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Confound these ponies. They drive me to write.


Five years ago, Nightmare Moon returned to Equestria and took it by storm. She imprisoned her sister in the moon, and Equestria fell into an Age of Darkness. She ruled with an iron hoof; her word became law. The Mare in the Moon became a grim reminder of what happened to those who opposed the new tyrant, and nopony dared oppose.

Except for one aspiring unicorn.

Twilight Sparkle, a mare shackled by the failures of her past, prowls the ruins of the old capital Canterlot, praying for a spell that can right what has been so horribly wronged. Buried beneath the rubble of the Royal Library, she finds a tome that might be the answer to her prayers.

A "Warrior of Sunlight"; surely he will be able to overthrow the wicked tyrant and restore Celestia to her rightful throne. Twilight can almost see the sun returning over the horizon. She just didn't expect this warrior to be so... jolly.

Set in Starlight's "alternate future" where Nightmare Moon reigns.

Audio reading by Skijarama

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Though in all seriousness, great first chapter. I look forwared to the next chapter.

Great another soul story which wont get updated and be on hiatus like 5 years i wanna like this story but the seing people make these dark souls story here and then not even updating thing them they make like 2 chapters then they never touch the story again. BUT il will give your story a chance and read it just take yr time okay :twilightsmile: good luck

8073165 Well hey, just a fair warning for you, at least; I've got training training I gotta complete for a good while, so it might be a bit longer for the next update. I do have a clear vision of how I want this to end, though. So if nothing else, it will probably just be a while for chapter 2 and everything else will come out soon after.

Don't worry, I plan on finishing this story :twilightsmile:

this is pretty good, it warms me that you correctly use solaire's dialogue and the way he acts!

consider this something i am definitely intrigued in, my dude

420 praise it my sunbros \ [+] /




Well, Blank Page, consider my attention thoroughly gained. I say you should probably poke at this with some more enthusiasm. Sorry for my skype doubts. I'm a natural skeptic, you know.

8124438 Hey, it's all good, my dude. To be fair, I was kinda drugged up on sleeping aid and insomnia when I ran it by ya :rainbowlaugh:

pbs.twimg.com/media/ClnN2YqWIAATIoC.jpg Sunbro!!!! I must thank you for helping me get out of the gank bros aka Smough and Ornstien.

Go Twily, be the mage in this quest and spam those souls arrows!!!

Love the little sunbro Celestia. Also great job on the story will be watching for more.

"Praise the sun!"
\ \|┬|'/ /
\ | /

Very nice. I noticed maybe one typo, but I also noticed a number of cleverly hidden little references. You're doin' good, ma man. Keep it up.

Very well done, I hope to see more of this in the future good sir. And yes I could see Solaire becoming VERY serious upon hearing there was a being that had literally stolen the sun away from a land. Considering his fascination with the Sun and having his very own, not even getting into his own moral code that I would cause him to want to help.

Congrats Twi you summoned the guy who will be like a big bro to you in a way, just do your best to distract foes so he can get em with his spears. Trust me it is generally worth the danger.

you gotta have solaire teach twilight the praise the sun emote so she can spam it once nightmare moon is defeted

\ [T] /
I never get tired of seeing Dark Souls stories.

8073165 I think Friendship is Scaleless is the only that updates the most frequently and reliably, usually about once a month.

A "Warrior of Sunlight";

No Sunset Shimmer tag. 0/10 :derpytongue2:

She simply wanted a chance to salvage whatever was left from her home.

Wasn't her home in the castle?

maybe she could pass the spell on to somepony more capable,

Is there anypony more capable? ... Actually, come to think of it, with Canterlot in ruins, does this mean Sunset can't come back to Equestria? Also, what happened to Discord's statue? Also also, what happens when the Crystal Empire shows up in less than two years?

What sort of monster would allow this?

Captain Obvious, paging Captain Obvious.

her smile threatened to shine brighter than the moon itself.

*insert ad for teeth-whitening strips*

She draped the second over her back for the Warrior

Given that she's been walking through the rain, wouldn't this get the second towel quite wet as well?

“Equestria hasn’t seen a morning in over five years,”

Let me revise my comments from the first chapter, from what will happen, to what did happen?

“I would be honored to help you find your sun.”

If he doesn't sing "You Are My Sunshine" at some point, I will be disappointed. :scootangel:

Let the sun shine upon this lord of cinder mare of darkness.

420 praise it my Sunbro \ \ | T | / /

I'm in to catch some rays.

Praise the sun!

When I read the first chapter, I hadn't touched Dark Souls yet. Now I have 22 hours into it, and I gotta say, this and the fic Princess of Lordran make a lot more sense to me now :rainbowlaugh:

Wow, this chapter wound up being a lot longer than I thought. Hope you all didn't forget your sunscreen! :trollestia:
In all seriousness, though, I'm not planning for another chapter to get this long again anytime soon

I wound up running around the Undead Parish with everyone's favorite Sunbro for a couple hours trying figure out his fighting style (only 59 Undead and 2 Gargoyles were harmed in the findings of these studies). Unfortunately, due to the game's NPC limitations, the data came back a little... dull. Hope you guys don't mind if I abused my creative license to try to give our little Sunbro a little more 'flare'. That being said, though, this is treading into uncharted waters for me, so if you have any likes, dislikes, or dirty looks, feel free to share! I'm always looking to improve :twilightsmile:

Praise on, Sunbros! \ [T]'/

the ringed knights remember..Praise the sun!

Have you gotten married to Luna yet??

Okay so i'm already loving this story since i love the souls series and i love Solaire AND i love MLP. I have never seen a story that had Solaire in it and so far this story is hitting all the right spots and i can't wait to read more. Keep up the great work.

If the Warrior of Sunlight was voiced, what would he sound like?

"The town gasped as light peeked beneath the Giant’s fist. It crackled and hissed in its grip as if it was alive and stretched itself into a spear. It bathed the small road with its light. The Giant held his fist over his head for all to see the impossible: this creature could clutch lightning in his very hand."

This is all I could think of.

He would Have solaire's voice of course

It's ok got to show how great Sunbro #1 is

A Dark Souls fic? Yes please!
This looks to be good.

All I want to know is how you can have a Dark Souls crossover rated 'E'.

I am about to make everyone mad at me but...I'm not a fan of the Dark Souls series. BUT I do love the Sun Praiser himself and I love this fic. It is so badass so far and I can't wait for the next chapter and see what happens!

Nevertheless, it was an honor, and rather refreshing. The last time someone invited him into their home… it must have been before he became Undead.

You even write his thoughts in a way that seems so very like him!

oh man this is one damn fine story \[T]/


If you don't include the voice from the video game perhaps he could be voiced by Malcolm McDowell


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