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This story is a sequel to New Life in Equestria

Story collab with APoeticHeart.

It's been two months since the end of New Life in Equestria. Nyx catches a cold and while bringing her a glass of juice, Joshua accidentally gets hit with her magic when she sneezes. When he recovers from the blast, he finds himself inside Fluttershy's cottage with another human looking on.

This takes place after A New Home II: A Queen's Revenge and before A New Home III: The Quest for the Lost Locket in the Tobyverse.

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You've got my vote! :pinkiesmile:
Keep up the good work.

Well, Joshua has just been sent to the Tobyverse.

:rainbowlaugh:...lol.. I'm sorry, I couldn't resist. However, Toby finally meets another human in Equestria, but he is not from the Equestria Toby arrived in. :twilightoops: The journey begins for our little OCs. :pinkiehappy:

heck yeah got my vote.

this look so cool you got my vote:twilightsmile: (i am sorry but i have to ask will he get back to twilight and nyx or not because i really want him to be with his new family please left him come back:fluttercry:

3515826 THAT IS JUST SO WRONG!!!! is it also wrong that I got a laugh out of it??:trollestia:

3515892 I kinda have to agree with there but should be a fun ride no matter:pinkiehappy:

anyway, nice start to the story

OMG YES!!! I can tell this gonna be great :3

Im just going to chant yes Daniel Bryan style, YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES!

I'm going to have to read 'New Life in Equestria' before reading this...God damnit!

Now the tears will start rolling:fluttercry:. Always strikes me to hear Toby's story. I commend Joshua in being strong while telling his story. :pinkiehappy:

3525648 Same for me too. Toby's is a sad story. Nice chapter btw

oh I am SO looking forward to THIS Celestia's reactions to her counterparts handling of Nyx:pinkiecrazy: should be pretty good. seriously, ends justify the means makes what she did right? bull! I've always gotten a kick out of tia getting her flank handed to her

My two fav kids in the same story. I will try to hold in the manly tears as long as I can.:pinkiesad2:

oh this should be good:pinkiecrazy:

can't wait to see where and how this goes:pinkiehappy:

this reminds me of "Sliders"

Not only has Toby met one of my other favorite kid OC's, but he will soon meet another favorite OC of mine, Nyx. :twilightblush::pinkiehappy::yay:

Now the Princesses from Toby's universe are gonna sense the Nightmare Moon spirit aka Nyx, and go ape shit, again!

NYYYYXXXX HAHAHA i'm super hyped nyx is my favorite oc ever created

:twilightsmile:nice update chapter, I still want to see tia's reaction to her counterparts handling of Nyx.
the ends justify the means is NEVER a winning way of going about anything:facehoof:

3584354 Thank you, and don't worry we will. I can't wait for Toby to meet Nyx. :twilightblush: Nyx is my favorite OC in fimfiction. :pinkiehappy:

3584431 I hope it isn't a mad reaction. :twilightoops:

3584870 Thank you very kindly always. :pinkiehappy:

Queen Chyrslais isn't dumb! She's just desperate.....wait my oc married her so does that mean I'm the idiot?:rainbowhuh:

oh this is getting GOOD:rainbowwild:

and really that explination of Nyx and her life story, is one of those type deals that might have to be told multiple times to get everything straight :rainbowlaugh:

Can't wait for Nyx to cross over to the Tobyverse.

This is getting very good indeed! :pinkiegasp: I wonder how Nyx is going to react when she sees the Twilight of Tobyverse.

3594326 I'm curious about this to. Its going to be interesting. I also wonder what Toby's reaction to her will be and vice versa

3603940 Well, I know Toby will be maybe a little surprised, but as always very welcoming and kind toward her. Maybe a little shy. :twilightblush:

3620263 To quote the oh so famous Forest Gump.
I'm not a smart man, but I do know what love is!

Good work you guys rock keep up the good work and when is chapter 6 comeing out:rainbowkiss::raritystarry::twilightsmile:

3654638 Hopefully soon. Now that APoeticHeart has finished chapter 17 of Heart of Diamonds, he's now working on Chapter 6.

Damnit Twilight, Joshua told you she was safe don't do anything that would ruin his trust in you.

Please post another chapter this weekend Please:fluttercry:


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