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my profile is short and sweet and im a writer like the rest of you

a typical page thing

hi, i specialize in short horrors-of-war type stuff, and i sometimes tend to branch myself out to create ptsd or recovery type war stories of specifically changelings integrating into pony society involving romance at times.

i honestly do not see much changeling stories to my liking on this website so i take it upon myself to make mostly changeling exclusive stories

as you can see in my first story it's a take on past interracial racism, blacks on whites in america, changelings being, surprise surprise, the "black" majority

it deals with horrors-of-that-era type of stuff and tragedy strikes it despite it not even getting anywhere near to that mark, which makes it difficult for me. but yeah, when it comes down to it, i make extremely short war stories and see if people like it and see if they wish to see me add onto it, aka continue it

hi, im geek

stories that i created


Jaeger Updates #2 · 8:29am Nov 30th, 2017

here's a sneakpeak, or rather a "teaser"

"Done deal. I ain't got nothin', but we can drop by some tit joints if y'want."

what was the agreement, who was jaeger agreeing with?????????????????????????????????? are they still gonna pick up the fone???????????????????????????????????????

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no need for such time wasted on here

ill just keep watching your stuff and you pay no attention to me


Hey, thanks for the fave and watch; I hope you enjoy! :twilightsmile:

And I know it's a little late, but Welcome to Fimfiction, too! :pinkiehappy:

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