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While rushing across the country and away from his past, Gale’s car careens off the road. As it flies out over a lake his life flashes before his eyes before another, brighter, flash occurs and his car crashes down in an Equestrian field.

Over the next year, he simultaneously tries to rebuild his prized car and find his way home. As time goes by, however, he finds a lot more than he'd expected. After all, home isn't really about where you've lived. It's where you want to keep living.

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your profile says you have no stories yet... this is here? what?:applejackconfused:
also i would like more detail tags before i read... i know you said you would add more but... ehh..

5306524 Um . . . okay . . . I didn't think anyone would get it that quick . . . Give me a minute here.


Okay, so I couldn't find anything else, but will this free internet work?


Alright! My first time winning the Guess the Reference game on this site!

At first I wasn't really sure you were referencing Rush (I never expected to see a mention of them on this website), but then I read your bio-description-thingy and the first bit of the story. I would have made a comment about it if you hadn't asked, you just gave me an excuse, lol.

This is a first contact situation. It is so far above the pay grade of a small town mayor. The princess should have been involved from the beginning.

For all they know, the 'pet' thing could start a war. Why is Twilight letting the mayor sabotage diplomatic relations with an alien species?

5366261 Honestly? I wrote it like that to set up something that will come up in a few chapters or so, also the mayor's got a bit of James Rennie in her.

Whoever got the previous chapter is disallowed from guessing this one.


5369571 Keepin' it fair man sorry . . .


Sorry, I'm still kinda high off finally winning a FF contest.

Plus we seem to have very similar tastes in music, which is awesome.

All comments below this pertain to the original version of this chapter.

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Did you name the first two chapters after Rush?


Gale's not going to like being called a pet. The mayor better start barricading doors and windows.

I predict the mayor will get a black eye in a few chapters.

I'm going to call it now, you are going to name a future chapter 'The Grand Illusion' based on the music you seem to like and the first two chapters.

Clever girl

Jurassic Park!!

I think they wanted to do something involving ponies who are displaced from their homes


You sure had quite a few Easter Eggs in this story.

Wouldn't Pinkie ' party actually help ponies accept that Gale isn't just some animal? It seems like it to me since ponies would figure she wouldn't throw a party that big for an animal, plus she's Pinkie.

6775316 I don't like the idea of an author resorting to the "It will be explained later" excuse, but I actually do have something planned for that very reason.

6775993 Found a mistake
“Well, he fractured his week a week ago and he’s been grounded since.
"His week a week ago"

8114552 Whoops, I meant to say "wing" . . . thanks for catching that.

'notice lucky is off lately'

i'm thinking changeling... i mean- these ponies are so passively and naive, that they completely ignor ewhen someone is acting strange like that.

8115082 <_< >_> You're welcome to think that . . . <_< >_>

Deffenetly a changling. And some of your "history" is off.

You obviously hate guns for some odd reason.

Surprisingly, no . . . I'm actually aiming (pun entirely intended) to collect quite a few historic firearms when I get the money.

Oh, and the main character doesn't hate all guns. Just one particular handgun.

You are welcome to think a character is a changeling, if you want.

And . . . I know the history is off. He's an American man telling what he learned in an American school's history class. (Yes, I'm taking a shot at our school system.)

This is an interesting story! Keep up the good work!

He's really hung up on the 'somepony' thing. Gale, dude, it's their culture and linguistics. Take a chill pill and stop being a such a dick.

“Darling, that was a little insensitive, don’t you think?”

Um no he was agreeing with her how is that insensitive. Having Rarity do that felt completely forced

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