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Captain Hurricane

Man, writing stories is hard! I wish I had more time to write....the life of a full time college, full time worker leaves little leisure for storytelling :(


“The Fire of Friendship lives in our hearts; as long as it burns, we cannot drift apart.” -Carol of the Founders

“What if I added some of the Fire of Friendship to chocolate rain---would that make hot chocolate rain? Genius!” -Discord

On Hearth's Warming Day, Discord meets with an old friend from about 63 dimensions over to share hot chocolate and crack jokes about Celestia.

Now with audiobook goodness! Chapter One finished and uploaded!
A Little Holiday Chaos- Audio Version (unabridged)

Chapters (2)
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Wonderfully well written. I look forward to more.

from about 63 dimensions over

What you did there, I see it. :trixieshiftleft:

I like it! I wonder what he's got planned for ponyville square?

the woods are lovely, dark and deep
but I have promises to keep
and miles to go before I sleep
and miles to go before I sleep

All an amazing series of coincidences, to be sure.

100% completely unrelated coincidences. Not a planned set-up at all. :trollestia:

This was enjoyable so far. Looking forward to more! :yay:


In my headcanon, Dash has some pull over the weather team, but she's not in charge. Although she has the autonomy to do her job, it wouldn't exactly bode well for her to perform special favors.

But she's the embodiment of Loyalty, and Fluttershy hates shoveling snow. It also explains why Fluttershy prefers waking up the hibernating creatures to cleaning up winter in "Winter Wrap Up."

discord barbie q draconequus...what is the jok-oh. OH. oh goddamit

If you don't mind, I have a question or two:
In the dimension where Discord tried to stop for directions, is it closer to a canon jerk Blueblood, or a fanon reedemed Blueblood? Either way, is that a reference to another fic or your own idea?

Also, I am lamenting the fact that I can only give one thumbs-up to a story... :twilightsmile:

Obamacare! lol! oh, fancy seeing you here nyx, how's it going? And a merry Christmas to you too doctor! I remember why I faved this again!


Canon jerk. In the Twilight cameo, Twilight was miffed and jaded about being second banana to Sunset Shimmer; SS is actually nice and friendly in that universe. To get ahead, Twilight started dating Blueblood. I didn't add that part as I couldn't make it flow. Might need to make a fic off that though, but I've got other stories featuring Discord on the back burner for the moment.

Its been like 4 years...Ill put this in my tracking folder!

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User Go goaway

That should be proto Rarity , I did not seen that series that far in the past .

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