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Just a eighteen year old kid who can't write for crap and has the annoying habit of clinging to semi-obscure ships... Mostly Discopie.


Everyone gets lonely, right? If Pinkie Pie can, she figures Discord must, too. After all, how much fun can a statue possibly have?
And even he deserves some company. Who knows, maybe he'll even appreciate it!

Eventual Discopie, leads to an AU where Pinkie reforms Discord instead of Flutters.
New cover! Finally learning how to work that art tablet!
Raised the rating just in case, and took off comedy tag, since this has funny moments, but isn't a comedy, per se.

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:pinkiehappy: Looking forward to see where this goes, one chapter and I already think it's really cute.

Discopie? Yes please! Have a favorite and a like!:pinkiehappy:


Me gusta.

5032624 Aw, thank you! Don't worry, I'm already working on chapter two, wo you'll find out soon! :pinkiehappy:

5033044 Yes. Yes I am. And you once went on a killing rampage on my comments demanding I write more chapters. I remember because I thought it was hilarious...and also slightly frightening.:rainbowderp:

I don't comment often, only on stories I really like. I'd love to see more of this though! :pinkiehappy:

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So, if I read that right, Celestia threw Discord and Luna under the bus purely to solidify her rule?

5043008 Well, yes, but it wasn't as black and white as all that. Discord and Luna both did wrong- they weren't completely innocent in any way. Celestia was young, afraid, and didn't know how to gain the trust of her subjects yet. It was less that she MADE UP lies about them, and more that she didn't really try to stop rumors and folk-stories about them, because they made sense to her subjects. The ponies wanted a princess that could do no wrong, and once Celestia realized how much she had really hurt her siblings' reputation, she couldn't change it without the risk that her subjects would resent her, and be unable to trust her. What she did wasn't right in the least, but it's also not as horrible as it sounds. (Plus, you know, this was mostly from Discord's point of view.)
So... kinda? Yeah, she threw them under the bus, but it was more like she tripped them and then a bus came hurtling down the street and she hadn't realized it was coming.
... If that makes any sense. :twilightblush:


Still think she needs a punch in the face. Especially considering that she had ample time to outlive any controversy or make slow changes. From here, it looks like she took the coward's way out.

5043267 Well, I'm not gonna disagree with you on that! Honestly, most people could use a good punch in the face every once in a while, just to keep them in check.

5039279 Oh, wow, thank you, I'm flattered! Don't worry- more's gonna come soon!

This is good.
This is some good stuff.
I like it.
Make more.

Oh my gosh, I LOOOOVE Screwball here. If you look at my stories, you'll see that I like Screwball a lot, and I'm always looking for stories that don't portray her as an unsympathetic, overly dramatic and depressing mess of a character like a lot of stories seem to do. You'd think that Screwball being the spawn of chaos writing her as incredibly random and nuts would be a no-brainer right? You'd think that'd be common knowledge, right?

Surprisingly, it isn't.

Anyway, the way you wrote her here is perfect. Now I continue to wait for Discord to get out and for more DiscoPie to ensue. I'm normally a Fluttercord kinda guy, but I really like this. :pinkiehappy:

And yeah, why the hay isn't there a Screwball tag? :rainbowhuh:

5056994 Oh my gosh, thank you so much! I was literally reading Screwball: Chaos Strikes Back when I got the notification that you'd commented on my story, so you saying I write her well is beyond flattering, seeing as I'm enjoying your story so much! :pinkiehappy:

And the fact that you don't even really ship Discopie makes me all the more flattered- it takes a lot for me to read a story about something I don't entirely ship, and that fact that you're looking forward to what happens next makes me really happy!

And not to worry- there'll be plenty of Screwball, too! :raritywink:

5057124 Glad to hear you like my work. Something tells me we can be very good friends. :pinkiehappy:

5057150 I gotta agree. seems like we'll get along! :twilightsmile:
Hope to talk to you soon!

I already love this story. The characterizations are spot on.

Hahaha, I loved this chapter! It was so much fun to read.:pinkiehappy:

I love this story so much! Each chapter has something new and interesting to experience and it's an emotional ride every time.

You've got some real talent, man, and you're using it astonishingly well!

i love it already. pinkie pie is perfectly in character and you have her unique voice down pat. i also like that you didnt make her able to hear discord's inner dialouge, ive seen some fics that give her way more supernatural abilities than is strictly alluded to by the show. while she is a mysterious 4th wall breaker, there is such a thing as taking it too far. right now you have achieved an excellent balance, although of course i'm only on chapter one :P

my only very small criticism is that maybe you could bump up discord's vocabulary a little bit. sometimes his 'voice' runs a little too close to pinkie pie's and
giving him a boost in diction would help make him feel closer to a thousand-plus-years-old spirit as voiced by john de lancie. i also encourage you to go listen to discord's dialogue from the show and study some of his turns of phrase to apply to her fic-discord. and if you really want to get his speech patterns in your head and on the paper than i highly recommend watching De Lancie's work as Q on star trek. youtube has quite a few 'best of q' compilations you could browse through if you dont wanna get too deep into the series.

5058999 First off, I'm really happy that you like my story so much! It's really, really great to hear- especially on the Pinkie front. I love her so much, and I worry I don't always do her justice- glad to hear I was wrong!:pinkiehappy:

Yeah, Discord does sound a bit too much like Pinkie, huh? I've been rewatching all his episodes to try and get a sense for his vocabulary, but I'm still falling a bit short- watching "Best of Q" seems like a great idea though, thanks!

oh god that was so adorable i dont even hjgfdgah adfbjk ;

i did like the D&D reference. it was short and, while not exactly subtle, didn't break your immersion in the story.

this line was my favorite out of the whole chapter

"discord loved it immediately."

pure gold. short, punchy, and perfectly timed after the paragraph of pure description above it. and the best part is that you didnt have to spell it out for the reader why he loved it; anyone reading this gets that he likes the chaotic nature of it, along with the companionship and thought and care it represents. beautiful.

5050260 Wow, thank you so much, that's great to hear! I dunno about "real talent," but that's nice of you to say! :twilightblush:

5058305 Wow, that means a lot coming from you! I really love your stories, so this is a really great complement! Thank you so much!:heart:

another solid chapter. i have one or two little nitpicks though...

i feel like when discord said "pinkie promise" celestia should have gotten the reference immediately and come to the conclusion that pinkie had been the one visiting. celestia is intelligent and sharp and distrustful of discord, so she'd have been scanning his words for hidden meanings as they talked, picking up on his hint quickly before going through a silly little ritual. maybe he wouldnt have confirmed her guess until she'd promised, but since this chapter is mostly told from her point of view i think we should have seen more of her inner reaction to the news. maybe even something like "i should have guess who when he said she was powerful and chaotic and gave him hot chocolate. who else BUT pinkie pie?"

second nitpick is that pre-reformation discord is highly unlikely to have said 'thank you' when she gave him back his toy, unless it was sarcastic. and if it was sarcastic, it should be more obvious.

i think you may be the first discopie author to address the existance of screwball! and i love it! i'm such a sucker for the image of discord as a father...:heart:

one teeeeeeny tiny nitpick:

if discord doesnt see his chaos as 'evil' (as mentioned in the conversation with celestia) then would he really think of himself as the 'clown prince of crime'? would he think of his chaos as a crime, if he doesnt believe in the laws that label him a criminal? maybe just 'the clown prince'...but yeah, the joker ref was pretty good, all the same ^^

5059063 Yeah, I thought about that while writing it, to be honest. I guess I was kinda counting on the fact that she'd be thinking it was Screwball, as the next chapter reveals she'd been hanging around the gardens, and she just wanted confirmation it was her. I always thought Celestia was a bit stubborn- when she has an idea, she sticks with it, until it's proven wrong. But, yeah, I see where you're coming from there.

My whole idea with the thank you is simply that Discord is already growing a bit softer, and to show he doesn't completely hate Celestia- he still remembers when they were kids and got along better, even if he won't admit it. But, yeah, that didn't really come across either, eh? :twilightblush:

5059085 I feel like Discord doesn't think his chaos is evil in the slightest, but still realizes he's breaking many laws in doing it- so he really is a criminal, and he's fine with wearing that title, since he doesn't actually think he did anything wrong. It's just a testament to how much he annoys Celestia, to him (enough that laws would be put in place against it,) so he sort of wears his criminal status as a badge of honor, in a way.

But yeah, it was mostly for the Joker reference! :rainbowlaugh:

this chapter was HILARIOUS! i nearly spit out my coffee when screwball proposed that 'mommy' and 'daddy' get married! comedy gold! i only wish i could have just a little more description of pinkie's expressions, either when screwball first said it, or as pinkie looks back at discord. does she blush? is it the first time she's even thought of discord as a stallion (read: potential love interest)?

and yeah, it totally works with pinkie's character to want a filly of her own, after we see how she is with the cake's twins in canon. and especially if she's been taking care of screwball for a while now already. im also really loving the idea of screwball being a plot device for her and discord getting together eventually. gives them yet another point of commonality. its also interesting how you show pinkie starting to be a good parent and counteracting some of discord's more antisocial teachings without making discord look bad to his daughter...like here:

“... and everypony was screaming, and I didn’t get it at all!”
“Yeah, ponies are silly,” Pinkie snorted.
“But not in a good way,” Screwball pouted.
“Aw, well, I dunno about that! Ponies can be real fun when they wanna be! Like one time...”

and its nice to think that screwball can now get the discipline and social acclimatizing that discord couldnt have provided for her even when he was free. and in overhearing pinkie's lessons on friendship and ethics to screwball, discord will learn too. :3

nitpick: screwball says the word 'travesty'. thats much more of a discord vocabulary word imo...and even if she'd picked it up from her father, i'd expect her to mangle it a bit; 'twavasty' or something. it just sounds odd coming out of a little filly who asks for a hot chocolate water bed and marshmallow pillows.

ahh, yes, with screwball in her mind it does make a bit more sense, although it wasnt terribly clear at the time. did you intend to put screwball in from the very beginning or did the idea develop more as you went?


i think him finally talking to celestia after so long being silent for their little visits already shows he's feeling a bit softer, and if you hold off on the 'thank you' in the early chapters you can break it out later as a sign of character development later.

5059166 A bit of both! I knew I wanted Screwball in it, but it took listening to "Daddy Discord" on repeat while writing chapter four to realize exactly where I could cram her in. But I'd known I wanted her lurking around the gardens, at the least, looking for her dad.

5059172 Hmmm... good point. I'll also admit, I wasn't really sure how to end the chapter, but that's something to keep in mind! Not sure how I'd change it now though... But yeah, I missed an opportunity there, huh? Ah, well. Hopefully I can show development in other ways.

Ha, I love the end part with Discord's thought on wanting to see the school play.

I think it was good. I'd still recommend going back through your whole story for some very obvious grammar or spelling mistakes. And actually, this felt more like the filler than the last chapter.

Excellent work as always, and I'm eager to see how a conversation between the draconequus and two ponies will go when they can actually do it properly.

Two chapters in a day has made for some very happy readers! :yay: :heart:

Urrrrgh! I still can't get over how awesome your Screwball is! :yay::heart:

5062903 Huh... yeah, I guess I see what you mean about this one being more "filler-like."

I'll go back later today to see what mistakes I made! thanks for the review, as always!:pinkiehappy:

You are cranking these chapters out like crazy! I'm impressed! Wish I could do that with my stories, but, alas, I am not quite that talented. And I have to admit, I really don't like Screwball, and I was a little disappointed when you brought her into the story, but I actually think you're doing a really nice job with her. People tend to make her into an idiot, but you've made her out to be just immature and childlike, which I find extremely likable and realistic, so well done! I'm looking forward to the next chapter! :twilightsmile:

Yay, Discord's finally free!. Also, I found all the references to Doctor Whooves pretty awesome. :pinkiehappy:


5071498 Whenever I see the name Pink Chaos, Or Visiting chaos I have an orgasm.

Ah, now things are getting interesting. And awkward, actually. A strange mixture of both.

Nonetheless, good chapter, sweet story, happy readers, keep it up!

Meh! This chapter's okay.
Do like how you are crankin' em out.
Have a haiku:

The insane abound
Chaos in a straight jacket
Urinating beer


:pinkiegasp: THIS IS PERFECT!
I. LOVE. YOU. :pinkiehappy:

The chimera’s

This isn't just you, it's everyone, but apparently Discord is like a chimera, but he's a draconequus. He's a unique species. If you search chimera and draconequus they're completely different. :pinkiesmile:
Sorry, I just wanted to say about something that bugged me slightly. :twilightsheepish:

5082493 Really? I thought that a draconequus was a subspecies of chimera, since they're made of several different parts of other animals? Like that's the definition of a chimera, and the wiki says he technically is one...
I could be wrong, though, so thanks for pointing it out!:pinkiehappy:

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