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Dusty Gears

loves the show, aspiring to be a great writer and welcome to reviews

Latest Stories

  • E The Second Draconequus
    abandoned by my parents, brought to another world, ran away from my second family, made friends then framed, reunited with my old friends, went through another world, made new friends, fell in love and solve mysteries. that's my predicament and life.
    Dusty Gears · 5.5k words  ·  14  5 · 358 views
  • T The Empire of Engines
    I regret the moment I killed them and I wanted to redeem myself, and i did with my own life. Now I am given a second chance at living and redeeming myself but instead I took that chance to do what I did before but this time with a bigger goal in mind
    • Gore
    Dusty Gears · 9.8k words · 114 views


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