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Well, that was convenient [Minor Spoilers for S4 E1-3, I guess] · 6:05pm Nov 30th, 2013

The Hub was kind enough to expand greatly upon the Everfree Palace. With the last three episodes, I think Lunar Rising will have a decent second half once I get around to writing. That will hopefully be in a month. I'm almost certain that I'm going to run with the Tree of Harmony and Jack may show off his heretofore unmentioned pipe organ skills.

In any event, the fic is definitely alive and was all I could think about this last episode.

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They're trying to make a Stargate game agian. · 3:58am Feb 7th, 2013

Look, Stargate SG-1 stuff is happening! No news on the new chapter, however.

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Going on hiatus · 4:05am Oct 22nd, 2012

So, most of you have probably noticed that I haven't posted a new chapter since August. Unfortunately, this doesn't seem like a trend I'm likely to buck in the near future. After all this time, I've only gotten ~2200 words into the next chapter. I hope that after New Year's I'll be able to get more writing time. If not, this will certainly be finished over the next summer.

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No chapter this week. · 2:45pm Jul 15th, 2012

Basically as the title says, no chapter. Everything I've written so far sounds like drek and I'm pretty sure a lot of it will be rewritten. Also, I will be without internet for the first week of August, so no chapter then either. Hopefully between the two weeks I can ensure that the next however many chapters (six?) have no further delays.

Just sort of felt like I should let you all know,

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