group.Now sure, adding his story to your group might be part of your rules, but it is clearly stressing him out. You have probably seen that, and yet continue to state that it's alright to do so. You are more or less cyber bullying him.

And honestly, what a person should do when they find a story they dislike is simply move on. Perhaps give it a dislike, but even so, just move on. Criticism involves pointing out flaws in the story, and speaking with the writer to explain what they did incorrectly.

What your people are doing is adding stories they just flat out dislike into what is essentially a garbage bin. If people see that it is a part of that group, they would consider it a bad story and just move on, negatively impacting the writer and spitting on his/her hard work.

Sure, Displaced is very common, but that's like saying My Little Pony is common on this site. So what? People are expressing their ideas and imagination here so they can share what they feel is their brilliant ideas. They can use whatever they want as a stepping stone, whether it be the Lore of the Displaced, the universe of Fallout Equestria, or even the concept of the Conversion Bureau. It's just how people work.

The Displaced are a form of building block due to their adaptation of the Multiverse Theory. It allows people to radically change the My Little Pony universe while still being able to access other versions

Comment posted by Arcanine deleted Dec 20th, 2016

7632313 Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't know I was speaking to an expert on cyber bullying.

You do realize that bullying is more than just "Threaten threaten threaten" or "Be a Prick be a Prick Be a Prick". There's many different forms of bullying, some being passive. Like what you folks are doing.

You've been pressuring him to just accept that you people are in the right in adding his story to your group, when all he wants is for his stories to not be in your group. And I checked your groups rules, which, might I add, seem a bit contradictory to themselves.

And again, it's his story, which He should be able to govern to which group he feels it belongs to. You are treating it like it's your property, as if you wrote it and decided "This belongs in the absolutely disgusting group."

Sebastian wrote it, and he can choose what to do with his own creations. If you want me to compare it with what you believe is the only type of bullying, then here you go.

It's like your two bigger kids at the playground holding a younger child's prized possession in your hands, passing it back and forth while the kid is in the middle, desperately trying to get it back.

And trust me, I know what bullying is. Sure, my example might be just a cliche movie plot or whatever, but it fits here rather well.

Sure, you and your buddy say you are just, as you put it,

saying facts, and rules, and also don't see how those rules could be stressing him out specially considering that one of them explicitly states that agressive behavior or ''witch-hunt'' fics isn't allowed. And he's not being agressive, much less witch-hunting fics.

But here's the thing: Thats like telling a kid with no legs that he can't walk, while you can. Granted, it's nowhere near as offensive, but there's still venom in each word.

And also, your buddy here isn't the one "Witch-Hunting". That would be the person who first added Seb's stories to your group. He has currently added all three of Seb's stories, without fail. It very much looks like he is actively targeting Seb's stories, or at the very least, Displaced stories.

Also, in regards to your comment on Blocking users or ignoring him, Seb has a right to voice his opinion on the matter, and, in the Discord group for Displaced, has already stated that he blocked him. He is voicing his displeasure and wanting you to remove his story from your group, which he can do.

Comment posted by Arcanine deleted Dec 20th, 2016
Comment posted by Sir Kuljurk deleted Dec 20th, 2016

Great chapter can you do more

Interesting however i will save my vote until i' read a bit more.

7635547 Well, I have the first chapter in the works as we speak, so you'll see it either later tonight or at the end of this week

A Pinkie being Pinkie.
:pinkiehappy:What can I say, I just can't help it some times.Oh, Like Zidane and Su..Mmmm
(Puts hand to her mouth) Not the time Pinkie, Great chapter by the way.

Nicely done. I like Pinkies interaction in this story

7637329 Hopefully she won't spoil anything in the next chapter...

Who says I won't?:pinkiecrazy:


Wait was that Karl that mentioned Seria? I hope Grahdens, Lugina, and Paris are in this

7637463 Maybe....:pinkiecrazy: But I'm not gonna spoil anything!

Jesus fucking Christ, that Private really needs to watch it, unless he got a death wish.

7637420 Just wait til the madness starts with crossovers

7637521 Heh, a lot of Displaced are gonna be surprised to meet two humans that got turned into ponies by Discord... Because who knows a Displaced that was ponified and sacrificed themselves by being turned to stone while stopping the Lord of Chaos?

Okay... Wow. That was interesting. Can we do a crossover later on? We'll just wait it out a bit, see what happens and all that.

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