• Published 2nd Sep 2013
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A New Home III: The Quest for the Lost Locket - APoeticHeart

Toby is suddenly teleported to the Equestria Girls Universe in search of his missing locket.

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It was a beautiful, calm spring day in the land of Equestria as morning birds of each region greeted the day with their beautiful melody. In the town of Ponyville, while most of the towns’ ponies were outside tending to their gardens or simply enjoying a morning stroll, Fluttershy and Toby were having breakfast. As she ate, Fluttershy couldn’t help but smile warmly at the small human child who she adopted as her son two years ago.

He may be eight years old and growing up, but he is still my precious little one. He has endured so much; first with that foul beast for a father of his, and then that she-pony Chrysalis foal napping him, using him to try and rule Equestria. Yet, through all of that, he remains the sweet little boy I’ve come to love with all my heart.

After she finished her breakfast, she looked over at him. “Toby sweetie, do you have everything packed for our trip to the Crystal Empire?”

He looked up from eating his scrambled eggs, giving his mom a bright smile, and nodded. “Yes Momma. I can’t wait to go to the Crystal Empire to visit Aunt Cadence and Uncle Shining.” He went back to eating his scrambled eggs, finishing up the last few bites.

He gathered his empty plate as Fluttershy gathered hers, and they headed into the kitchen to get the dishes washed. Fluttershy pulled a chair over to the sink beside her for Toby to climb up on. She smiled warmly at him as she performed the washing of the dishes, while Toby dried them off with a dish towel.

While they were cleaning Toby looked over at his mom curiously. “Momma, what is the Crystal Empire like?” He placed the dried dishes back into their respective cabinets.

Fluttershy giggled lightly at his curiosity. “Well sweetheart, the Crystal Empire is a small kingdom just like Canterlot, and it is just north from here. All the ponies that live there are made out of crystal, and they are all connected together through the Crystal Heart, which is the energy source of the entire kingdom.”

A wondrous smile formed across his face. “Oh, that sounds neat Momma.” His smile slowly turned into a small frown as he dried off the last remaining dished, and placed them in the cabinets. He turned to his mom, letting out a heavy sigh. “Momma, do you think the ponies of the Crystal Empire will like me?”

Fluttershy frowned at the question and scooped her son up into her forelegs, embracing him close. She held him underneath his legs with a foreleg, resting his back against the crook so she could look into his eyes. She leaned in, nuzzling him gently on the cheek. “Toby sweetie, of course the crystal ponies will like you. There is nothing to be worried about, I promise. They are just as nice as the ponies here in Ponyville and the ponies in Canterlot you’ve met.” She gave him a reassuring smile, rubbing at his side soothingly.

He gave her a warm smile, hugging her around her neck. “Okay Momma.”

Fluttershy sighed warmly while she held her son comfortably in her forelegs, rubbing along his back. After a few more minutes, they gently broke the hug, and she placed Toby on the floor. “That’s my baby boy. Now let’s go get our bags, double check to make sure we have everything, and we’ll go meet the others at the train station.” He looked up at her, nodding, and they exited the kitchen to go upstairs.

After double checking their saddlebags, Toby and Fluttershy returned downstairs with Angel waiting for them. Toby smiled at the bunny, rubbing between his ears, causing Angel to thump his paw against the floor happily. “I’ll see you in a few days Angel. I’ll see you all too.” He looked to wave at the other animals that were inside, and they returned the wave with their paws and talons.

Fluttershy leaned head down to give Angel a kiss on top of his head. “Angel sweetheart, you are in charge while we’re gone, okay?” Angel chittered and saluted with a paw. Fluttershy let out a soft giggle, turning to look down at Toby. “Are you ready sweetie?”

He looked up at her with a soft smile, nodding. “Yes, Momma.” Fluttershy leaned on her forelegs to allow him to climb up on her back, and then she trotted out of the cottage. She turned to look at her animal friends. “Goodbye everyone, we’ll be back in a few days.” She waved a hoof at them as they returned the wave, and the two headed toward the train station.

As they arrived at the train station, they saw that the others were patiently waiting for them. Toby smiled happily at seeing his family and friends, waving. “Good morning everyone, we’re here!” He expressed excitedly as Fluttershy leaned on her forelegs to let him climb off.

“Good morning Toby!” They all greeted in unison.

The Cutie Mark Crusaders galloped up to their little brother, swallowing him up in a big, warm hug. Toby sighed happily, giggling in the group hug. “Good morning my big sisters!” he exclaimed.

“Good morning our little brother!” they said in unison, nuzzling at him on his cheeks, and top of his head before breaking the embrace.

“Are ya ready to go see the Crystal Empire little buddy?” Applebloom asked, reaching a hoof up to rub at his head.

Toby giggled and nodded. “Yes I am big sister Applebloom. I can’t wait to see Aunt Cadence and Uncle Shining again, but also see the Crystal Empire.” He smiled brightly.

Sweetie Belle nuzzled at his cheek. “I know you are going to love it Toby. Although we weren’t able to spend much time there last time, it was still so much fun!” She beamed with excitement causing her horn to spark.

“Excuse me?!” Rarity gasped as she, Applejack, and Rainbow Dash trotted up to the three fillies. “What do you mean by ‘last time’ Sweetie Belle, darling?”

Sweetie Belle turned to look at her sister, giving her a nervously awkward smile. “Well Rarity… I … we…” She was cut off by Scootaloo who pointed a hoof at Spike.

“It was Spike’s brilliant idea to go to the Crystal Empire in the first place!” She flapped her wings, giving the baby dragon a stern look, and nod.

Twilight gasped, glaring at her assistant. “Is this true Spike?!” Her lips pursed with frustration, causing the baby dragon to shake nervously. She face hoofed herself “You know what…never mind. We will talk about this later. Right now, this supposed to be a fun-filled trip, so when the train gets here let’s go to the Crystal Empire!” She exclaimed as the others nodded in agreement.

“Yeah, that is what I like to hear!” Pinkie Pie beamed bright as her eyes went wide, a huge face-splitting grin shown, and she randomly shot up in the air, causing fireworks to shoot off out of nowhere.

Every pony, along with Toby looked up in awe, yet bewildered at the pink pony’s ability to do the impossible. Toby giggled lightly, and gently pulled on his mom’s saddlebags, whispering “Momma?”

Fluttershy looked down at him with a warm smile. “Yes sweetie?” She nuzzled at his cheek with a blushing smile.

Toby blushed at being nuzzled. “How does Aunt Pinkie Pie do that?” He let out a soft giggle.

Fluttershy turned to Pinkie who was bouncing around giddily. She looked back down at her son “Well… um… sweetheart… it’s just Pinkie being Pinkie.” She nuzzled at his nose, causing Toby to let out a giggle.

The Friendship Express came pulling into the train station to a slow, steady stop. The passenger doors opened, and out trotted the conductor. “Welcome to the Friendship Express folks, do you have your tickets?”

Twilight levitated a bundle of ten tickets to the conductor. “Here you go Sir.”

He nodded at Twilight and the others. “Thank you, and welcome aboard the Friendship Express. May your traveling be safe and comfortable.” He stepped aside to let them board the train.

Toby walked up beside his big sisters. “Big sisters, where are Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara?” He looked at them curiously with a sad smile.

“Well, ya see Toby, Diamond Tiara’s dad got some vacation time off his job. He asked if Silver Spoon would like to go to Las Pegasus with him and Diamond before we asked if she would like to go with us to the Crystal Empire.” Applebloom spoke for the other two, patting Toby on his back. “But she wanted me to tell ya that she will be thinking about ya, and will be waiting for ya to return.”

He nodded. “Oh, okay. That’s okay though, I hope she has fun in Las Pegasus.” He gives them a big smile, looking around at his family as they find a seat on the train. “I still have all my family with me, and I know this is going to be fun.”

“That’s right buddy.” Scootaloo said flapping her wings proudly. She looked over to see Spike sitting alone the opposite side of the train with his arms crossed. “Aw…. What’s wrong dragon boy? Are you still upset that I ratted on you?”

The baby dragon huffed, turning his head up. “I’m not talking to either three of you tattle tales.” He let out a puff of smoke in frustration.

They d’awwed at the dragon’s little temper as the conductor spoke over the intercom. “Next stop folks is the Crystal Empire.” Suddenly the train started rolling along the tracks, departing from the Ponyville train station, starting its trek to the Crystal Empire.

After several minutes, the Friendship Express pulled up to the train station of the Crystal Empire, the doors opened, and the group of ponies, and human child exited. They were greeted by Princess Cadence standing on the dock. A warm smile spread across her face as she saw her sister-in-law, her friends, and her little nephew.

“Cadence!” Twilight said excitedly as she galloped up to her, hugging her around the neck.

“Hello Twilight!” Cadence replied. They broke the hug to perform their greeting when Twilight was only a filly.

“Sunshine, Sunshine

Ladybugs awake,

Clap your hooves

And do a little shake.”

They giggled afterwards and Cadence nodded her head to the others. “Welcome back to you my friends.” The other Elements of Harmony, the CMC, Spike, and Toby bowed their heads respectively. Cadence beamed when she spotted Toby. “Hello my little nephew, come here.” She motioned with a fore hoof.

He smiled happily, walking up to her. “Hi Aunt Cadence!” he said happily as he gave her a big hug around her neck. He sighed softly as he laid his head on her shoulder.

She patted him on the back with a hoof. “Welcome to the Crystal Empire Toby. Your Uncle Shining is at the castle waiting for us to arrive.” She rubbed along his back some more before gently pulling apart. She gave him a warm smile. “Would you like to ride on my back sweetheart?”

Toby smiled up at her, nodding. He turned to look at Fluttershy “Is it okay if I ride on Aunt Cadence’s back Momma?”

Fluttershy nodded “Of course it is sweetie.” She gave him a warm smile.

Cadence leaned down for him to climb up. She looked back at him, giving him a warm smile. “Okay my little nephew, hold on.” She spread out her wings carefully and Toby gently wrapped his little arms around her neck. She patted at his hands as she gently flapped her wings to hover into the air. The others smiled up at the princess and Toby, as she flapped her wings, and flew toward the castle.

Fluttershy hovered into the air, along with Rainbow Dash, Scootaloo, and Twilight who all followed Cadence in the air, while the others trotted on the ground. Pinkie Pie was using the giant stilts she had acquired from her first visit to the Crystal Empire. Where did she pack them at? It’s best we just leave that question alone and don’t ask.

While in the air, enjoying the calm wind blowing against his skin, Toby looked down to see crystal ponies trotting along the streets looking up in admiration for their princess. “Aunt Cadence, it is very pretty here in the Crystal Empire. Thank you for inviting me.” He gave her a big, warm smile.

She smiled warmly back at him “You are very welcome precious. I’m glad you like it here, and I promise you will enjoy the castle.” She gave him a wink as they slowly approached the castle where Shining Armor was standing on the steps. Cadence carefully lowered to the ground.

“Hello every pony, and welcome back to the Crystal Empire!” he bowed his head at the guests. He looked up to see Toby riding on Cadence’s back, giving him a soft smirk. “Well, hey there big guy, and how is my cool little nephew doing?” He trotted up beside Cadence and reached a hoof up to rub at the child’s head.

Toby giggled happily, giving is uncle a big smile. “I’m doing good Uncle Shining. I've missed you.” He reached to give him a hug around his neck, while still on Cadence’s back.

Shining smiled warmly at the gesture, reaching a foreleg up to hug Toby back. “Aw… I've missed you too big guy.” They gently broke the hug and Shining looked at him in the eyes. “How would you like to take a tour of the Crystal Palace, Toby?”

Toby nodded excitedly. “Yes Uncle Shining, that sounds like fun.” He giggled happily, along with the others who d’awwed at the happy child.

“Follow me every pony.” Shining nodded as he turned and trotted inside the castle. Cadence followed behind him with Toby on her back, along with the others.

As soon as they entered through the palace doors, Toby looked up in awe at the high ceiling of the main hall, and the beauty of the all crystal interior. He enjoyed riding on Cadence’s back, admiring the beauty of the palace as they were trotting through.

Shining Armor took the group through the entirety of the castle, until they were trotting down one of the many corridors, and came across an opened door. It revealed a room that held a unique looking mirror. The frame around it was lavender with deep magenta gems embedded all around it.

Toby looked in the room curiously and gently asked. “Uncle Shining and Aunt Cadence, what is that room?” He pointed with a finger.

“Well big guy, this room is a bit off limits, because of the mirror inside. But I don’t see a problem in letting you see it. C’mon every pony.” He motioned for the others to follow with a hoof as they all entered.

Cadence looked back at Toby. “You see sweetheart, this mirror has magical abilities to be able to send us to another world, but it has only been used a few times. Three, to be exact.” She smiled awkwardly as she leaned down to let Toby climb off her back to go look at the mirror.

Toby carefully walked toward the mirror curiously. He turned to look up at Cadence, Shining, and the others. “Oh, who was the first one to use it Aunt….ah!” He missed his step, tripping over the first step of the platform that the mirror was standing on. He landed hard on his knee “Ow!” He let out a small cry.

Fluttershy galloped up to him. “Oh Toby sweetie, are you okay?” She asked worriedly and he slowly stood up rubbing at his knee. She laid a wing over his back, rubbing it soothingly, and brought him in for a comforting hug.

He sniffled “I’m okay Momma. It just hurt a little bit, but I’m okay. “He looked up with a reassuring smile. Fluttershy gently pulled him back and gave him a gentle kiss on the forehead.

She smiled warmly down at him, but gasped. “Toby… your locket!” She pointed at the place on his royal blue jacket where his locket is.

He looked down and his face became pale to see that it was gone. “My locket…it’s….it’s gone!” He looked up at his mom and back at his family frantically. “W-where is it?!” He used his hands to feel in the pockets of his jogging pants, the pockets on the sides of his jacket, but he couldn’t find it. He looked down, scanning the floor for it, but couldn’t find it on the ground either.

He looked on the platform to find it was there, but then looked at the mirror which was rippling a little, and his face became paler. “Oh…no, do you think it fell through the mirror Momma?” He stood there shaking with fear of losing his locket. He turned to look up at Fluttershy with tears stinging his eyes. “I’ve got to get it back Momma!” He cried out.

The others looked on concerned for the little boy. Fluttershy looked down at her son with a frown, and then looking at the mirror. She shook her head “Toby sweetie, I can’t let you go. It’s too dangerous, and I don’t want anything bad to happen to you.”

“She is right Toby.” Twilight spoke up. “I’ve used this mirror before, and the world I went to… well, it’s too dangerous for one as young as you sweetheart.”

Toby lowered his head, shaking it vigorously, closing his small hands into little fists. Tears fell from his eyes, staining the crystal floor. He took in a deep shuddering breath, letting it out heavily. He looked up at his mom with pleading eyes “Please Momma, you’ve got to let me go through that mirror. My locket is the only thing I have to remember my Mommy by! Please Momma, please let me go and get it back!” He cried louder, hugging one of Fluttershy’s forelegs hard, burying his face in her chest.

Fluttershy’s heart broke at the sight of her son like this. She reached her free foreleg up to hug him close to her, stroking up and down his back. She let out a heavy sigh “Alright Toby, you can go and get your locket back, but you’ve got to let one of us come with you.”

Toby released the remainder of his tears into her soft, warm chest fur before lifting his head up to look at her. He sniffled, but had a look of determination on his face. He held his hug around her foreleg. “No Momma, I want to do this on my own. I need to be brave, and not be afraid anymore. Please Momma, you’ve got to let me do this on my own, please?!” He looked up at her begging.

Fluttershy felt tears sting her eyes, but gave him a warm, sad smile. She reached up with her hoof to stroke his hair. “You are growing up so fast Toby, and you are only eight years old.” She let out a heavy sigh and nodded. “Alright sweetie, you can go alone, but promise me that you will be careful, and if you are in danger, just be brave for Momma, okay?”

Toby looked up at her with a tearful smile of his own. “Yes Momma, I promise I’ll be careful, and be brave for you.” He reached up to hug her tightly around her neck. “I love you Momma! Thank you for letting me do this alone.” He turned his head to give her a soft kiss on the cheek.

Fluttershy allowed her tears to flow freely, rubbing along his back, and giving him a tender kiss in return on his cheek. They broke the hug “Momma loves you too Toby! You just be safe.”

Cadence carefully trotted up her nephew, looking down at him, and gave him a warm smile. “Toby, listen to me, okay?” He nodded. “The portal only stays open every thirty moons. So you have only thirty days to retrieve your Mommy’s locket, or you will be trapped in the other world.” She gave him a sad smile.

He swallowed deeply, but shook off his nervousness. “I understand Aunt Cadence. I promise I’ll be back before thirty days.” He looked up at her, Shining, and then at his family. “I love you all, and I promise I’ll be back.” He smiled warmly at them all and carefully turned toward the mirror.

“Be safe little brother!” The Cutie Mark Crusader said in unison.

“Be safe Toby, we love you!” The others spoke altogether.

Fluttershy let out a shuddering breath. “Be safe my son, I love you.”

Toby turned toward his mom. “I love you too Momma.” He gave one last smile before stepping onto the platform. He reached out his hand, noticing it went through the mirror, and pulled it back. He looked back one more time at his family, who all gave him a reassuring nod. He turned back to the mirror, taking in a deep breath, and took a big step into the mirror.

He was suddenly sucked into the mirror. He let out a scream as he felt himself being turned around and around. His vision was filled with colorful spinning light, until suddenly the environment around him immediately turned black.

His eyes were closed, and he was unconscious.