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Cover Art done by: The Irish Pony

Two years has passed since Toby arrived in Equestria, and he is now eight years old. On a beautiful spring day, he is invited, along with his family to the Crystal Empire by Princess Cadence and Prince Shining Armor, his aunt and uncle. They give him a tour of the Crystal Palace where he stumbles upon a strange looking mirror.

The mirror entices Toby beyond belief, so he wishes to get a closer look.

To his surprise, the mirror's allure causes Toby to lose his most valued, his most prized possession.

Struck with sadness, and a sudden determination the likes of which Toby has never mustered before, the young boy must go forth...into the unknown, to get back the one item that has arguably kept him at peace with life.

Inside this whole new world, Toby encounters a majority of creatures. Not only do these creatures remind Toby of his own kind, but many of the beings seem oddly familiar to Toby.

Toby may seem to know these other-worlders, but how will Toby react when he finds out they know nothing of him?

Will Toby succeed in bringing home his prized item? Or will time run out, and Toby's "New Home"....will become his permanent one?

A collaboration I am working on with fred2266.

Cover art courtesy of: http://joseph11stanton.deviantart.com/art/My-Little-Pony-Equestria-Girls-371838976

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My heart is happy now!



3142483 Jason JUST submitted it, too. It got approved SUPER fast.

Must be destiny....somehow.

Or they have had their eye on it for a while now and knew immediately that it would be a smash hit.

3142511 Well, they have exquisite taste.

Let's get this story FEATURED, like the original A New Home!

:yay: New story in the Tobyverse!

3142544 It just keeps on ROLLIN'....

Coming 2020: Toby Trek: The Next Generaton.

Oh god that was lame.

3142556 I've heard worse.

3142563 Me too, but that made my face hurt.

toby i will give you my eyes so you don't lose sight of your task good luck my friend

Jason will be editing in the "Comedy" and "Adventure" tags in the morning, since their essential to the story, and we want to use all the tag spots we are given.

3142573 He appreciates the kind gesture.

At least that's what I'm guessing.


Look at that funny pun with the title of the trilogy in the description....wonder what dummy added that in.... :ajbemused:

YAY IT'S HERE MUST READ:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::raritystarry::raritystarry::yay::yay::yay:

didn't expected to come a new sequel so fast :pinkiehappy:

Dis gonna be good :pinkiehappy:

3142606 APoeticHeart wastes no time.

Don't get me wrong, it was okay but
I realized what's been bugging me about this whole series. The dialogue is so fake. I mean when he runs into the CMC and says

“Good morning my big sisters!”

and they reply

“Good morning our little brother!”

If my 8 year old brother said something like that, I'd scan him for signs of alien mind control!
But that aside, my main gripe with this story in particular is,

“Alright sweetie, you can go alone"

Are you serious!? Are you! No! just freaking... what the scrap!?
[sarcasm] Well that was in character Fluttershy [/sarcasm]
He's 8 for Pete's sake!
Also since when does the train ride from Ponyville to the Crystal Empire take a "few minutes"?
I faved it to see where this goes but I have the strangest sense of Deja Vu. My feelings right now remind me of how I felt when I watched EQG for the first time. But by the end of it I felt like I hadn't totally wasted an hour of my life so, perhaps that is what will happen here.

3142674 Isn't it SOOOO great that this story is a clopfic?! Now we have a reason to masturbate!

hmm now that i think about if he's going into the portal and everyone toby met during the sequels does that mean that the oc's in the second sequel will be in this story....hypeskateboards.com/images/gethyped_feature.jpg

Its gonna be awkward to see Human Fluttershy now....ALSO:pinkiehappy: you added in the hoofshake between Twilight and cadence! They didn't do that in the movie!

3142684 You bring up a great point. I used to feel the same way about the dialogue. I thought it was forced most of the time, like Toby was reading off a script in the cheesiest manner. But over time, I've gotten used to it.

As for the bit with the train ride only taking a few minutes, you're right. It would likely take at least half a day to get there is my estimation, and we'll be editing that one day, or even tomorrow.

Fluttershy let Toby go on his own because she realizes how important this is to him. It's like you said before, it's time for Toby to grow a backbone and start doing things for himself. Yeah, he's 8, but if he doesn't start now, he'll be 80 and in a retirement home, and he won't even have the guts to stand up for himself when another old geezer steals his tapioca.

3142740 We could always bring Kevin and Riley into the story, but they won't be there in the new realm with Toby.

3142750 A New Home III: Having better continuity than My Little Pony since an hour ago.


3142801 at least I'm not spamming you with it!.....*evil smile*:pinkiecrazy:

3142806 Well, aren't you a bucket of peaches?

3142769 ... perhaps I did say that. But sending an 8 year old alone, into an unknown environment (when I visited my older brother's HS campus all those years ago I thought I was on foreign soil) seems still a bit extreme. Though perhaps I did overeact just a wee bit.
Not changing my comment though.

I can tell this is going to be awesome already. That portal leads to the entrance of Canterlot high school. Based off of my perception of the Equestria Girls movie, the high school is actually a middle/high school. If Toby is eight years old, he would only be in second or third grade; in Elementary school, so that gets me to thinking how this will work out.
All in all, a good first chapter.

3142842 Hey, opinions are like noses, everyone has one. (I'd make a Michael Jackson joke right now but I don't think those are funny anymore.) Yours is always welcome, of course.

3142867 We'll think up something, because he'd be in third grade, because Jason (APoeticHeart) told me his birthday is April 14th. So yes, he'd just be starting third grade.

Thanks for the praise, though! Jason made the Prologue, but I helped edit it. That means I get to make Chapter 1.

3142774 yeah but i'll leave that too you and poetic i don't wanna force you guys too add them into the story

3142929 You aren't forcing us. It'd actually be bad continuity if they at least didn't make an APPEARANCE.

3142934 true continuity atleast exist in the story of sir apoeticheart

3142881 "like noses, every one has one" :rainbowderp::rainbowlaugh:

I've GOT to use that in RL some time.

3142951 Hey, if you do...I DEMAND A ROYALTY CHECK. :flutterrage:

Just kidding. I didn't even make that up. I heard it from somewhere....no idea where, though. :twistnerd:

3142934 but here is where i'm concered is toby gonna meet sunset shimmer and she gonna be an ass or does this take place AFTER equestria girls


Well to be fair Boys that young were in the Royal Navy, perhaps just as cabin boys, or even as midshipmen training to be officers. We look down upon it now of course, but like it or not sending 8 year olds into dangerous situations is nothing new. Oh and don't say that just because these boys were not alone makes a difference, for that difference is quickly counterweighted by the fact they were on warships meant to go into battle, and even if they never found it, the sea itself was a far crueler enemy. Not to mention the ships themselves were filthy tubs that were just screaming for disease to wipe out a fair portion. Not to mention some of the more undesirable members of some crews thanks to impressment giving fewer and fewer options for having law abiding citizens.in the service.

On another note, why is the part of my brain devoted to looking for possible plots that can screw with heroes (IE the part inserted when I started reading A Song of Ice and Fire) warning me about Toby's return trip through the mirror...

In closing'

Bran: Can a man still be brave when he's afraid?

Eddard Stark: That's the only time a man can be brave.

Godspeed Toby.

Yeah, no problems. How long has it approximately been since the events of the Equestria Girls movie?

3142959 I don't want to give away any spoilers, sorry. You'll just have to find out. :scootangel:

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