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Jed R

Writer, odd man, father to two beautiful children, flaky artist not-so-extraordinaire. I write things I'd like to read, as well as some downright crazy shizz...

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Jed R. User Page.

My name is Jed Rhodes. I'm a slightly strange human being who, between making fan films, navigating a generally worrying job market and raising two kids, somehow finds time to write fanfiction about pastel coloured ponies. Go figure. I try to be a good person when I can. I don't think I always succeed, but it's the attempt that makes it worthwhile.

Few points.

1: Though I've never had anyone nag me about updating, I feel the need to say this anyway. I update as and when I can. Sometimes I do so frequently, sometimes I do not. I try my best. Real life, as they say, is a bitch. I do my best, and I ask patience.

2: I do not directly respond to favourites, I only respond to some comments and am generally not good at keeping contact. For this, I apologise. Be assured that I appreciate any and all individuals who feel that my random scribblings are worth their time, and am grateful to all of you.

3: I am starting, slowly, to have an idea how to use the pony emoticons appropriately. Apropos of nothing.

4: I don't appear to have a module for leaving messages on my page, and I don't want one either.

Index of stories in "The Avatar of Albion" multiverse.

The Avatar of Albion
Main/original story, by Jed R.

The Avatar of Albion: Tales of the War
Side story anthology, by Jed R.

The Avatar of Albion: Bittersweet Victory
Sequel, by Jed R.

The Avatar of Albion: When We Needed Him Most
Alternative Universe story, by RoyalPsycho.

The Avatar of Albion: Cold Regret
Alternative Universe story, by Jed R.

The Avatar of Albion: The Morningstar Dawns.
Alternative Universe story, by The Void.

The Avatar of Albion: The Avatar's Odyssey.
Alternative Universe story, by TheIdiot.

The Avatar of Albion: Starlight's Strife.
Alternative Universe story, by TheIdiot.

The Conversion Bureau: Gilead.
Prequel to The Avatar of Albion, by Jed R.

Alternative Universe Story/Avatar of Albion Reboot, by Jed R.

Albion: The Suicide Mission.
Albion Side Story, by Jed R.

Alternative Universe story/Other Side of the Spectrum Crossover, by Doctor Fluffy.


Jed On: The “Freeverse” and original fiction. · 2:49pm Last Wednesday

Hello, everyone.

So you probably know from my previous blogs that I’m pretty much not on this site anymore. The likelihood of me updating anything is low, because it’s all very tied up in my issues. Now, that being said, I figured some of you might want to know this particular bit of news.

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