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Principal Celestia is sick of punishing Screwball and not seeing any improvement in her chaotic behavior. So she tries a different approach by enrolling her in the school's "Big Sister" program, hoping it will teach her some general morals. (No spoilers of who she's paired up with here.)

My first attempt at an Equestria Girls fic. Rated Teen for swearing and some sexual humor.

I don't own the cover art!

Chapters (13)
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Comments ( 173 )

You know? It's so weird! My cousin thought Discord would be the evil janitor! LOL!
This is neat so far! I love Screwball! Hmm...I'm going to guess Fluttershy...or Twilight.

I guess Screwy's mentor is going to be Sunset Shimmer.

I kinda want to see a scene where Screwball gets in trouble her first day of school and having Celestia try to figure out why she would do this, and why the prank seems so familiar... Only to discover with horror just who Screwball's daddy is xD

Even as an evil little demon spawn of chaos, Screwball is still a little cutie! /)^3^(\

Also... *gasp!* You actually used my idea!!! I am so flattered! Just as humorous as I imagined.... Plus that picture was pure cute!!

Nobody graduated because of that...

Seriously? o.o

4041956 yeah. Turns out waiting outside for two and a half hours for the doors to be pryed open was not everyone's idea of funny.

That dirtbike name though.
So. Much. Yes.:pinkiehappy:

I bet you anything that Screwball is like a genius when it comes to driving dirtbikes but no one really believes it... Also I find Pinkie's view on Screwball WAAAAAAY too relatable... but also very cute and kinda similar to how I always imagine Pinkie reacting to Screwball.

Also... How different of a story would it be if Pinkie became Screwballs "Big Sister?"

Also... again... I REALLY want to know now how Twilight would've reacted when she met Screwball and learned who she is in this universe. Probably a mixture of this-->:twilightoops:, this-->:twilightangry2: and maybe this-->:facehoof:

4093210 If I can find some way to include Twilight, I will. After all, she's my favorite of the Mane Six. :twilightsmile:

Also, one of my friends that read this thing says that my interpretation of Screwball in this fic kinda reminds him of Tiny Tina from Borderlands 2. Seeing how nuts the both of them are, I can kinda see where he's coming from. :rainbowlaugh:

I'd imagine putting Pinkie in Sunset's position right now would result in an almost completely different fic. The basis of this story is Celestia trying to get Screwball to quit destroying school property and harrasing the students, and trying to help Sunset Shimmer open up a little better. Killing two birds with one stone, if you will.

Maybe someday I'll write a side-story to this involving Screwball and Pinkie Pie, if I can get a good idea for it.

One thing I CAN say though, is that the Chaos would be GLORIOUS. :pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

4093493 That would be GLORIOUS!!! Because whether human or pony the idea of Twilight learning that Discord has a daughter is just gut bustingly hilarious! xD

I haven't played Boarderlands 2... so I can't confirm nor deny that statement... but I always imagined Screwball similar to Gir from Invader Zim, only if he was purposely destructive without going full on duty-mode.

I can see where Principle Celestia's way of thinking is, but I still think it's hilarious that even Human!Celestia doesn't really get how bad idea pairing a high strung ball of chaos with someone who is the LEAST compatible with them. But I suppose in this sense Pinkie couldn't have been a candidate for... better reasons...

But If Pinkie WERE to be Screwy's Big Sister... I imagine that Screwball could feel shock that someone actually has a sense of humor concerning her jokes... but when she tries to find the line Pinkie WON'T cross, that's when Pinkie puts her foot down, and feels all around!

NEXT CHAPTER!!!! ::flutterrage: If you don't mind that is. :applecry:

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.... Wait...
Screwball is only 12 years old in this thing?

She's only TWELVE years old!
And she's in high skool? Or is this one of those all grades skool?


Since the Cutie Mark Crusaders were seen in the school library, it kind of has to be a K-12.

4107835 This is true... But it has to be a bigger skool than how it looks if the CMC are in the same building as the high schoolers.

4107946 Did we ever get to see how big Canterlot High is? Because I don't remember right off hand.

Also, who else can't help but give Screwball the voice (and possibly some of the mannerism) of Tiny Tina?

4124566 For those who haven't played Borderlands 2, this is who I based this version of Screwball off of.

4124616 That explains a lot.

4124566 I think we saw some side shots.... It look big enough for a regular high school.

So far this is very entertaining, great job!

Screwball feels are the feelsiest... Also... awwwwww.... Discord DOES have a heart.... well at least as a human...

I burst out laughing. olshgau Oops, sorry I was laughing too hard! :yay:

Didn't the Doctor name his Tardis that? :rainbowlaugh:

I'm loving this
More Please :rainbowkiss:

The chaos has be quadrupled!

I wonder who is Screwball's mother? Chrysalis perhaps?

I wonder what made Screwball such a brat, Discord may be a bit of a jerk with a twisted sense of humor, but this much?

I wonder what made Screwball such a brat, Discord may be a bit of a jerk with a twisted sense of humor, but this much?


I'd start a logn debate about the word feelsiest, but I have to agree, poor Screwball, musn't be easy trying to raise a girl and have a relatively mediocre job alone, poor Discord.

Screwball is a troll. I like her! :pinkiehappy:

4723052 Did you expect anything less from Discord's daughter?

Yeesh, this is way more vulgar than I thought!

Sees screwball fic on my notifications. :pinkiegasp: Omagurd! I hope it's good,
Sees picture: :pinkiehappy: Sweet dick of Discord, I love this, I need to read it!!

This man was Discord. Canterlot High’s janitor, and Screwball’s dad.

4027176 Nah he shouldve been a philosophy teacher

Comment posted by Spirit Shift deleted Jul 21st, 2014

the ear rape that was Screwball’s singing

OI! Screwball has a wonderful voice!

4727089 most of the time she does. She was singing badly on purpose. :rainbowlaugh:

that pony-obsessed Lyra-chick

I love that idea and cam guess what she's thinking about.
or horns either continue this.

4371250 DON'T SAY THAT!
-shudders- just the thought of them doin it...
that's nasty.

Ha. Fandom Berry Punch. Classic.

I was expecting Button Mash to say

who's the jerk that pit this!?

4723052 I despise trolls.
But screwball is the daughter of DISCORD, so she doesn't count

Sure, on the "sequel relating to Rainbow Rocks". Maybe get a perspective of Screwball when the Dazzlings got involved.

I've been hearing a lot about these "dazzlings" and "rainbow rocks". Is it another EQG thing or did this take place in pony land?

“Yup. Now, who do you think had to clean up and repair the entire front of the school after your little…snafu?

Didnt Celestia make Sunset clean all that?
5072036 That's related to the new EQG thing. Luckily this story is ambiguous enough to have the excuse of happening after it. Seriously though, go watch the movie!

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