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by Jed R

Thousands of years ago, Discord, the Lord of Chaos, lead an army against Equestria and the free world. For two and a half thousand years, he led a campaign of chaos and despair, until he was driven back. When he returned, over four thousand years later, he was defeated again, this time imprisoned in stone.

After a millennium, he was eventually released, and then (after another foray in stone for a year that he'd likely not wish to discuss) he was eventually reformed. But after all of this, Celestia still doesn't know one thing.



Set during Season 3, a little while after Discord got reformed. Not technically related to anything I've done prior to this point, but the history discussed here is congruent with character histories in The Avatar of Albion (which means that yes, Discord is Q).

EDIT: 19th May 2015.

Apparently this is a "popular story"... good grief. Honestly honoured, thank you all :-)

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The Humans.
There and Back Again, a Pony's tale by Lyra Heartstrings.

Lyra Heartstrings is a pony who believes with all of her heart that humans really, truly do exist, and one day she decides to go out and prove it for herself. With her friend Bon-Bon reluctantly in tow, she sets out to find humanity, never suspecting that she will also find friendship, insanity, and high adventure!


Based on an idea by my friend RoyalPsycho, used with his gracious permission.

Chapters (4)

Discord has a long lost brother: that brother seeks to have him return home, and is willing to do whatever it takes for that to happen, even if it means threatening Discord's new friends. How will Discord react - and how will his friends react when tested by the power of a Q?

This fic is a crossover with Star Trek: it treats Discord as Q. It also includes an OC Q. Second ever MLP fic. Risk of possible OOC elements included (though hopefully justified and explained in-fic).

Chapters (1)
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