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Cover Art by: Shutterguy

King Sombra has returned and has set his eyes on the ones he holds responsible for his banishment from the Crystal Kingdom. Also, he has set his eyes on the one he feels will give him the advantage of getting what he desires the most, Toby. However, he isn't alone for he has devised a plan to unite with all the villains that have been defeated by The Elements of Harmony.

Also, he has decided to descend upon Earth in search of two other villains that posses the power of dark magic, The Dark One Rumpelstiltskin and The Evil Queen. Will Toby and his Equestrian be able to stop King Sombra and the forces of evil?

Rated Teen for language

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After asking for Fluttershy's hoof in marriage, Big Mac and the shy Pegasus begin the slow, steady steps in their relationship that shall lead them to their wedding day.

Coverart done by: The Irish Pony

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Cover Art done by: The Irish Pony

Two years has passed since Toby arrived in Equestria, and he is now eight years old. On a beautiful spring day, he is invited, along with his family to the Crystal Empire by Princess Cadence and Prince Shining Armor, his aunt and uncle. They give him a tour of the Crystal Palace where he stumbles upon a strange looking mirror.

The mirror entices Toby beyond belief, so he wishes to get a closer look.

To his surprise, the mirror's allure causes Toby to lose his most valued, his most prized possession.

Struck with sadness, and a sudden determination the likes of which Toby has never mustered before, the young boy must go forth...into the unknown, to get back the one item that has arguably kept him at peace with life.

Inside this whole new world, Toby encounters a majority of creatures. Not only do these creatures remind Toby of his own kind, but many of the beings seem oddly familiar to Toby.

Toby may seem to know these other-worlders, but how will Toby react when he finds out they know nothing of him?

Will Toby succeed in bringing home his prized item? Or will time run out, and Toby's "New Home"....will become his permanent one?

A collaboration I am working on with fred2266.

Cover art courtesy of: http://joseph11stanton.deviantart.com/art/My-Little-Pony-Equestria-Girls-371838976

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Cover Art done by: FlutterPal

While watching over the land of Equestria during the night, Luna hears the mind, and heart of a young child. She enters into the child's dream, only to find that he is being abused by his own parents. She chases away his fears, and decides to take him with her to Equestria.

She sees the pain the little boy is in, and decides to protect him from anymore harm, becoming the caretaker/mother of the helpless human. How would the Princess of the Sun and Luna's sister, Princess Celestia react after discovering the child? How will the many other ponies of Equestria react to an unknown creature in their home?

A Collaborative Story I am working on with lunafan69 on

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A few months have passed since the foal napping of Toby by Queen Chrysalis. Although he has gotten over the traumatic experience, there is a certain silver filly who would like to make sure he is okay, and decides to take him out on a date.

Cover-Art done by my good friend: ShutterGuy

Link: http://www.fimfiction.net/user/ShutterGuy

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Cover art done by : The Irish Pony

Rarity has always been a pony who indulges herself in the finest things in life, but also enjoys being in the company of her friends and family. She is a successful fashionista, a refined mare whose love is fashion, and a dear friend to those who need her.

From time to time she watches over her little sister Sweetie Belle while her parents are away on vacation. Sometimes she throws Sweetie off on one of her friends so she don't have to bother with her at times although she does love her sister.

However, how would Rarity react when discovers an abandoned child, a human child to be exact? How would she respond when she is thrown into being the mother figure/caretaker of this small one?

I want to thank http://www.fimfiction.net/user/midnightshadow1] for the name suggestion of Connor

CoverArt Photo done by: http://kuroiraishu.deviantart.com/

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It has been a year since Toby has arrived in his new home of Equestria. He has a wonderful and caring family, great friends, and a good life. However, Toby is about to experience the dark side of Equestria, and he will come face to face with an enemy of the ones he calls family that they thought they got rid of.

He is about to come face to face with the Queen of Darkness, the Queen of the Changelings, Queen Chrysalis. What evil plans does Chrysalis have in store for the young child? How does she plan to use Toby to extract her revenge on Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, and all of Equestria? Will the Mane Six be able to prevent something terrible happening to not only their home, but to their precious little Toby?

Or will Queen Chrysalis overthrow Celestia and take what she believes is her rightful place as ruler of Equestria?

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A collection of short stories with Toby experiencing his first holidays in his new home.

It has been several months since Toby has been brought to the land of Equestria by Princess Luna. His wish came true as he found a family in his loving mother in Equestria, Fluttershy, along with his Aunt Rarity, Twilight, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, and Applejack. After enduring the heartbreaking loss of his mother, and to know that his own father, James was behind it, Toby found a father figure he deserved in Applejack's older brother Big Mac.

He has made wonderful friends in Ponyville such as The Cutie Mark Crusaders who has taken the role of his big sisters, and have made great friends in Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara.

After finally finding a new home in Equestria and letting go of the past as his father lies in jail for his crime, it is time for Toby to experience the great times that come in this new land and celebrate the holidays of Equestria.

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I want to thank http://www.fimfiction.net/user/ShutterGuy] for the awesome picture he has done for this story. He captured Toby perfectly, so I give all credit to him and also he is a good writer, check out his story "Human and Pony alike", it is good.

Toby Mason is a six year old human child who wishes for someone to love him. One year earlier, Toby lost his mother Ashley Mason who died in a terrible car crash coming to pick him up from school one day. After Ashley's death, Toby was hard to console, but his father James Mason took the loss the hardest.

Feeling as his life ending along with Ashley's, James began drinking heavily, and in turn started becoming abusive toward Toby. Mostly verbally abusive, he would call Toby weak, pathetic, and blamed Ashley's death on him. Heartbroken by his father's actions, Toby would make a wish upon a star to find a new home, and find a new family who would love him and not be mean to him like his father.

How would the ponies of Equestria, especially The Mane Six react toward finding a lost human child in their land? Will the take him in and treat him as one of their own, or will they fear him and abandon him?

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What if the world of Equestria was real? How would you want to hear about the inhabitants? Well, let the world of poetry take you on an adventure through the world of Equestria. This is a series of poems I wrote inspired by the show. Also, I kind of written in a way of like taking others on a tour before immediatly posting the poem. Let me know what I need to work on, because this is my very first fanfic.

All rights of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic belong to Hasbro, The Hub Channel, and Lauren Faust. I always put this with my video poems on Youtube.

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