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The Crystal Heart has been broken, and the ancient evil imprisoned inside has been released from the crystal prison, surely to wreak vengeance on those who had imprisoned her. The Mane Six are right on the scene and prepared for an inevitable fight to defend their homeland and loved ones.

Only for Luxure, the goddess of lust who was trapped in the heart, to give up almost instantly.

Very bewildered, the Mane Six question the supposedly evil goddess why she would do this.

Kind of my attempt at a deconstruction of typical MLP villain ambition and behavior. Also considered my return to trying to write as I've been out of it for a while.

Alternate Universe tag obviously for the inclusion of an OC, and the fact that "The Crystalling" doesn't happen in this continuity. Sex tag for minor sex jokes and implications.

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I liked it! Luxury was interesting and this whole thing was entertaining. I'd be interested in more stories with her

By the time I found out the king of evil and darkness himself could be beat by a frickin’ baby dragon, I realized any chances I had of winning were deader than shit.”

That's because the show's full of shit writers. Kinda like you.

Fluttershy calmed down and smiled. “That’s good. Just promise to cause any world-ending catastrophes and we won’t have any problems. Okay?"

Called it! Fluttershy want to be the cute, fluffy Overlord. She just lacked the sexy villainous sidekick before. Beware the flutters! :pinkiecrazy:

Well, she could always get a job in Las Pegasus as a show girl.

You ended this here? The hell for?! It's hilarious! I say continue it; make Luxure an honestly nice (if perpetually horny) house guest of Fluttershy's.

7574956 If I ever feel like doing sequels to this, I'll definitely do it. Luxure's kind of a blast to write for.

Great self aware piece of work. Villainy and evil can be fun, but there is no sense to die for it or suffer an embarrassing defeat.

That’s good. Just promise to cause any world-ending catastrophes...

I thought it was Rainbow Dash that wanted a fight? (missing a "not" in there I think? :twilightsmile:)

7575871 I could've sworn I had the "not" in there when I wrote this but I guess not. Fixed :twilightblush:

Behold, the most dangerous type of villain: The one with common sense.


Agreed, the villain that sees the REAL big picture is the one that can live well, despite certain tastes and preferences in behavior. Overall, 10/10, will read again and hope for similar work!

hehehe, and boom. Luxure quite like here. its both depressing, but respectable. knowing when to fold them and all that.

BUT REALLY, MORE OF THIS CHARACTER. i wanan see Fluttershy and Luxure in wacky sitautions. heck, just discords reaction and what could come of that would be hilarious.

This is comedic because it isn't deep enough to be considered a deconstruction.

I'd be one of those reoccuring villains. Or atleast try to be. They tend to advance in their techniques a lot, after all, and using that I'd be capable of becoming ever stronger and then boast to the other kids at school :p

“A long time ago-“
“Aaaand there it is.” Rainbow Dash added in quickly before Cadance continued.

FINALLY somepony says it! :rainbowlaugh:

Luxure raised an eyebrow. “…..You just want to sleep with me don’t y-“
She didn’t get the chance to finish as she was interrupted by the sound of Fluttershy’s high pitched and frustrated yelling. “NO! NOW DO YOU WANT TO COME WITH ME OR NOT?!?”
“I said I didn’t have motivation to be evil anymore. And I meant it. There’s no way it’d benefit me knowing what I do now…I never said anything about being nice though.” She replied, with the slight presence of a smirk coming on.

I was hoping Luxure would proposition Fluttershy at the very end there.
Something like:

"I know you said you didn't just want me to come with you so you could sleep with me... but can we anyway? I've had over a millenia long dry spell. A mare has needs, ya know?" :rainbowlaugh:



Isn't there a porn site by that name?

THERE IS! :D This seems quite fitting...

7582297 Oh man.

That's actually completely coincidental on my part, but wow that is really fitting. :rainbowlaugh:

Nice story.

I would say the story is comedy.
But why the 'Sex' tag? Did I miss something?

7574801 I agree.
That way she would have a job, doing what she can do best, and maybe start buliding her real plan.
It wouldn't cause much attention is she would seduce ponies this way.

7583246 Sex joke at the end of the story. Plus all of the implications that come with Luxure's title as "Goddess of Lust" and all that.

I would suggest adding this to the story-description. Otherways readers may be confused, because they expected something different.

any chance at a continuation?

“Well um, I could take her in until we figure out what else to do with her. Just…if she’s as alluring as your book says she is, I really don’t want to wake up with her in my bed.” Fluttershy said, blushing a little.

Fixed that for you:trollestia:

Overall, this was pretty cool, and I really loved Luxure's personality here. It just feel so right for a mare who's been a tyrant, imprisoned, and then heard repeatedly about invincible heroes for years and years.

And I especially liked that you didn't have her immediately just go good, and how just because she's no longer a villain doesn't mean she has to be nice.

7585284 Probably

7585344 Yeah, she's just tired and jaded as fuck. To her, villainy would just be an uphill, losing battle against success. Villain, yeah not anymore. Good Girl? Nooooo:trollestia:

Unicorn princess of the Crystal Empire a very long time ago but was eventually shattered by Sombra when he came to power.

As in shattered shattered? So they're actually made of crystal? That has to be awkward around all those solid-rock stairs they have. What do they do when someone slips and breaks off a leg?

I never said anything about being nice though.

I.e. the Discord approach. Can't accuse her of not being genre savvy alright. :rainbowlaugh:

Try to decide for yourself if the idea of that is comedic, or very, very depressing.

Blah blah blah toymaker's creation blah blah crystal ball. Seems rather applicable to the situation in more than one way. Of course, some of the best anti-villains come from that. "Free and to none accountable, preferring hard liberty before the easy yoke." Fate has decided you will lose. It can't decide you're actually wrong - or that you can't still go down swinging.

7588285 No. Sombra killed her by turning her into stone and pushing her over causing her to break into pieces. i think he was only a kid as well when he did it.

I can see Adagio as Luxure's successor.

Well this looks funny, hehehehe, nice.

Hahahah, this is gonna be awesome.

After all, the history books had surely made her out to be a completely merciless monster.

My she is going to have fun discovering her new bestie once he shows up.

... I've never had a drink before. Can anyone tell me if it's really worth it?

*Ala Barney from the Simpsons* o_o It BEGINS!!!

Eh, as long as you know your limits and are responsible there is no harm in it. It can be a great social lubricant. I personally only really drink among friends and family.

This usually went with villain escaping from X, villain tries to take over Equestria for X reasons, they would beat them in the end by using X magic.

This usually went with villain escaping from (x), villain tries to take over Equestria for (y) reasons, they would beat them in the end by using (z) magic.


It'd be hilarious if she just doesn't care about reforming. She's smart enough to know she won't win in a fight, but she legitimately doesn't want to change is is perfectly happy to just get put back in prison.

Too powerful to ignore.
Too dickish to befriend.
Not evil enough to smite with friendship rainbows.

Best villain since Communist Twilight?

Try to decide for yourself if the idea of that is comedic, or very, very depressing.

My money is on depressing. :pinkiesad2:

“Oh excuse me for not looking my best after being stuck in there for as long as I have.

that seems familiar...

The adventures of our nihilistic little bitch continue

You keep using that word. I don't think it means what you think it means.

7867827 Yep.

She mostly uses it to distract herself. Only works so much though.

Well this was awesome, and emotional. I'm happy to see this continue. Fluttershy is such a patient mare :yay:

Thanks for the chapter:pinkiehappy:

Please say you have one hell of a rant for Luxure to go on when she does really opens up and unloads how evil she really was. I kind of see her evil plan as something that would make Fall of Equestria look like a bunch of pre-schoolers compared to her, maybe she's a pony version of slaanesh from warhammer 40k.


She's more of the tyranical/"homewrecker of the last few millennium" kind of mare. And given that the Crystal Empire values true love above a lot of things, the latter makes her out to be a special kind of horrible in the eyes of the empire.

And obviously tyrants are never really a good thing.

Is it odd that I feel the Luxure kinda has a point? She says their feelings don't matter, and while that's wrong, it also seems that it's important, consider practically everyone there is there because they FELT they deserved something and FELT like they had the right to do anything to get it.

Their feelings do matter, but their situations were created because of the focus on them.

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