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If you came here for any sort of sanity, You came to the wrong page! heh heh HAHAHAHAHA! But yes, I love HIE and some good funny stories and love depending in how it's done. Have fun out there!


Note: Teen for swears and HC for Headcannon...no, it doesn't actually fire heads. The story is semi-serious and semi-for-bucks-and-giggles.

Meet Joel, just another human on the Planet Earth from the year 2015 with a hope for the future being a Zombie Apocalypse or all the futuristic technology.

When some crazy guy kidnaps a random human that happens to be Joel and put him in a capsule to freeze him for 3000 years, Joel wakes up to find the Human cities have all been abandoned and there is no sign of humanity everywhere.

Instead, Ponies are found, not your ordinary ones, magical technicolor ponies! How will Joel go on in this future that is ruled by magical creatures?

Well...guess you have to find out, won't you?

Chapters (23)
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Comments ( 42 )

looks kinda interesting... added to read later until it hits at least 25k words or is marked as complete.

Ha Ha, I like the Title, the future is Ponies, just as the Cross Planet of Equus would indicate

Just that, Commedy is Dead Serious. Oh, but wait, you don't fire heads? *pouts*

Although this comment would most likely be at the end, not up front?

Woah, the guy finally did get to earn his name? I am impressed. The Anon is just plane lazy.

Boh a Zombie-clishe refference and a hint towards Futurama in the same line? This is getting pretty thick.

Oh, and now I need to find this Emergency button. Seriously, I have been searching for it for ages and ages.

5571806 25k will take a year, for the story as it has been progressing, this far.

better luck with the completion, I would predict.

5582378 Me too, me too.

Guess it is time to start reading.

ok, here's a fresh :moustache: I like this, even if there are a few silly isues.

I would suggest you do go over the story for the possible typoes and grammar details, aside from what ever pops up.

Oh well, :pinkiegasp: I am sure to be back for more, any time soon, if you do choose to publish the next chapter.

I kind of feel right at home, :scootangel: for some reason.


5586392 I'm glad you like some of the stuff, I personally don't like the "Anon" thing, unless it's a one shot with very little character for the story yet it works. I feel Anon just feels a bit lazy, but that's just a pet peeve for me.

I consider the cliche of people wanting a Zombie Apocalypse and then there's the futuristic stuff like Hover-cars, Hover-Boards so you can imagine the surprise when it turns out to be pony-infested. Someone clearly screwed up!

I'm not the best with Grammar but I do try, i've had a few past negative things with spell-checkers and then there's the fear of Negative feedback thing i think all authors do have somewhere.

And No, i tried to find a cannon that could fire heads but unfortunately i couldn't although there was that scene in Lord of the Rings: Return of the King where a catapult fires at the citzens of Gondor the heads of their comrades. But it was a catapult not a cannon. Maybe we could steal Pinkie Pie's Party Cannon

5586644 Since you named your character, there is a face to like, as blurry as it may be, considering how little description there is?
I don't know what your story has in store, so maybe the details are less important, but I would love to see just a bit more of the details about things. The room in which he slept, where he woke up and where he found himself.
Sprinkled in hilarities did plenty of good, there.

Yeah, I guess that is a bit much of a Cliché. So I was possitively surprised when Inever saw any of them.
For a while, I was pondering how you manadged to sneak past moderation, but that soon cleared up, once we did meet the Ponies.

Oh yeah, the Futurama inspired expectations, 3 millennia is time enough to invent these things, right, but NO*tease tease*
There is but a ruin and rubble, with a few bones thrown in for good meaure, what a boner?

Canon and Catapult are 2 very different weapons.
I don't know, maybe you could make a twisted story, where Pinkie does borrow you a Canon that can shoot heads?

Which Spell-Checker did you not get along with?
personally, I was using the old M$ version from word, before I migrated to Star Office/Openoffice.
Then I use Grammarlys spellcheckplus and googletranslate.
I still do miss a few things, but it does improve the quality of my stories at least.

5586668 Yeah, I feel giving a Character a name sort of gives a personality much like i would say about Anon being for a story than doesn't really need the character, it's just there. I see Anon as a template But i see a named Character as a person you would read in a story like say The Hobbit or Harry Potter, they're not a cut-out template, They are like wax modeled, More definition and much more detail.

I rather liked Futurama as a show but I think in future chapters i envision the story seeing as the magical descendants of the Human race haven't really changed all that much from their ancestors. Futurama sort of does this, sure there's Space and all that. But has the society really changed all that much? No, it really hasn't.

I think the whole "The Future is not what I expected to be" Can come from alot of things, like about 40 or 50 years ago, by 2015 we would be the future the movies and cartoons describes us as, even Back to The Future Part II has hoverboards, holographic stuff and self-tying shoelaces (Which i wouldn't mind, damned shoelaces always coming untied). But here we are still looking as modern as ever. In 3000 years you'd think something would of advanced but nope. (And besides, i think some Authors want to watch their fictional worlds burn)

And if i do See Pinkie, I'll ask about that canon

This is getting good!
More please, but take your time! I want the next chapter to be as delicious as this one if you can. ;)

5636922 Do you want chocolate sprinkles on that? I'll even have Pinkie Pie pull it out of her mane

I don't mind chocolate sprinkles, but I prefer the multicoloured ones!

5640190 like 100s and 1000s? You should try those with bread and butter, taste damn delicous if you haven't tried them yet

That sounds like a bright Idea! I'm going to go an- HEY!
I know what you're doing! You're trying to dissuade me from my first comment!

Muahahahaha necromancer are da best!! Cant wait for the war :D... I am such a dick... meh

P.S. Good story bro like the others you make, but this one is perfect...

P.S.S. Well he kind of got his zombie wish accomplish in a way xD

Well that escalated far to quickly for my liking.

Let's meet! Kill the Human!!

so yeah, gonna say good bye to this story.


I'm going to laugh if the necromancer is a pony. Because it would be impossible if it was a human as celestia and Luna wiped all of the humans out. And even if he managed to survive, some sort of contact with the world has to have been made. How else would he have honed his powers yet remained undiscovered by ponies. And on top of all that, the necromancer recruited humans Into his horde. Why? Not to mention his obvious vendetta against the ponies for destroying the remainder of the human race.

One more thing, if that underground city was indeed the same place that our hero woke up, the very short time span of which he wakes up and later returns states that all of those dark creatures were familiar with the city. If this is true, wouldn't they have swarmed the collapsed building right after it collapsed? Forcing a confrontation? And also, wouldn't those dark creatures have been able to search that entire city up and down billions of times over, inevitably finding the protagonist?

Just a thought

5711046 Well, to answer your thoughts. I would assume the dead soldiers were somewhere else in the city just chilling...doing what zombies do when no flesh is around...seriously, what do these guys do?

In any case, Joel was up top and the skyscraper collapsed so anyone near would of been crushed.

But then again, it's sort of a accepted break from reality there. and besides, I like to think the "Zombie" kind of soldiers just stand around or just walk around rather than be actual sentient soldiers. Like in Zombie movies, they don't have sort of tracking, when they see or hear something, they'll go running.

As for the Necromancer's identity...well, still a few things i'm going over with him...but you'll find out...soon

Now then, I best be running before the Derpy fanclub come to secure my demise...I REGRET NOTHING!

Yeah, they're gonna kill you. It's too bad, because I was really enjoying this story.

5713040 let's just say I like going down the renegade path, it's really the only way to fly if you're not a goody two shoes. (Best done with Female Shepherd)

5715921 You may not know this but i love the Anti-Hero, downright Heroism can kind of get boring but in some cases it can be really good but some cases of heroism are just BS. Where as the Renegade is sort of a jerk but still plays for the good side, and personally i like the Renegade side, there's more attitude and fun stuff that can come from it.

You know I just realized that his powers are basically the leaf/feather from Mario bros without the flight portion. Insane Mario speed with featherfall and high jump abilities. :derpytongue2:

Have Cadance realize through magic he's innocent or the man who froze him is necrodude

Comment posted by Gigatonic deleted Jun 27th, 2015

is it weird that some of the names and the situation Joel is in makes me think of 'The Last Of Us'

Before I start to read this story. I just want to put my opinion into the introduction for this story. Yeah its fine, but the thing that tics me off, is the time period it apparently takes. 3000 years is at it takes for humans to go from top dog, controlling virtually everything, to extinction. Yes that could happen next year, but the likelihood. And then ponies go from non sapient to sapient, and to have their own society. And not just them, mythical creatures that didn't exists when humans where alive. And this to happen in 3000 years? Sorry but its just physically possible. Unless they are transported from another planet. The time it would take for just ponies alone, to get sapience, would take at least millions of years. You know, evolution. And then they would still have to go from cave-ponies to ponies in the show, would take at least 3,000 years, you can't just go from sapience to full society and highly developed brains like that *snaps fingers*.

And that just ponies, never mind how long it would take two different spices to create a mixed one. Then that mixed race to go onto evolving into the creatures in the show. And then for them to do the same as the ponies with society and etc. You would need to at least wait for 3 million years, never mind 3 thousand, to stand any chance to waking up in a world with different species that are sapient and etc. And that not even taking into account, the air. Surely after all the time, the air would be different. And who's to say that humans can actually breathe it. And then theres the temperature/climate is it possible for humans to survive in it. So yeah, to cut a rant short, i've leave it there. Now to actually read the story, i'll give it a few chapters, before deciding wether or not, I like it or want to read on. So until then, or till a topic gets my interest.

Well that explains the 3000 years. But seriously the humans wouldn't be of forgotten that easily or that fast I should say. But I can't help but think. Did Celestia, Luna and the others kill innocent humans, jut because they are humans. Or did they let the good humans live till the passed away. And I'm what 11 chapters in now, and still not sure how I feel about this story. There are some bad bits (I.e gets over things to quickly, not just him but others as well, And other things), then some good bits (i.e things myself haven't seen that often, necro... what ever, the dead things. Although its not really my thing, so I don't go looking for it.)

So much for him not being a cold killer. He just killed that pony in cold blood. Sigh, I don't think this story is for me, its just too fast for my liking. But I wish you the best with this story and/or other stories.

Wouldn't be the meteor crash on 2036? (If you did not get it, go search apophis 2036... Have good nightmares.)

I just have one problem with this and that is that 3000 years is not long enough.The horses evolving to get sentiant and small like they are.Thats not long enough.First off celestia and luna are the main problem.It shows in the season 4 premiere of how nightmare moon happened and that was atleast 1000 years ago.Then there's the fact of since they age much slower then they should in there physical form atleast.So that makes it atleast be 2000 years old.That leaves 1000 years for all cities and civilization to be destroyed and buried along with evolution making horses sentiant,smaller,get horns and wings,and for the sun and moon be changed tremendously.The sun and moon is a different story along with the earth.The sun stands still while the earth rotates around it so for the sun to instead be moved to rise and fall from celestia is a tremendous change in itself that 1000 years itself cannot provide.Then there's the fact that the moon instead gets lifted instead of rotating around the planet,again tremendous change.Then there's the fact that the planet no longer moves around the sun so how do the seasons come,because the seasons come from how far or close the planet is to the sun along with what position it's in wich creates the seasons.And the show says that the princesses do not create the seasons they just get rid of them if need be.But there is the fact that the seasons happen thanks to the Ponies like running of the leaves or the fact that they control the weather and have to clean up the winter so that says the seasons are not there anymore but are still needed and that supports the fact that the planet no longer does these thing itself because the planet no longer shifts itself around the sun causing these seasons .Basically just wrap it up to there are holes in my explanation but there are also holes in you're story.Im sorry but massive changes like the moon no longer moving itself around the planet and the sun being moved to cause day and night rather then the planet moving itself around the sun and rotating to cause day and night just do not happen in that short of a time.Evolution,changes of earth's and the moon's gravity,the sun moving instead of staying in position.All of these massive changes just do not happen in such a short time.Now if this was a different planet entirely like the show itself is on and the planet being equess,then all of these things could be entirely possible because it is a different planet,and solar system.Now alot of the things I said could be wrong but there is just the single important fact.Changes like this just can not happen in such a short time.

Sorry if I said severely idiotic things that were nowhere near correct it's just that I'm an athlete not an egghead.Im.Not.Smart.There I said it but I'm still pretty sure those changes cannot happen in such a short time

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