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Dream Come True - Chapter Twenty- Six Update! · 10:34pm September 3rd

Hello to all of my Fimfiction Family! I am currently working on Chapter Twenty Six of Dream Come True, & I am not going to "Spoil" anything, but i have something planned that is going to be shocking! :raritystarry: Stay tuned!

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Where I Have Been · 10:59pm July 26th

Hello everyone of my Fimfiction Family! I wanted to update you on my whereabouts & my stories. Currently I am working on Chapter Twenty-Six of Dream Come True, but slowly. :scootangel: Also, I wanted to let you all know also that recently I have had the unfortunate event of ending a great friendship of mine with a great person,but we did end our friendship on a positive & happy note.:twilightsmile:

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Hello Everyone! · 11:15pm June 12th

Hello to all of my Fimfiction family! First off I want to apologize yet again for not updating any of my stories recently :fluttershysad: I have been stricken with Writer's Block as of late, but also busy at the hospital, & I mean more busier that I have ever been in the past. However, I am going to work on Chapter Four of "Once Upon A New Home" & I have also thought of a huge twist to end this story off. I don't wan to spoil anything, but it is huge! :raritystarry:

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Hello Everyone! · 11:50pm February 23rd

Hello everyone of my Fimfictions Family! First off I want to announce that I am not dead or have forgotten this place :raritywink: I just have been dealing with a long of stuff at home, but also with myself. You see for a long time now, for about three years now I have been facing some doubts of my friendship with friends that I met on here when I first started here & it has just gotten worse as time went on. For a while I thought I had these doubts beaten, but I have allowed them to creep

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Happy Hearth's Warming Eve Everyone! · 9:40pm Dec 24th, 2018

I wanted to get on to wish all of my FimFiction Family A Very Wonderful, Safe, Blessed, Merry, & Very, Very Happy Hearth's Warming Eve! May you all get what you have asked for, spend time with those ones you love, & have a wonderful night! Happy Hearth's Warming Eve Everyone! :heart:

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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! · 11:29am Nov 20th, 2018

I know it two days away, but I wanted to wish you all A Very Happy, Blessed, & Safe Thanksgiving! May you all enjoy the company of family, friends, & great, big, healthy, filling Thanksgiving meals. :raritywink: Also I wanted to let you all know that I am still working on my stories, it has just been difficult to get some time to really work & write on them, but I am getting to it.

Hope you all have a great & blessed day today! :twilightsmile:

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Hello Everyone! I'm still here! · 10:42pm Sep 8th, 2018

Hello to all of my Fimfiction Family!:pinkiehappy: I wanted to let you all know that I am still here, but I have just been so busy with the hospital lately. However, I want you all to know that I have not forgotten or gave up on my stories :raritywink: Also, hope you are all doing well my Fimfiction Family!

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New Choices of Music · 9:42pm Jun 22nd, 2018

Hello everyone! I have decided to share with you a new couple pieces of music, & it is for what I have in store for the final installment of A New Home. Let me know what you think

Pfeifer Broz - Glacial Supremacy

Globus - Preliator

The Final Battle - Epic Music

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Hello Everyone! · 12:45am Jun 10th, 2018

Hello to all of my Fimfiction family! :twilightsmile: I just wanted to let you all know that I am still alive, that I am okay, & also I just wanted to apologize for being away for such a long while. I have just been real busy at the hospital as of late, & also just dealing with some stuff around my home :eeyup: .

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Hi Everyone! · 12:56pm Feb 16th, 2018

Hello to all of my Fimfiction Family! I wanted to just make this blog to let you all know where I've been and why I haven't updated any of my stories yet. :fluttershysad: Well I have been busy at the hospital still, but also currently I am suffering from strep throat :pinkiesick: However, I would like to let you all know that I am going to try and start on the next chapter of Once Upon A New Home. :raritywink:

May you all have a beautiful, fun, safe, and blessed day today.

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