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SG-1 is sent through the Stargate as a forward scouting team for an extended scientific mission to P3X-597. Arriving in a long abandoned castle, the team heads out for the nearest village. As they approach, it becomes clear that the locals aren't exactly human. Their contact with the pony-like aliens goes well, conveniently timed alongside a celebration of the sun, until an over-the-top, hammy, evil pony appears to ruin the festivities.

A Stargate SG-1 crossover.

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“Magic,” quipped O’neill.

Heh heh heh heh

Wait.. Goa'uld in Equestria... I don't see this turning out well.... BTW I enjoy Stargate alot and I am glad you chose Jack over the other guy.

Just finished reading and I have to say I am quite pleased, keep up the good work.

Very nice so far! I like that it's an alternate history story. Looking forward to more.

Why do the ponies speak English? Shouldn't they speak some other language? Or are you just transaliting it from Equestrian?

This is better than my SG-1 story. I'm liking it so far. Also, where in the Stargate timeline is it set?

Insta favorite coming up! I love everything stargate. This is very awesome indeed. (See what I did there?)

So far SG-1 is well in-character, and so are the ponies.
I'm looking forward to the next chapter. (And Twilight/Daniel's nerdgasm at meeting someone/somepony who loves books as much as her/him xD)

688602 Those who remember :twilightsheepish:, StarGate SG-1 the TV show. All the alien human races spoke English and the really alien races spoke in a alien language. :twilightsmile: The only way really alien races could speak English was if the goa'uld were, at the time or in the past, a part of their culture. :twilightsheepish: This is how Equestrian can seek English being as alien as they are. The goa'uld are, at the time or in the past, a part of their culture. :twilightsmile:

( This has been another public ledger by Twilight Sparkle. :twilightsmile: Celestia help us all. :trollestia: :twilightangry2:)

This is quite good. Science approves.:moustache:

I love how you describe the wormhole opening as "a great splash of stuff" lol this is good! It's reading like an episode and I can picture everything. You're also doing a great job with the SG-1 members too!

Somewhere in the fourth season, before (or immediately after) they go to the Unas home world. Basically, it's before they switched to P90's from MP5's. I wanted to go for the fun/campy era of SG-1. Sadly, this means that Carter has yet to blow up a sun and we can't see Celestia's reaction to that.
aponyforthebooks said this as well, but basically neither show really has other languages. Except for a scant few planets, everyone in Stargate speaks Enlgish. Even the Wraith who've never had any contact with our Galaxy speak it and in FiM, everyone speaks the same language. Plus, did you really want to read three chapters of Daniel struggling to communicate with the ponies? Because I didn't want to write that at all...

And a general thanks for all the praise and such. My gigantic ego thanks you.

Damn, Celestia's reaction would've been priceless! Although SG-1 might have to leave in a hurry...

Oh the chevron count. How I missed that.

Hmm... so this episode is before S1E1 of FIM?

During it, in fact. I suppose that makes it a bit of an AU fic, but I don't really think that it warrants the AU tag.

Damn... I hope the Goa´uld wont attack, if Celestia sends them to moon, the can just fly back! D: The horror!


So, if "Tau'ri" is "first slaves" would "Tau'ki" be... "first enemies"? "first undefeated"? "first untouched"? "first rebels"?

Alicorn sisters are quite obviously ascended beings, similar to Ori (worship=power), though far more benevolent.

Ponies in general are likely close to Ascension, with unicorn magic being external manifestation.

Name similarities are probably translation bug, or Celestia is trolling.

688517 Have you ever read Stargate: Equestria? It's a popular story on EqD, and it's exceptionally well-written. I highly recommend it.

As to this fic itself; it's not bad, but not great either. It didn't engage me like Stargate: Equestria did. I'd be hard-pressed to tell you what the key difference is, but it just didn't grab me. I guess it's because it started out as another routine mission from the SGC, rather than a dialing mishap as was the case in SG:E.

One thing that also bugs me is the ponies' casual acceptance of O'Neill saying he likes fighting. To me, the pony culture is inherently peaceful, with few fights. I mean, sure, you've got oddballs like Rainbow Dash who aren't afraid to put up a fight, but there's a distinct difference between that and actually enjoying fighting. I'd have expected a bit more shock on the part of the ponies.

In any case, this fic does have potential, and I will keep an eye on it.

This. Is. _Magnificent_. You have them all in character perfectly, and reading this, it actually has the feel of an episode. Bravo.
There is one tiny thing that I believe may have been an error, however: 'synchronize watches to 1800 zulu'. As I recall, 'zulu time' refers simply to Greenwich Mean Time - something that I doubt SG1 actually use, as they all live somewhere in America. Ignoring that, there is the problem that, 'zulu' effectively being a geographical designation of _where_ it would be 1800, it makes no sense for the colonel to say that in this context. Admittedly, 'syncronise watches to 1800' does feel like an incomplete sentence, but that could easily be remedied by adding 'hours' on the end instead. Other than that, admittedly very minor, mistake, this has me enthralled

I have heard of SG:E, I saw a PMV with the Stargate SG-1 theme and a link in the description. I agree, the ponies did take it rather well, in my story the soldier gets lots of suspicion in the first few chapters.

Ah... in an episode, this is generally what I refer to as 'the slow part'. You know, the bit where they are learning about how an alien culture evolved differently, etc, before they discover the main plot device for that episode. I never really enjoyed that section in the show, and so it shouldn't come as a surprise that I'm not overly fond of it in fic-form either. But I have to admit, I am rather looking forward to seeing their reaction to the Princesses. Should be rather amusing -
"... and she raises the sun."
"Well, the last person we met who claimed that, kind've forced us to kill him."

I have heard of SG:E, though I only learned of it after writing the first chapter of this. I decided not to actually read it until this is done to avoid cross-contamination of ideas or anything like that.

As to the point about fighting, I totally see where you're coming from. I will think on it, and may add in a bit about them not liking it, but this was basically my reasoning about it: 1) they don't know that fighting involves killing for O'neill, so they could equate it to a wrestling pony or a boxing pony or something like that and 2) the Royal Guard are theoretically a military force, so there have to be some ponies who have fighting as a special talent. I assume that Shining Armor is a defensive specialist (thus the name and his awesome shielding spell), but there have to be some ponies in the guard who are good at fighting other creatures. So it'd probably weird the foals out, but it shouldn't be all that shocking I think.

Damn, I have to admit I barely thought on the name. I was basically going for the ponies being similar to the Tau'ri, but different, the change of suffix showing a different species type. More thinking on this is required. So yeah, not the best part of this I admit. That's another thing to go on the editing block for me.

But yeah, I'm liking the CC I'm getting. I've already decided chapter 3 will need a bit of an overhaul as it is a bit rushed at the moment.

Well if Luna and Celestia are seen as immortals I could see them as Tok'ra in the SG-1 universe seeing how they're not evil or 100% insane with power.



It seems I was mistaken. I was sure Tau'ri meant "first slaves", when, in fact, it seems to mean "the first ones" or "those of the first world". It is ossible that the word itself is not composite, though unlikely. In this context, and given the similarity between "ki" and "ri", I would venture that "Tau'ki" would mean "those of the second world", "the second ones" or something similar with "ri" meaning "first" and "ki" meaning "second", while "Tau" would mean "race" or "inhabitants of the world" or "people".

I suppose it is possible that ponies were once, long time ago (many millennia, at least three to four), slaves of the Goa'uld. Then either G1 happened (with Tirak and others) or Discord happened. At some point more than a thousand years ago two ponies Ascended on their own (since they aren't constrained by "non-interference" all that much) and fought Discord (another, malevolent, ascended entity, or perhaps even something one step further) utilizing furling/nox/ancient/original Ascended race weapons (elements of Harmony seem to be a cross between Sangraal and the Ark of Truth, having both functions). After they won and imprisoned Discord (despite being unable to kill him even with ascended weaponry), they started the breeding/social-engineering program to ascend their race. Cutie Marks being shortcuts of sorts, since they provide focus for the development of the mind required for Ascencion.

Something like that?

This story has major potential.

That's sort of the idea that I was going for by having them be nearly the same. Though I suppose if it was that simple a change, Teal'c would be able to translate it. Perhaps another thing to edit. Maybe it'd be 'Those of the (xth) world,' and he'd never heard of them. Another idea I was thinking of was that it'd be the 'zeroth world,' and the goa'uld who named it was trying to show they were superior to those who used humans. In any case, I do have a few chapters to mull it over before that becomes a major concern.

I do like Discord as an Anubis-like figure. Perhaps he decided to mess around with stuff before the Rules were so firmly set in stone by the Ancients, and Luna and Celestia went to stop him once the others learned what he was doing. When they couldn't permanently defeat him, they descended and used their remaining knowledge to fashion the Elements (like how Orlin could build a Gate out of a few microwaves and a bunch of raw materials). Then the Princesses were immortal and stuck on Equestria!Earth, so they decided to guide the native Ponies towards ascension by teaching the precepts of Harmony.

Basically, I'm saying I may steal some of your ideas for later.



I would very much dispute that Princesses are in no way descended. Even discarding the whole "TKing Sun and Moon around the planet" thing (or affecting the rotation of the planet), Luna still shows

a) Shapeshifting into inanimate (splinter, mist) and multiple forms (shadowbolts)

b) Teleportation

c) Mind control, or at least illusions (scary trees)

Celestia is at least highly precognitive. Both Princesses are clearly unconnected to their biological bodies. So, they are partially ascended at the very least.

Alteran!Ascended rules were established very long ago, millions of years - there were ascended during Alteran-Wraith war. They didn't help their own people. There were Alteran ascended before they even came to Milky Way Galaxy - Ori are Ancients, after all.

What is more plausible, is that, since Celestia, Luna and Discord are not Alteran and didn't use their help to ascend (Discord could be a natural ascended entity, created on that level without ever being mortal), ancients won't interfere with them and they are not bound by alteran rules. After all, Ancient Ascended didn't act against Or and Anubis, despite the fact that Anubis was planning on destroying Ancients themselves.

I'd say they're certainly at least partly ascended. I don't know how ascended they'll be yet, but I will certainly keep it mysterious either way. SG-1 doesn't learn much about the Ascended Ancients until Daniel joins them, really.

And darn, I forgot how absurdly long the Stargate timeline is. I sort of feel the Alterans would impose their will on newly ascended beings, though. Either way, I doubt if it's a question that will be answered here. I can say for certain that the Princesses aren't fully ascended, still having material bodies (even if they can become incorporeal, their natural state is still solid). This is sort of important to the plot.

In other news, minor edits have been made! Mostly fixing spelling and grammar, plus some formatting thrown in for free!

I can hardly contain my childish excitement at having my favorite Sci-fi show being mixed with MLP! :pinkiegasp: :pinkiehappy:
*Clicks next chapter*

in case you've forgotten, nearly every race in stargate spoke English as well. There were a few others, but even in the episodes with Daniel Jackson saying that other peoples spoke in languages descendant from others the rest of SG-1 still understood and spoke the same thing.

Or, I suppose you could say 'magic'.

Hmm, its starting to get interesting. I liked Carter's reaction when she found out that Princess Celestia raises the sun and moon.

Keep going, I can't wait for their encounter with Nightmare Moon!

Now this is a well written SG1 MLP crossover. I've been looking for one for a while. I thought I'd have to write it myself.

Very well written! I love this story, stargate crossovers are my favorite! The way this is going you're setting the bar. I'm really enjoying this fanfic, thank you! :yay:

Heh...I think Twilight is gonna give Carter an aneurysm! *Cackles*

Overall, this is certainly quite an enjoyable read. Definitely something I'll be tracking.

It will be interesting though, to see how the Mane 6 respond to the lethal force the SG teams are allowed to utilize.

All I can imagine is a single gunshot and a manticore's head having a brand new orifice.

More please!


Wow, this fic is crawling along progress-wise. Not that it's a bad thing, but it's just so exciting.

So, I take it the end was near when Twilight arrived, seeing that the sky was clear. Ten seconds flat.

"While we do have some unicorns, they aren’t generally the type to request academic literature.”
And here comes Twilight!

I can't wait till the eternal night falls. Carter will have fun trying to explain that....

It WAS cloudy. Now Twilight should be just nearby. :twilightsmile:
Don't tell Pinkie Pie about this. What if she goes into Pinkie Troll mode? :pinkiehappy:

Ah yes. Depending on how literally this universe takes the cartoon, I have to wonder on how to explain pinky.

Wow. I have to say I am pleasantly surprised. I feel like I am watching both shows at the same time... amazing.

You, sir, deserve a moustache :moustache:

Hmm... theres something about your writing thats kinda bugs me but i cant quite put my finger on it... That should go away with practice. GJ bro!

Luna became Nightmare Moon because of a Gouald! I call it now!:applejackconfused:

It coudl have been the other way around with a rebel controlling Celestia who decided that allowing Nightmare Moon to carry out her plan was not a good idea. Or they could both have been be Go'uald with opposing opinions.

Hello everyone. I'm looking for an editor for this thing at the moment, so if anyone's interested, please message me saying so. Even I can only find a prereader, I would like to have someone to bounce ideas off of/someone to tell me when I'm being terrible at writing.

I think I have a prereader and an editor now, and more than that would probably do more harm than good.

If I were from an english speaking country, I would. But I make far too many mistakes in sentence building, being my main language is north germanic in nature.

This is turning out great though. I hope we will see some more interaction soon. Hopefully with Celestia.

I'd be happy to help with your editing but until next week I wont be very focused, but if that's ok then send me a message.

You sir earned a double thumbs up from me...

But since were in Equestria here a double moustache will have to do. :moustache::moustache:

I feel like I am reading a book made by both the creaters of STG-1 and Mlp that how good this is.

Oh snap!

More, now! I am loving this!

Poor Carter is going to have a stroke when she sees Pegasi pushing clouds around.

the inevitable Go'uld they run into is probably going to freak out more.

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